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Simple Ways to Spruce up Your Office Workspace this Summer

Last updated Sept. 06, 2019

The summer is usually associated with fun and outdoor activities. It is tempting to think that everyone takes a vacation from work during the summer.

However, as many still work through the summer.

Are you one of those who always spend several hours in your office during the summer?

It is important that you optimize your office workspace for improved productivity this summer.

Are you looking for ideas on how to spruce up your workspace? Here are simple ways to do it and get the best out of the summer:

1. Get an Appropriate Air Cooler for Your Office Space

One of the most important things you have to do to make your office workspace comfortable is to control the climate.

Temperature is bound to increase and this will not only bring discomfort but will affect your productivity significantly.

Failure to arrest the temperature situation in your office also exposes you to potential health hazards like heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and other dangerous heat-related issues.

The best way to control the indoor air temperature is through the use of air coolers.

Depending on the size of your office, you can get an air cooler that will satisfactorily keep the workspace cool and comfortable for improved productivity.

2. Add Some Green to Your Workspace

Introducing some indoor plants in your office space can bring lots of benefits.

Some low maintenance plants can elevate the appearance of your office during the summer and make you feel more comfortable and inspired to do more.

You can start with succulents, which are already popular as office plants due to their unique look and ruggedness.

Ficus and other air plants are also great.

You can also consider the snake plant or ZZ plant.

In addition to providing some sense of natural beauty in your office space, most office plants can improve your office air quality.


3. Decongest Your Office Space

Do you feel your office space is a little overcrowded? This is the right time to lose some of the items you think are not too relevant again.

A congested office workspace will get a lot less comfortable when the high summer temperature begins to set in.

If you think you still need most of what you have in the office workspace, you can remove the ones you use less frequently and into some cubicle.

Get some additional shelf to store folders and other essential things if you feel you need it.

For items you don't see yourself using anytime soon, find a way to remove them.

Decongesting your office will make it more relaxed and give you peace of mind.

4. Consider a Sumptuous Rug

A sumptuous rug is one of those little things that can make a huge impact in your office workspace.

Adding a colourful area rug is a simple step that can change the way your office feel and your attitude when you are working.

Asides from improving visual appeal, a quality office rug offers soothing sound absorption that can help you to concentrate and achieve more even when summer distractions start sneaking around.


5. Improve Lighting

While it is important to take steps to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the inside of your office workspace, it will be helpful to improve lighting.

You need to try and get some natural light into your office space as it will make space feel bigger and livelier.

The natural daylight your office space gets will also boost the energy inside and help you achieve more with little effort.

Keep the view in mind while decorating. You can also use some attractive lighting fixtures for your light bulbs.

6. Get Artsy

Incorporating some arts into your office workspace can also be rewarding.

Hanging an exciting piece of art on the wall is one of the simplest summer decorating ideas.

The benefits it can offer, on the other hand, can be massive.

It can brighten the space you already have and inspire you to achieve more.

From custom prints to a vibrant abstract piece or any form of lightweight, inexpensive frames, there is no limit to the nature of art you can add to your private office workspace.

You can do this without altering your normal decoration even a bit and it will still yield benefits.


7. Choose Colours That Speak To You

It is a good idea to paint your office in preparation for the summer if you haven’t done that in a long while.

When painting, you must choose colours that speak to you.

It can be tempting to use trendy colours, but you should not settle for anything that can make you uncomfortable.

As long as you are trying to spruce your personal office space, go for colours that speak to you.

8. Get a Better Chair

This may sound too simple for you.

It is one of the best ways to improve productivity, however.

The way you sit and how comfortable you feel depends on the kind of chair you have.

For physical and mental comfort, you need an ergonomic office chair.

This will bring out the best in you and improve your overall productivity.

You should get a chair that is designed for your frame and will allow you to sit comfortably with proper support.

It can make a world of difference this summer.


9. Get an Active Footrest

Spending long days at work results in some health issues like stiffness.

It is majorly due to inactivity and sedentary sitting at work desks.

There are few ways you can battle this and an active footrest is the best.

They will help you to rock your feet back and forth throughout the day and promote blood circulation.

Footrests are generally affordable.

10. Keep the Things You Need Often Nearby

The way you arrange your stuff also has a meaningful impact on your overall work performance.

It is an excellent idea to reconsider the way you organize your things in the office workspace this summer.

Keep the things you often use in places you can easily reach them.

Knowing where to find the items you need can make all the difference this summer.

Working during the summer can be a lot more stressful when you are not prepared for it.

You can spruce up your office for improved comfort and productivity, however, and the simple approaches discussed above can be helpful.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.