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How to Winterize Your Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Last updated July. 29, 2021

If you already own a portable evaporative cooler, then you know what it can do for you. 

There is no need to stress how wonderful the machine can be and how it can help you stay cool, comfortable, and healthy during the hot times of the year. 

You probably know the facts, so no need to go over them again. 

We also want to believe that you understand the importance of taking good care of your air cooler. 

Using the machine properly and proper maintenance are the keys to getting the best from it and prolonging its lifespan. 

You have to take good care of your portable air cooler at all times, including the winter months when you have no use for them. 

Why You Really Need to Winterize Your Air Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

In the paragraph above, we mentioned that you have to take care of your air cooler during winter. Actually, you need to prepare a portable air cooler for the winter season.

The best word to use is winterization since you are preparing the machine to withstand the problems of winter and perform excellently when the next cooling season starts.

Winterizing your air cooler serves many important purposes. On the periphery, it is important to store the air cooler away during winter when you do not need it.

But storing the machine casually can result in damages. Just like most other devices, a portable air cooler can be damaged by weather elements and extreme conditions, including excessive cold.

By winterizing your portable evaporative air cooler, you are preparing it to withstand the winter season. Winterization also involves storing the machine in the best possible way.

The goal is to ensure that the machine remains in great condition when the next cooling season arrives.


How Best To Winterize Your Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

The biggest mistake you can make with a portable evaporative air cooler at the end of summer is to simply turn it off and stick it to a corner somewhere.

Proper winterization requires a lot from you and we will briefly summarize the critical steps you should take:

Switch off The Machine and Disconnect from Power Source

The first thing to do when it is time to winterize your portable air cooler is to switch it off and unplug it from electricity. This is to protect your machine and also for your safety.

Attempting to clean or perform any major action on the machine without switching off and unplugging from electricity can be very dangerous.

Remove and Drain the Water Tank

The next important thing to do when you want to clean your portable air cooler properly is to remove the water tank.

You need to clean it differently, so you need to get it out of the machine. This shouldn’t be a big deal, especially if you have cleaned your machine in the past.

Clean the Water Tank Properly

The water tank of your air cooler performs a very important function, so you need to clean it properly if you want to enjoy cool, healthy air.

Depending on the water you use to run your air cooler, it is very likely that you will find mineral deposits in the water tank.

You can soak the water tank with a mixture of water and calcium lime solution to dissolve the minerals and make washing the tank easier.

You can also use a sponge or something else to scrape the deposits and ensure that your water tank is clean.

Clean the Water Pump

The water pump is the part of your portable air cooler that delivers water to the cooling pads and ensures that the machine is running optimally.

It can also have its share of mineral deposits and you need to clean it when preparing the machine for winter.

There are various ways to clean it, including running a lime calcium solution or vinegar through the machine, but you need to take the cooling pads and air filters out first.

Remove the Cooling Pads and Air Filters

You need to wash your cooling pads and air filters differently, so you have to remove them once you open up the portable air cooler.

Some portable air coolers do not have air filters, so you will have to focus on the cooling pads alone.

Clean the Inside of Your Air Cooler

There are a few ways to clean the inside of your air cooler, but the most reliable method is to run your calcium lime solution through the machine after removing the cooling pads and air filters.

You can also use vinegar, but make sure you rinse properly, regardless of the cleaning agent you use.

Clean the Exterior

You also need to clean the exterior of your portable air coolers. You can use the solutions we've mentioned already or warm soapy water.

Avoid using strong detergent to wash your air cooler as it can cause corrosion and other damages.

Clean the Air Filter and Cooling Pads

Take your time to clean the cooling pads of your portable air coolers if they are still in usable condition.

If they are not, then you have to discard them and buy new ones. If your machine has an air filter, then you should also clean or discard it, depending on the condition.

Changing air filters and cooling pads regularly will help improve your indoor air quality.

Wait For Every Component to Dry Out Before Reassembling

You must let every component of your air cooler dry naturally before reassembling and packing the machine. You can sundry or keep the components in a dry part of your home till they are completely dry.

Store In Original Packaging or Cover It Up With a Reliable Cover before Storage

After reassembling your air cooler, it is important that you store it in a dry area of your house where there is no chance of water damage.

It is also important that you cover the machine up properly before storage. You can use the original packaging of the machine or a reliable air cooler cover.

In any way, make sure it is properly covered before storage.


Help Your Portable Evaporative Air Cooler to Serve You Better

Winterizing your portable evaporative cooler is one of the best ways to prolong its lifespan.

It is also important that you winterize the right way, which is the essence of this post.

Do you need help in any aspect of purchasing, installing, servicing, maintenance and repair of air coolers?

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