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Understanding Specs When Buying
an Air Cooler

Last updated July. 6, 2018

It is no secret that air coolers are regarded as the best air cooling solution, especially for individuals living in dry hot climates. During the summer heat, an air cooler can effectively keep the temperature down in such places and help people to stay comfortable and avoid some heat-related illnesses.

Investing in an air cooler is definitely one of the key decision every household must make. Just like other products, there are different air coolers on the market and there is a need to buy right air cooler for your home or any other place you need to keep cool.

To get the right air cooler, there is a need for a proper understanding of the key specifications that will determine the effectiveness of the machine in cooling the space it is being bought for.

Here, we are going to consider some of the most important specifications of an air that will ultimately determine if an air cooler will be suitable for the space you wish to use it to cool.


1. Understand The Size Of The Room

Your effort to get the right air cooler should start with a perfect understanding of the size of the room you need the machine for. When you get a machine that is too small for a room, it won’t be able to cool it efficiently and will eventually be overworked.

A machine that is too large, on the other hand, will amount to wastage. The type you will buy for a room is not the type you will buy for an outdoor space, for instance.

While you can easily estimate the size of air coolers that will suit any space, it is clearly better to measure the room to be certain of the amount of cooling it will require.

By multiplying the area of the room (in square feet) by the height of the ceiling (in feet) and dividing by 2, you will obtain the CFM requirement and be in a better position to buy the exact air cooler that will deliver the perfect amount of cooling.

2. Check The Airflow Of The Units

If you correctly measure the size of your room, you will know the required airflow and that will put you in a better position to buy the right size of the air cooler. The machines are rated based on the amount of airflow they can produce in terms of cubic feet per minute (CFM).

The bigger the CFM, the larger the area it can cool. Buy the air cooler that has a CFM rating that is the same for the value you obtained from the measurement of the room or one that is closest to that value.

3. Pay Attention To The Tank Size

Air coolers operate with water and the water is drawn from the built-in water tank. The size of the tank is almost as important as the airflow of the machine. Though it will not directly affect the performance of the machine, it will play a significant role in its operation.

You will need to refill the tank by the time the water level drops to a certain level. If you have a small tank, that means you have to fill it more often. This can become quite tiresome. Unless there is an option to connect the cooler to a continuous flow of water, it is important that you buy coolers with tanks that are large enough.

4. Check For Ice Compartments

While it is true that the temperature of the water used in the evaporative cooling process may not have much influence on the amount of cooling obtained, ice can actually improve cooling. There are some air coolers that have ice compartments that will help to improve cooling.

If you are really in need of the extra cooling that ice can offer, look out for the models that have ice compartments. There are some that have an extra compartment for an air freshener. Go for units that offer all you desire.


5. Consider The Cooling Pads

The cooling pads are where most of the action takes place. When shopping for an air cooler, make sure you pay special attention to the cooling pads. They will ultimately determine the efficiency of the machine.

Honeycomb pads are highly rated for their ability to provide maximum cooling and their durability too. The thickness of the pads matters too. They should be at least 90 mm thick with a meaningful surface area for evaporative cooling.


6. Check For Water Level Indicator

The water in the tank should never drop beyond a certain level to avoid exposing the machine to damage. It will be very tiresome to always open the cooler to check for the water level, hence the need for a water level indicator.

Most new models in the market have water level indicators and it is important that you look out for those with this feature. It will save you time and energy.

7. Check For Water Level Controller

For coolers that are connected to water sources directly, it is important that they have water level controller. The controller will regulate the water level and ensure that the water level is maintained at a pre-set level to avoid lack of water in the tank or flooding of the unit.

If you buy a unit with this feature, you won’t have to bother about water level at all.

8. Adjustable Speed

Your cooling needs will vary from time to time based on the temperature condition. To vary the level of cooling obtained from the units, you will have to vary the speed. Go for an air cooler that features adjustable speed so as to improve versatility to suit your varying needs.

9. Remote Control

Most modern air cooler units come with remote controls that let you adjust the speed of the machine and other settings. This means you can adjust the machine from your couch.

An air cooler will help you to go through the harshest time of the year. The machines are inexpensive and cost-effective solutions to high-temperature problems. You need the right type of air cooler to enjoy all the benefits.

We have considered here some of the most significant specs that will help you to buy the right units.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.