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6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Buy an Air Cooler

Last updated Jan. 26, 2018

The need for air coolers in our homes, offices, and commercial premises is not only to make us more comfortable, there are several other benefits that are associated with staying under air cooled environment.

Excessively high temperature is not only uncomfortable, it is detrimental to every aspect of our life, including psychological health and productivity in workplaces.

For fitness enthusiasts and those that are engaged in one workout routine or the other, a high-temperature condition can result in a number of health conditions like heat stress, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. In some extreme conditions, heat stroke can be fatal.

Considering the enormous problems associated with high-temperature conditions, the need for air cooling solutions is only natural.

Over time, there have been different kinds of cooling solutions and the most popular ones at the moment are air conditioners and air coolers.

There have been several debates about which of the two is better and the air cooler has often trumped the air condition on several grounds.

Once again, it is essential that we consider the reasons why everyone should consider buying an air cooler.



You may feel you can cope with a slight change in temperature conditions, but the truth is that there is a lot going on in your body system that you may not be aware of.

It is better that you don’t take chances at all. Health, they say, is wealth. It is essential that you prioritize your health and you can start by ensuring that you are not exposed to the kind of conditions that can trigger any form of negative reaction in your body system.

Among the air cooling solutions available, it has been variously established that air coolers represent the best option, so go for them and avoid the dangers of heat-related illnesses and conditions.



Though they are the best air cooling solutions, air coolers are not the most expensive. If we are to consider their benefit-cost ratio, air coolers are so much better than any other air cooling solution man has ever invented.

They come in different sizes that are suitable for different room sizes and buildings. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you cannot afford air coolers.

There are window air coolers that you can install on windows in a room, there are larger ones that can be used in commercial spaces like factories and warehouses, and there are portable ones that you can move about easily and use in different places in your house and even outdoor spaces.

Whenever you are ready to buy an air cooler, you will certainly find the right unit that will suit your need and budget.



The cost of cooling is always significant during summer. Electricity is not really cheap and most home appliances, including air cooling solutions, are powered by electricity.

Constant use of these appliances during the summer months normally reflects significantly in the electricity bill and this may be a cause for concern for many individuals.

While this is the reality for those who use air conditioners, the story is profoundly different for those that use air coolers. These air cooling units are reputed for being energy efficient and this should be one of the reasons everyone should buy them.

They have been found to consume as little as 20% of the number of electric air conditioners consume while achieving optimum cooling.



For home appliances, there is a need for efficient maintenance in order to ensure longevity. While the maintenance of other appliances like the air conditioners may be technical and require the attention of HVAC certified technicians, the maintenance of air coolers is normally straightforward and simple.

This is basically because the units have few parts that work efficiently to achieve cooling. What this implies is that you can carry out the maintenance routines on your own.

Even if you have to invite a technician to help you with maintenance, the cost will be relatively small.



One of the problems that have long been associated with air cooling units is their link to certain health conditions. Fans, for instance, may encourage the circulation of dust particles and other contaminants in the air.

The dry air and abusively low temperature that is produced by air conditioners are also known to have a negative effect on asthmatic patients and those with eye problems. With air coolers, these complaints are eliminated.

Air coolers are good for health and have some health benefits due to the clean and fresh air they produce and the fact that they filter the air and rids it of contaminants.

Instead of posing health challenges, air coolers take care of health concerns.



With the reality of global warming dawning on the inhabitants of the earth, the call for environmentally friendly products and processes has continued to rise.

Air coolers are environmentally friendly due to their method of operation and what they use in achieving cooling.

They use the natural process of evaporation to cool the air. This process involves the use of air and water to achieve cooling.

Also, this process does not produce such greenhouse gases like CFCs and HFCs like the refrigeration process used in air conditioners.

Another thing that makes air coolers environmentally friendly is the fact that the cooling pads of the units are very efficient in filtering the air, removing different urban air-borne pollutants. The fact that they are also energy efficient means that they exert less pressure on power grids and the need to burn more fossil fuels to generate electricity.

There is absolutely no reason why individuals should take the effects of high-temperature conditions for granted.

Staying cool at all time will not only help people to perform their normal daily activities comfortably, it also helps to avoid illnesses.

Undoubtedly, air coolers are the best units to use among the available options, they are affordable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. These and the other 6 reasons above are enough reasons for everyone to buy air coolers.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.