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Signs of an Unhealthy Home

Last updated May. 25, 2018

Your home should be your refuge: the place you retire to after the hustle and bustle of the day. The home needs to be comfortable enough to help you rejuvenate.

There are several people that are living in an unhealthy home. The bigger part of the problem is that most of them do not realize that they are actually living in an unhealthy place.

Here, we will discuss some signs that indicate that your home is unhealthy; this will help you to make amends and live healthier:


1. Excessive Moisture

There are several things that contribute to moisture in your homes such as cooking, bathing, and other household activities.

It is also important that you make efforts to reduce the amount of moisture in your home as they encourage the growth of microorganisms like mold and mildew.

These organisms are detrimental to your health, causing health challenges like nasal stuffiness and other respiratory issues as well as eye and skin irritation.

2. Vacuuming Without a HEPA Filter

Vacuuming your home is necessary to keep it clean but when you do it without filters, it doesn’t help too much.

Air pollution is a serious issue faced by many households: it triggers and worsens health conditions that can fatal in many instances.

The use of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters is so necessary when you are vacuuming. Installing them in your home HVAC system will also be necessary.

3. Dirty Vaccum Filter

HEPA filters help to keep your indoor environment healthier but what happens when they get old?

Like every other thing in your home, their efficiency will be reduced. This means they will not be able to filter pollutants as they normally do.

This means you will have more pollutants in your home to deal with. Changing your filters at least once in six months can be very healthy.


4. Poor Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is necessary for any home. If this is not the case in your home then it is definitely not a healthy place to live.

Such important places in your home as the kitchen and bathroom needs to be properly ventilated if you want your home to be healthy.

Opening the windows and using fans may be very helpful.

5. Dirty Vents and Ducts

Many people forget their vents even when they claim to be doing thorough home cleaning.

Since dirty vents and ducts are not as glaring as dirty dishes, people don’t consider them as priorities when cleaning. This can have a remarkable impact on your health and that of your entire household.

Cleaning of vents and ducts can be hard so you need to enlist some professionals to do it in the most efficient manner.

6. Chemical Cleaners

Cleaning is something everyone should take seriously so how do you approach it? 

Even though you clean regularly and do it the right way, you also need to pay attention to the cleaning products you are using.

There are some cleaning products that do more damage than good when used in the home.

Most chemical cleaning agents have substances that cause several health problems so it is important that you research your cleaning products and choose the ones that are healthy.

Chemical-free household cleaners are the best.


7. Not Dusting Properly

Dusting is another thing you have to do the right way if you want to keep your living space healthy. You need to learn to dust properly if you want to maintain your home in a healthy manner.

There are ways you will dust the particles will only rise and settle back afterward.

There are some common cleaning mistakes you might be making. Using a duster or a dry cloth will only spread the dust around and this can be very detrimental to anyone that is asthmatic or suffer allergies.

Use damp cloth instead while dusting: it will gather the dust rather than spread them.

8. Ignored Gutters

Covered gutters are the best for a living area. If your gutter is uncovered, however, you need to work regularly to ensure that it is clean at all times.

Leaky gutters will also contribute to moisture build-up in your home and you know the implication of that.

Do not ignore your gutter at any point. Take care of it to make your environment healthier.

9. Neglected Bedroom

The bedroom is another important part of the house that doesn’t get the amount of attention it needs.

While cleaning, it is easy to ignore some important parts in the bedroom like behind the head of the bed.

Take time to clean your bedroom: pull the bed away and clean everywhere thoroughly. Also wash your beddings regularly to keep them clean and fresh.


10. Bringing Dirty Shoes Inside

This is a habit many individuals are yet to change even though the impacts it has on the home is pretty obvious.

If you are yet to realize that wearing your shoe inside your home has serious health consequences, this is the time you know it.

A study has shown that a single shoe can track as much as 400,000-plus bacteria.

This is what you expose your family to if you and your household members wear shoes inside the home.

11. Wind Pollinated Plants

While there are so many benefits of having plants and flowers around you, too much of wind-pollinated plants during their season can hurt you and your household members that suffer seasonal allergies.

The pollen of these plants constitute air pollutants and cause a stuffy nose, sneezing and breathing trouble.

It may be necessary to get rid of wind-pollinated plants and plant some less troublesome plants.

Your Pet Sleep on Your Bed

It is a good thing that you love your pet and treats it nice, letting it sleep in your bed has some consequences.

Asides from the fact that your dog or cat may be carrying some dirt, germs, and even insect, their dander are pollutants that can cause allergic reactions.

Have a good place for your pets to sleep rather than your bed.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.