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9 Tips to Make Your Air Cooler More Efficient

Last updated Nov. 23, 2018

Air coolers is another name for evaporative coolers. The machine is known for so many good things and will generally help you and your household stay cool during the height of the summer when temperature condition becomes extreme.

Among the many benefits of air coolers, efficient air cooling is one of the prominent reasons people buy them.

Unlike the air conditioner that uses too much electricity, the air cooler uses very little electricity to make your home or commercial space cooler. This means you should be able to save a lot from utility bills.

If you already own a air cooler, you are likely enjoying the many benefits it offers. Do you know you can actually make it more efficient? Yes, there are ways to make the air cooler colder and more efficient and we will discuss ten tips that will help you achieve that:


1. Using Air Coolers in Dry Climates

air coolers are wonderful machines but they have their limitations. The biggest of these limitations is the climatic factor that determines the efficiency of the machine.

While it works great in dry and hot climate, the air cooler does not perform really well in humid environment.

This is basically due to the way it works and there is actually nothing you can do about this in certain climates.

When there is adequate moisture in the air (the condition of humid climate), it is impossible for the evaporative process to continue.

If the temperature is hot in such environment, air coolers can’t do much about it.

2. Proper Storage and Care When not in Use

It is important to take special attention when storing your air cooler during the months when it won't be used.

An air cooler should be properly cleaned, packed and stored to keep it effective and to aLso increase it's lifespan.

All you need to do is to use it when the condition is okay for it and keep it away when the condition is not ideal.

It is also advisable that you invest in portable coolers if you are dealing with this situation.

When the relative humidity is less than 60%, you can enjoy your air cooler but once it gets towards 75%, use alternative cooling solutions. Pack it up when it is not being used.


3. Keeping the Windows Open While Using It

The air cooler depends on two natural elements to drive the process of evaporative cooling: water and fresh air.

You have to provide the water by filling the water tank in some portable models or connecting the machine to a steady water source.

For fresh air, you need to provide it by opening the windows the right way. This is the exact opposite of what happens when you are using the air conditioner, but that is how the air cooler works.

Opening the window will not only let in fresh air but will equally let out humid air to prevent moisture build-up that could interfere with the evaporative cooling process.

4. Using a Dehumidifier When Humidity Rises

This is optional but can it can assist an air cooler work effectively in a very humid area.

When the humidity of the room you are trying to cool is getting high and opening the window further cannot do much to improve the situation, a dehumidifier can be very helpful.

The machine will reduce the amount of water in the atmosphere, thereby making the air more suited for the air cooler to use in the evaporative cooling process.

5. Bringing Home Some Houseplants

It is truly important to keep humidity down when you are trying to get the best from your air cooler. Another excellent way to do this is to add some houseplants in your indoor space.

There are some plants that will help to suck up moisture from your indoor air and help to prevent moisture build-up.

These are plants that have adapted to satisfying their water needs through the air rather than the soil.

Some indoor plants that can do this include Aloe Vera, Air plant, Boston fern, Bromeliads, Cacti, English ivy, Euphorbia, Succulents, and Yucca. Having some of these plants in your indoor space can be very helpful.


6. Experimenting with Positioning

With potable air coolers, there are several other advantages you get.

The small ones are designed to cool a room and you can move them to whatever part of the house you need to cool at a particular time.

You can also get the best of them by trying out different positions to see what yields the best result.

You can position the machine in such a manner that the fans blow directly to your dining or living area depending on where you need cooling most.

Keep it at different positions in your bedroom to determine the position that delivers the most effective experience.

7. Using Cold Water

Anyone with basic knowledge of the evaporation process knows that water evaporates quicker when it reaches the boiling point.

For evaporative cooling, this is not how things work. Using warm water does not improve the evaporative cooling process but decreases the efficiency.

Cool water that is closer to room temperature works better so you should certainly use cold water straight from the tank.

8. Skip the Ice

Adding ice to the water is a practice that many have come to embrace when trying to make the air cooler colder.

This can actually work when you are looking for a burst of cool air right in front of the machine. It also works better when the machine has ice compartment.

When you add ice to the water tank to improve efficiency, it doesn’t really help as the ice will have to melt before it can evaporate and achieve cooling.


9. Taking Good Care Of the Air Cooler

Taking good care of your air cooler is another effective way to make it work better for you. This is the general rule with electronic devices.

Once you maintain the machine in tip-top condition, it will be more efficient and produce colder air regularly to keep you and your household cool when you need it most.

Carry out normal air cooler maintenance routine and involve a technician when there is need for that.

The air cooler is an excellent machine that can help you and your family members stay comfortable during the height of the summer.

It is an excellent machine when used the right way. We have discussed ten simple tips on how you can make the machine more efficient. Try them to get the best out of this excellent cooling solution.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.