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Last updated Aug. 23, 2017

Are you looking for an air cooling system that would be right for you and your environment? At some point, we all are, whether it is to add the first cooling system to the house or business or to replace an already existing one that has quit or broken down.

Cool air is a must, especially in the hot parts of the world. There are quite a few options on the market but, the main two to choose from will either be evaporative air coolers or air conditioners.

Before you begin to make a decisions, you should inquire about requirements in your zone. After you do your research there, and you are free and clear to make your own decision regarding your air cooling system, you will then need to choose.

Of course, many people choose to buy the air cooler rather than the air conditioner for many reasons. Let us contrast and compare the evaporative air cooler and the air conditioner for you to help you decide which cooling system is best.



Evaporative Air Coolers operate on a simple air, fan and water technique. Air is brought in where it is cooled off by blowing it over water soaked pads. That cooled air is then sent through the ventilation system into your breathable air. Because this air has picked up water along the process, there is a minuscule layer of moisture that is also disbursed.

This makes the evaporative air cooler perfect for areas that are hot and dry as it adds that much-needed layer of moisture to the air. This system also works great in areas that are not so hot and dry, cooling the air to comfortable temperatures, brings in clean outside air on a regular basis.

Air conditioners operate on a machine that cools the air using coolant chemicals. It does bring in the natural air but it mainly redistributes the air already present in the home, recycling it and cooling it over and over again. This air cooling system is great for areas that are not so hot and dry. They also operate well in hot and dry areas, but quite expensively.



Air coolers use water to cool the inside air. For this reason, they do not use a large amount of energy. By operating by blowing air over water to naturally cool the air, their energy is split between electricity and water usage.

This makes their energy consumption a lot lower, and as air cooler owners will confirm, this drastically decreases your energy bills. The water usage does not qualify to even worry about as it will not raise your water bills to any degree of concern.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, must use electricity to function. This raises energy use significantly and can be a hindrance if you live in an area that requires energy conservation. In areas that get extremely hot temperatures, air conditioners must work twice as hard to keep the temperatures at moderate, comfortable levels.



Both systems can be beneficial to allergies, however, the air evaporative air cooler is the best solution for overall health. Air conditioners are fabulous for drying out your indoor air. If you live in a humid area the air conditioner can help to dry out the moisture; however, it does not bring in the quantity of fresh air that the air cooler will.

Air conditioners simply redistribute the air already in your house and bring in a little extra fresh air on the side. For this reason, they are horrible for allergy sufferers because they just keep redistributing the same airborne allergens over and over again.

There are some customers who are allergic to the air conditioner, as well. These systems do have filters that filter the debris and bad bacteria but they need to be changed often and are easy to overlook. If you forget to clean them then allergens can back up to dangerous levels.

Since air conditioners dry out the air, they cause other health concerns such as nosebleeds, skin and eye irritations, and lung infections.

Owners of evaporative air coolers know that the moisture that this system adds to the air makes breathing a little more enjoyable. This is especially true if you are susceptible to allergies. There are allergies associated with the air cooler but they are minimal when compared to the air conditioners list of allergy complaints.

The evaporated air cooler provides a consistent flow of fresh and filtered air into the house that helps to decrease allergen buildup. Evaporative air coolers also help to decrease irritations in the nasal canals and sinuses. They also help to alleviate skin and eye irritations, and other health concerns.



Air cooler owners know that air conditioners work by using chemical coolants. These chemicals are harmful to the air we breathe and our ozone layer. For this reason, air conditioners have been banned in certain areas of the world.

Evaporative air coolers operate on all-natural ingredients: water, and air. No chemicals are needed or encouraged. For this reason, the air cooler is gentle on the eco-system and on the air, we breathe.



Air conditioners break down and can be quite expensive to fix that come with hefty repairmen fees. However, air coolers cost less to repair. Their mechanisms are simpler and most of the time the owner can make the repairs themselves.

Air coolers need to be cleaned two to three times a year. This is a simple task that the owner can handle. Whichever system that you ultimately choose, you need to take proper care of your cooling system. If you properly care and maintain your system it will work to a higher standard for you and your space.

Those who own an evaporative air cooler know that this system is the best solution especially in areas that are very hot and dry. It is also the best solution to keep your family and living or working environment cool and healthy.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.