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Ways to Reduce Your
Air Coolers Power Consumption

Last updated March. 23, 2018

One of the most remarkable feature an air cooler is its energy efficiency. The cooling solution which has several other advantages over air conditioners and ceiling fans consume quite a little amount of electricity and this singular characteristic helps users to save a lot on cooling. If you already own an air cooler, you can testify to this fact.

Is it possible to reduce their power consumption further? Even if it is, is it really necessary to try to do it?

Most of us don't know but it is possible to reduce the power consumption of your air cooler even further, and yes, it is important to do it to enjoy as many benefits as your cooling units can provide.

Follow the tips below to significantly reduce your air cooler’s power consumption.

Buy the Right Type of Air Cooler


The type of air cooler you will buy will depend on your specific need. The nature of the space that needs cooling, the size of your home, the size of your household, and other factors will all come into play.

If, for instance, you live alone, a portable air cooler that you can easily move from one part of the house to another can be cool. Window cooler units can be ideal for a medium sized family living in a house with multiple rooms.

For a commercial space like warehouses, a swamp cooler will be more ideal. For any space you are trying to cool, ascertain the specific need and the type of air cooler that will take the minimal number of units to achieve perfect cooling without overworking the units.

Use the Right Size of Air Cooler


The size of air cooler you will need will depend on the size of the space it is going to be installed in as well as the number of people that will be staying in the place.

You have to take these factors into consideration before choosing the right size in order to avoid buying a unit that will either be less powerful or too powerful.

An air cooler that is too small to cool a room will consume far more power while trying to achieve the amount of cooling required. In the same vein, a cooler that is too big will also consume too much power and amount to wastage.

Set the Right Speed


The current brands of air coolers in the market have varying speed and setting them at the right level will ensure that the right amount of cooling is achieved at any particular time.

The setting will also be determine by other factors such as the weather condition at the time and the number of people at the place. While setting the unit at a speed that is inadequate will not achieve the amount of cooling required, setting it at a higher speed than what is required will make it to consume more power and this will amount to wastage.

Check the Water Level


Air coolers achieve the cooling effect through evaporative cooling and this requires water. The units have water tanks from which it draws water to drench the cooling pads from where the evaporation occurs.

Without water, the system will fail and if the water is not at the right level, the unit will not function optimally. Endeavor to always fill the tank and make sure the water does not drop below the recommended level.

This way, the unit will work the way it is supposed to work without any stress to the important components.

Keep Heat Generating Objects Away


There are different home appliances that generate heat.

Such appliances like microwave, dishwater, TV, computers, and other gadgets generate heat and when they are used in close proximity to the air coolers, they make the immediate environment hotter, requiring the air cooler to work harder to cool the space.

This will result to the usage of more power than is necessary and this is not what you want.

Air Cooler Cleaning and Maintenance


Proper maintenance of electrical appliances is very necessary to get them to work at their utmost capacity.

Just like other home appliances, air coolers require maintenance, and it is very essential that you respect the maintenance schedule to have them in good shape.

When this is the case with your unit, they will be very efficient and use just the right amount of power to cool your home and workplace without issues.

Another wonderful feature of air coolers is the low cost of maintaining them, so take advantage of this and enjoy the added benefits.

Make the Cooling More Efficient


During the really hot summer months, dependence on your air cooler for all the cooling will definitely amount to overworking them.

There are few other things you can do to help supplement the cooling effort. Applying a reflective coating on the roof; blocking solar radiation from entering your rooms with drapes, blinds and shades; and planting trees and shrubs can help.

You can also use less of your heat generating home appliances, especially during the day, and leave your doors and windows open for proper ventilation.

If you can implement the other tips necessary to keep your house cool in the summer, you will significantly reduce the load on your air cooler and consequently, its power consumption.

Replace Old Cooling Unit


When air cooler become old, their efficiencies reduce and they will consume more power. While proper maintenance and repair will keep them in good shape for a long while, it will eventually get to a point when they will have to be changed. At this point, do not hold on. Dispose them and get new units that will provide adequate cooling without running up your energy bill.

Though air coolers generally consume little power, there are circumstances that will make them use more electricity than necessary.

With the tips above, you should be able to reduce the power consumption of your air coolers and enjoy the benefits they offer at the minimum possible cost.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.