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Is it Time for You to Get a New Air Cooler?

Last updated Feb. 21, 2020

When they are properly cared for and maintained, air coolers are durable machines. They will continue to serve your household or business efficiently for years, improving comfort during the hot seasons.

There comes a time, however, when you just have to change an air cooler. There is no specific year the machine will last.

The time for change will depend on different factors including the build quality of the machine and how it has been used over the years.

Since air coolers can be repaired when they break down, deciding the perfect time to replace them can be difficult.

Some will consider several factors including the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement. Are you currently wondering if it is time to get a new air cooler?

Some signs will justify your decision and we will discuss them below:


When the Unit has Clearly Aged

Like every other home appliance, the air cooler can only serve for several years. You will be asking too much from the machine if you expect it to run the same way it ran seven years after purchasing it.

Even the best quality of air cooler will last for years and when it gets too tired, there is hardly anything you can do to revive it.

At such old age of the machine, you will do everyone a favour by getting rid of it and bringing in a new unit.

Regular maintenance can do so much to elongate the lifespan of an air cooler but it doesn’t make it last forever.

If your machine has been serving you for years and it appears that it is too weak now (even after proper maintenance), consider getting a new unit.

When the Unit Has Significant Corrosion

Air coolers use water and air to cool the air. As you probably know already, the interaction of water and metal can often lead to corrosion, which can also be called water damage.

Air coolers are not immune to this and the best you can do is to control it. Proper maintenance of your unit will delay the inevitable and rust will eventually set in.

A little corrosion may not have a serious impact on the efficiency of your swamp cooler but when the unit has significant corrosion, the efficiency of the machine will take a major heat.

If you continue to use the machine, it will get to a point that it will completely stop working. Even before that, you have to get yourself a new unit.


When the Air Flow is Poor or Non-Existent

A time will come when the airflow from your air cooler will no longer be what it used to be.

You will tell easily when the machine can no longer offer the kind of cooling you normally obtain from it even when it is running at the optimal speed. Your home will be warm even when the machine is switched on and running.

Some times this issue is resolved after servicing. It can also be an issue with some mechanical part and will be resolved after the faulty part is changed.

If it persists and a technician fails to get it resolved after multiple attempts, it is a clear sign that you need to go for a new air cooler.

When the Air Coolers Starts Leaking Water

Water leakage from an air cooler is a serious issue you should never take for granted.

In instances where the machine is relatively new (about a couple of years after purchase), it is likely that the machine was not properly maintained during the winter and physical damage has occurred.

A technician may recommend that some parts be changed. This can resolve the issue but if the damage is deep, the issue will persist, meaning you need to get a new unit.

For an old air cooler that is leaking water, it can be an indication of a big underlying issue that has resulted in the continual usage over the years.

A fix can do the trick but most times, it is a clear indication that you need to replace the unit with a new one.


When the Air Cooler has not been Maintained Properly

Poor maintenance of an air cooler will lead to serious damages that may not be easily rectified.

If for any reason, you have not followed the maintenance schedule of your air cooler, you are exposing it to potential damages.

You need to take seasonal start-ups and shutdowns seriously, change the cooling pads regularly, and clean the machine regularly.

Also, if you leave the air cooler unused without maintaining it and storing it properly, different levels of damages can occur. It is even possible that the unit will fail to work well again the neglect and you just have to get a new one.

When The Unit Starts Breaking Down Too Often

Most quality air coolers will serve for years before requiring any repairs. When they are in their primes, these machines will not require frequent repairs.

They will need regular care and maintenance but not repairs. When the reverse is the case, you may spend so much on maintenance that it will be more economical to get a new one.

Towards the end of their useful lives, air coolers will start breaking down too often. A machine that has been neglected for a while may start having issues regularly too.

If it becomes clear that your air cooler has become more trouble and expense than it is worth, consider ditching it and buying a new one. The move will not only yield you economic benefits but peace of mind also.


Drastic Increase in Electicity Bills

One of the key advantages air coolers offer is energy-efficiency. Since they consume very little energy, homeowners and businesses can save more by using them instead of air conditioners.

If your air cooler starts consuming too much energy than it is supposed to, and a technician cannot rectify the issue, you need to get a new one.

You need to ascertain that the machine is really consuming excessive energy before replacing it with a new energy-efficient air cooler.

Your air cooler shouldn’t be giving you too much headache. Since they are generally affordable, you should be able to get a new one when your old unit becomes too troublesome.

You will know the time is right for a new one if you are experiencing the signs discussed above.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.