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Things to Consider When Buying an Air Cooler

Last updated Oct. 23, 2020

Air coolers are unarguably among the most useful home appliances when the summer comes. They are the perfect air-cooling solutions for individuals who live or work in dry climates.

When the temperature becomes too hot and the air becomes too dry, air coolers will efficiently bring down ambient temperature and improve humidity at the same time.

They will not only make your space more comfortable but promote good health at the same time.

Air coolers are generally great, but you should know that they come in different classes. Just like in other home/office appliances, buying the perfect one for your space can be challenging.

You need to ensure that it is the right size and quality before splashing your cash on it.

Are you planning to buy an air cooler soon but don’t know the major factors that should influence your decision? We will discuss some of the most importing things you must consider when buying an air cooler:


1. The Manufacturer

There are different companies that manufacture air coolers and you need to be sure of the brand you are buying.

Just as you can expect from any electronic device, the reputation of the manufacturer matters a lot.

There are air cooler brands that are not truly strong and will not last as long as you would want your machine to last. Such brands also have no resell value even if you decide to let go of it after a few years.

It is important that you buy from a reputable company. Most of the top manufacturers of air coolers will not put their reputations on the line by building a poor-quality device. Consider the brand you trust and go for air coolers manufactured by them.

You can research the best brands in your local market before making your decision.

2. The Design

Design is an issue most people neglect when they want to buy functional appliances like air coolers. You shouldn’t do this, especially if you are a stylish individual.

Even if you don’t care much about how home appliances match in your living space, kindly consider the fact that other members of your household or your visitors will appreciate when your air cooler fits perfectly with the other items in your living space.

Go for modern air coolers that are well-designed. Depending on the size of your home and whether you need to save some space, choose the right design of air cooler that will do that.

3. Durability

You don’t want an air cooler that will serve you for just about two cooling seasons and then break down completely. You need a durable air cooler that will stand the test of time. Honestly, it is difficult to tell how durable an air cooler will be by merely looking at the picture online or looking at the physical thing in a showroom.

There are a few details you can consider, however. A unit that has a compact, upright design with sturdy wheels, for instance, can be very durable.

You should also consider the material the device is built with: how thick is it? The hardware components must look strong and reliable. An anti-corrosive insulated body that will prevent rust is another important factor that will positively affect durability.

4. Airflow

This is an important consideration you must make if you want your air cooler to serve efficiently. Airflow denotes the amount of air circled into your room each minute, and how much of it an air cooler can handle will determine the size of space it will be able to cool efficiently.

It is important that you ascertain the airflow requirement of the space you want to cool and invest in an air cooler with the capacity to cool such space.


5. Water Tank Capacity

The evaporative cooling process relies on water and air. Now the air used for the process is the surrounding hot air you need your machine to cool.

They are constantly absorbed into the machine for cooling, but the water that will keep the cooling pad moist and effective must be provided in the water tank. Obviously, the capacity of the water tank matters a lot when it comes to functionality of the unit.

A bigger tank capacity will require less refilling. Ideally, bigger and more powerful air coolers have larger water tank. You need to ascertain the tank capacity of any unit you want to buy.

6. Cooling Pads

The cooling pads of the air cooler are where the major actions happen. They serve as the cooling surfaces, where the hot air interacts with the water for the cooling action.

As you should know, the nature of the cooling pads matters a lot. There are two major types of pads, honeycomb, and aspen cooling pads.

They have their advantages and disadvantages, but honeycomb cooling pads are mostly better. The thickness of the cooling pads also matters.


7. Energy Efficiency

Air coolers are generally efficient, but you still need to be concerned about how efficient the model you want to buy will be.

The best way to do this is to consider the power consumption figure. Compare that with the size of the space you want to cool. You should also compare power consumption figures of other models of the same size and capacity.

8. Portability

Depending on how and where you want to use your air cooler, portability is another important factor to consider. If you have an intention of using the same unit in different parts of the house, you should go for a unit with strong wheels for easy portability. Also, it shouldn’t be too large or heavy.

9. Advanced Features

Modern air coolers come with a good number of features and you must consider that when buying one. Go for features that will help you enjoy the machine more.

Some of the most desirable advanced features include electronic thermostat, water level indicator, adjustable speed setting, timer, and remote control. Go for units that offer some of the helpful features you feel you will need.

Compatibility with an inverter is an energy-efficiency advanced feature you should consider if you are going to use your air cooler in places without steady electricity.

When you know the right things to consider, you will always buy the perfect air cooler for your needs. We truly hope this piece will help you buy the perfect one now and in the future.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.