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Top 10 Uses of an Air Cooler

Last updated May. 04, 2018

Air coolers are among the three contemporary air cooling solutions. They are of different types and come in different sizes.

We all know what they are used for – to manage high-temperature conditions at home and offices. While this seems pretty obvious, there are some other aspects of their uses we often fail to acknowledge.

In this article, we are going to consider the top 10 uses of air coolers, especially the portable ones in our everyday life. These points are not discussed in no particular order of importance.

1. Air Coolers for Cooling all Types of Rooms

In a home, cooling may become an issue due to a number of reasons. There are neighborhoods that don’t allow the installation of cooling systems that extend beyond the walls or protrudes from the window.

In such instances, windows air conditioners and window air coolers are not convenient, but portable air cooler will do the job.

In some cases, the windows may just be too small to contain window air cooling system, but thanks to portable air coolers, this may not be a problem at all.


2. To Cool Additional Spaces in the Home

There may be room to alter your home just a little by adding room extension. This will be a cool idea, but it may also mean that you need additional cooling to keep this new place in a great condition.

It may also be a form of outdoor extension like a deck to create some relaxation spot outside. It will still need some form of cooling.

With portable air coolers, you do not have to worry so much about cooling.

You may even use one of the portable air coolers you use in other rooms at this special place whenever you are there and take them along when going back inside.

3. Air Coolers to Cool Offices

Some individuals are unlucky with the type of offices they get in the workspace.

If you are unlucky to have your desk in a small office that does not have enough cooling to keep you happy and productive, you may need to look at the possibility of getting a portable air cooler.

It will provide a custom cooling solution for you and reduce the stress of working in a cramped room.


4. Air Coolers to Supplement HVAC System

In a building with central HVAC system, there may be a need for additional cooling to compliment the effort of the central system.

With air coolers, especially the portable units, this can be made possible. With air coolers working to complement central cooling systems, the burden on the central system is reduced and the risk of breakdown is decreased likewise.

When central cooling systems are being maintained, the air coolers can stand in for them to keep the environment in great condition throughout the period.

5. Air Coolers to Cool Server Rooms and Technical Equipment

If you work in the IT sector, you will understand the need of air coolers in server rooms.

In every work environment that makes use of computers and IT infrastructure, there is need to keep the entire place cool as heat can adversely affect the machines.

With air coolers, the temperature of the room can be maintained at the right level that will not expose the devices to harm.

Server rooms, for instance, need dedicated cooling units, and portable air coolers can be very efficient in that regard.

6. Air Coolers for Emergency Cooling

For commercial or industrial places that have central air cooling systems, there are times when the systems may fail.

In such situations, temperature conditions may mean that productive activities may have to be halted until the cooling system is restored.

This doesn’t have to be the case. In such times of emergency, air coolers can come to the rescue.

Since they generally do not need any form of installation (the portable units especially), they can easily be moved in to keep the work environment in a great condition until the central system is restored.

7. Air Coolers to Cool RVs

Those that use Recreational Vehicles know that things can be pretty tough when it comes to heat.

While there might be some cooling system in your home or another place you are travelling to, there is also need for you to stay cool while still inside the vehicle, especially when traveling long distance.

Portable air coolers can be very helpful when you wish to travel the country with an RV.


8. Cooling while Sailing

If you’ve never sailed before, you may assume that it is all cold when you are out in the boat.

Truth is, it can get hot even out there in the sea. In your boat cabin, there is absolutely need for you to have a portable air cooler on board.

In the days when the temperature becomes too high, the portable air cooler can save you from lots of problems and ensure that your voyage is blissful.

9. Portable Coolers During Vacations

For those that are adventurous and can spend sometimes in the wood, an air cooler will be one of the most important things to take along.

In some parts of the world, the temperature can get really high and your cabin or vacation home may get really hot since they lack insulation and other amenities that make a modern place of residence.

With air coolers however, the problem of heat can be taken care of. If you have a portable unit at home, you can always take it along when you go for vacation to help with the problem of heat.

10. Air Cooling During Special Occasions

During special occasions like parties or other social activities involving lots of individuals, things can become pretty hot and temperature will rise.

The crowd alone is enough to increase the temperature and when people get in tune with the vibration, the place will become even hotter.

In most instances, there is often need to improve the air in the room in terms of temperature and quality.

An air cooler will be the ideal solution in such instances.

Since they are marketed as just air cooling solutions, the extent of the uses they can be applied to is often limited.

This article only explored the top 10 uses of the amazing machines.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.