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Different Types of Air Coolers for Your Home

Last updated April. 13, 2018

For centuries, people have been using air coolers to keep the home temperature in check. The modern-day air cooler has so many advantages over other cooling solutions and is preferred by many (especially those in tropical climates) as the number one home cooling appliance.

While shopping for air coolers, there is need to understand exactly what is needed in order to get the perfect solution.

Though they have the same mode of operation and share similar features, air coolers are of different types. This also means they can be used in different ways to solve the same fundamental problem but in different settings.

In a home, for instance, mdifferent types of air coolers can be used depending on factors like the size of the room, the amount of ventilation it receives, the prevailing temperature, as well as the availability of supplementary cooling options.

To get effective cooling for your home, you need to understand the types of air coolers available and make your choice based on their unique features.

Here, we will consider three types of air coolers and what makes them ideal for your home and some points to consider before buying an air cooler.

Portable Air Coolers


As can be seen from the name, portable air coolers are the type of air coolers that can be easily moved about in the house. They offer a specialized form of cooling that is unique in a number of ways.

Portability is a very important factor in home cooling. When you pitch portable air coolers against non-portable solutions, you may understand why your best option will be portable air cooler.

We will quickly highlight some of their most important features:

1. Affordable and Effective Air Cooling

With portable air coolers, it is easier to obtain affordable cooling in most homes.

Since you can easily move them about the house, you can use one single unit to cool different parts of your home depending on where you need to be at any time.

2. Versatile Air Cooling

There neighbourhoods or apartment buildings that have a restriction on the use of air conditioners or window air coolers. In such places, portable air coolers are the ideal unit for your home.

They do not need any form of installation and you can use it anywhere you want in your home and it will not pose any compliance issue.

3. They Can be Used Anywhere in the House

Another great thing about portable air coolers is that they can be used anywhere around the home. They do not require you to close doors and windows but can work in open spaces.

They offer efficient cooling indoors and outdoors, making them hugely versatile.

4. Ideal for Small Spaces

For those that reside in very small apartments, portable air coolers are the very best options for them. This is especially true for buildings that have just one window.

There won’t be any need to disturb the single window as you can plug your portable cooler anywhere inside the room and enjoy the comfort it offers.

Evaporative Air Coolers


Evaporative coolers achieves cooling through the evaporation of water. This evaporation is achieved by heat. The heat in question comes from the surrounding warm air, and as it causes the water to evaporate, the temperature of the air is reduced in the process.

In evaporative air coolers, cooling pads are located at the back or sides (or both) of the machine to suck in the warm air from the surrounding.

Once the warm air hits the cooling pads, the heat causes the water to evaporate and the air is cooled in the process.

Evaporative coolers have a number of unique advantages. They are suitable for medium to large size rooms.

They are also most ideal for open spaces. If you are looking for a cooling solution for a large office, restaurant, shopping hall, or factory, an evaporative air cooler is the best option.

Mostly, evaporative coolers require more water and more power to achieve the type of cooling they are expected to achieve. They, therefore, come with large water tank capacity.

This will decrease the number of time it will require refilling, but it is still essential to keep an eye on the water level to keep the system working perfectly and prevent breakdown.

If it is being used in a commercial setting where the cooling need is high, it may need 1 – 2 refilling per day.

Evaporative coolers are mostly more expensive than portable coolers and window air coolers, but the purpose they serve makes the price understandable and justifiable.

Window Air Coolers


Window air coolers are another types of air cooling options available for many individuals. Though they look like the traditional air conditioners, their similarities end just there.

They use the same method of operation as other forms of air coolers. The major difference is that they are fitted to windows just like air conditioners.

They require some form of installation to get them in place and ready to work. They are connected to water sources that keep the cooling pads damp and in a good shape to ensure efficient cooling. They are mostly large and offer efficient cooling for the space they are used for.

The major disadvantage is that their usage is often limited to a room in the house. They do not offer centralized cooling and can equally not be moved to other parts of the house. They are stationary and therefore not too versatile.

The most significant thing about window air cooler is that they are quite environmentally friendly and offer lots of health benefits to users. They constantly bring in fresh air to the room and can help control the quality of the air in the room they are installed. When they are properly maintained, their health benefits are massive and the level of comfort they offer is also amazing.

Air coolers are generally great in so many ways irrespective of the type you go for. Asides from the different advantages discussed under each type of air cooler, they collectively have several other benefits that make them the best options for your home.

Knowing your specific need and the types of air coolers available in the market will help you to make the right decision when making purchases.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.