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Summer Family Activities to Do With Busy Kids

Last updated Sept. 31, 2020

The summer break is an opportunity for children to spend more time at home. They will have the time to run around the home and engage in several activities they didn’t have enough time to engage in during school period.

It is in the nature of children to stay very active during the day. It doesn't matter much to them if the activities they are engaged in is productive or not; they just want to get busy with something.

This creates a problem for most parents who find it difficult to control the little ones and keep the home in order.

Do you find yourself in this position? Have you always wondered how to make your busy kids engage in activities that are worthwhile instead of frivolous and dangerous plays?

We are here to help with ideas. Here, we will discuss some summer activities for your busy kids that you can monitor and even play a part.


Plant a Garden

Have you heard that gardeners are the happiest people alive? We don’t have any proof of this but it is likely the truth.

Considering the fact that children also enjoy playing in the dirt, little gardening is something you must give serious consideration. Your busy kids can plant anything from flowers to corn and other variable little crops.

The joy of nurturing the plants and the lessons they will learn is immeasurable. There are bacteria in the garden that will offer them health benefits also.

Little Science Experiments

While the summer holiday is not the time for serious academic activities, your busy kids shouldn't stop learning just because schools are on holiday.

There is no harm in engaging in some of the safe little science experiments recommended for kids. Most children, especially those who love science, will benefit so much from these activities.

There are benefits for you too as you will learn new things or refresh your memory. You can also use the time to bond with your children.


Cooking or Baking Day

It is not too early to start teaching your kids how to cook and bake. Most busy kids engage in play-cooking long before parents realize it.

You should, therefore, include a cooking or baking day in your lineup of summer family activities.

As long as you will be involved in every step of the process, this is a very safe activity that will benefit the entire family.

You can have the little ones pick out the recipes you have ingredients for. Make sure every one of them is part of the process and contribute in their little ways.

Throw a Dance Party

This may sound a little unconventional but has several benefits for your children. Physical activities are important for all-round development and dancing is one of the safest physical activities for your little ones.

It is also a lot of fun to dance with your kids. It enhances companionship in ways you can't imagine.

 There are activity DVDs that will not only provide danceable tunes but will offer some sort of lessons for your little ones.

You can also play some regular music you know they love, which is appropriate for their age. You can spice things up by offering some sort of reward for participation.

Make Some Jewelry

This is another simple activity that can give your busy kids a sense of accomplishment.

Jewellery making is a very simple act but the end products always look amazing that people attach so much value to them.

You can get the appropriate bid sizes for children of different ages and work with them to create their jewellery.

You will be surprised at how proud they will feel to wear something that they made themselves and this can mark the beginning of something bigger for them.



Painting is simple, fun, and educative. It also gives your children some form of fulfilment. There are so many materials you can let your busy kids paint on with your supervision and direction.

Giant canvas painting can keep everyone busy and happy for long hours. You can also make things a little more interesting by painting rocks with them.

Collect a dozen rock and work with your children to have them painted as decoratively as possible.

Go On a Nature Walk

There are so many things you can achieve indoors but it won't do anyone any good to remain indoor for so long.

Taking a nature walk will mean a lot for you and your busy kids. It will give everyone the opportunity to breathe fresh air and appreciate nature even better.

You should also endeavour to teach the kids during the walk. They are always curious to interact with nature and the summer provides an ample opportunity to do that safely with you.

You should also collect harmless things like shells and stones during nature walks.

Get Involved In Local Activities with Kids

Chances are that there are several activities for kids in your locality. It is your duty to find out about these activities and take your children there.

It is also possible that they will hear about some from their friends and tell you. Do not block them from safe activities that will give them the time to socialize with the right mix of people.

You should always be part of these activities, unless in instances where parents are strictly not allowed.


Go On a Picnic

A family summer picnic is something you must take seriously. Most families do this and you don’t want your children to feel left out.

You don’t have to go too far to enjoy your family picnic: your garden can even serve as the perfect picnic ground when you have the nice things your busy children want. It also gives your family the time to bond.

Make a Movie

It is a lot easier to make movies these days. With most smartphones having top-quality cameras, you and your little ones can record almost every of your summer activities.

Windows Moviemaker and similar software are also available to edit whatever they have recorded into a movie.

You will never know how fun it will be to relive all the moments you spent together. You may also be inspiring the next movie or YouTube star.

There are several other family activities you can engage in with your busy kids during the summer.

Do not be afraid to try anyone you are confident will be safe for the kids. Go ahead and enjoy great moments with your little darlings.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.