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7 Ways to Keep Your Room Cool In Summer

Last updated Dec. 15, 2017

No one likes to be damp, sticky, and sweaty. But that is what the summer brings. The hot months are characteristically uncomfortable and can be very upsetting when the temperature rises beyond a certain degree. Stepping out into the summer sun may be a no-no for some people, but then, rooms also get hot and uncomfortable because of the heat waves.

It is very common to see people damning the consequences and switching on their air conditioners. Energy bills often skyrocket and the problem does not completely go away without some health challenges.

Keeping your room cool in the summer doesn’t have to be a very tough process or experience. There are several ways to keep your room cool during the summer months and we are going to consider 7 tips that are very efficient.

1. Block the Sun from Reaching Your Window


Most of the heat that may get into your room during the summer will come from direct sunlight hitting the interior of your room. The best way to prevent this from happening is by stopping the sun from reaching your window by providing as many exterior shades as possible.

This can best be achieved by planting trees, but since trees may take too long to grow to the required size, there are other methods that can be employed. There are some very efficient shutters that can help to shade the room from the sun. Overhangs made with brackets and timber slats can also be very efficient.

There are some commercially available solar control window films which offer a significant reduction in the amount of heat gained from solar radiation, as well as UV protection.

There are equally some other ingenious and inexpensive shading systems that can help minimize the amount of heat reaching your room from the sun. Bamboo screens, for instance, are very cool.

2. Use Interior Drapes, Blinds or Shutters


Completely blocking the sun’s heat waves from reaching your room is almost impossible. Some amount of heat from the sun will most likely pass through your window and hit your interior, hence the need to put up an extra protection between the window and the materials in your room that may soak up the heat and emit them throughout the day.

It is important, of course, to be conscious of the colour of drapes to use. Transparent or white drapes are always better at reducing heat from sunlight.

There are some tricks you can try to make your drape more efficient. Soaking them up in water, wringing them and clipping them to position while still damp in the morning will help to reduce the temperature of the air coming into the room in the morning.

As the day progresses, it is ideal to close the blinds and keep them closed during the day, especially the ones at the west and south-facing windows. You can open the blinds at night when the temperature is not so high.

3. Use Fewer Appliances During the Day


Like most appliances work, they generate heat energy that circulates in your rooms, increasing the already high temperature. During the summer months, it is very important that you use as little of your home appliances as possible, especially during the day.

The usage of the dryer and the oven or stovetop, for instance, should be significantly reduced. You can decide to grill many of the things you would rather be making in an oven such as meat, pizza, fish, and veggies. You can also try some more natural meals that do not need heat for their preparation like salad.

It is also impossible to completely avoid using most appliances in the home. Your laundry, for instance, must be done, but laundry machines throw off a lot of heat and there is no point using them during the day when the temperature is at its peak.

Doing laundry at night when the temperature is cooler is an ideal way to minimize heat. You can also do dishwashing and other related tasks at night to minimize the heating effect.

4. Use an Air Cooler


There are ways in which the temperature of a room can be significantly reduced without resorting to using energy consuming units like air conditioners. Air coolers, for instance, are fast becoming the preferred cooling units for most households due to their numerous advantages which includes energy efficiency, health benefits, easy maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

An air cooler is one of the best cooling options for your home. An air cooler is economic, environmental, and health benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. An air cooler is very inexpensive to purchase. It is easy to install by the owner.

It runs on natural energy doesn’t take a lot of energy to run, so it light on electricity. It is also very easy to maintain and operate. Air coolers have proven themselves time and again as the perfect solution to keep costs low and your space reliably cool.

They are the ideal solution for many air cooling needs especially in hot and dry areas of the world. Due to the numerous advantages, they have over fans and air conditioners, air coolers are fast becoming the choice air cooling units for different households and commercial places.

They are reputed for their high level of performance, cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency, portability, and very cool designs. So air coolers can definitely be a wise solution to keep your home cool this summer.

5. Turn Off or Replace Incandescent Lights


There are still some people who prefer the yellow glow of incandescent light bulbs. While their glow may be nice and create the desired ambience in your room, they equally throw off an awful amount of heat in the process and this is not what anyone needs during the hot summer season.

If you want a cooler room during the summer, it is time to do away with the incandescent light bulbs and replace them with the fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, LED, and other types of electric bulbs.

6. Cool Your Bed


The bite of the summer heat is mostly felt when you are trying to sleep. In a way, it also has something to do with the condition of your bed. A stuffy bed during the summer will contribute to the way you feel the heat and there are a few things you can do to minimize this.

 Satin and silk sheets are not ideal beddings for the summer so you have to go for natural fabrics like linen or 100 percent cotton. Also, keep the sheets fresh at all time. It will help tremendously.

7. Keep the Doors Inside the House Open


Once your house is secure, there are no point closing doors inside the house during the hot summer season. It is important that air should flow freely around the house and you have to keep the doors open for this to happen. 

An extremely hot environment is detrimental to human health. During the summer months, the temperature is inevitably high and you must do as much as you can to cool your room.

Air coolers are already the best air cooling units that can help keep the temperature down and everyone should have them. Asides from using air coolers, the tips provided above can be very useful if you seek to keep your room cool in summer.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.