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10 Reasons to Love Summer

Last updated Feb. 28, 2020

For many people, the word ‘summer’ is synonymous with fun. For others, it is that time of the year when it's too hot and unbearable that many fun activities with be affected.

Some also see it as an expensive season that involves running the air conditioners too high and doing other things that involves lots of money.

Truth is, summer is a wonderful season that has its ups and downs. Regardless of where you live and your socio-economic status, you can enjoy the summer at its best.

Here are ten reasons to love summer:


It Is Time for Vacations

Summer is the time for vacationing around the world. The season is pleasant in most places and offer visitors and tourists the right conditions to explore everything from nature to wildlife and people’s cultures.

If you love traveling and having fun with your loved ones, you will definitely love summer.

It presents the perfect season to relax and recoup. The chances of creating memories that will last a lifetime are higher too.

The Days Are Longer

Summer generally have longer days as the sun stays longer to keep us warm and keep our world bright.

There are certainly many things you can do with the extra hours of daylight we are blessed with during the summer.

Day events and festivals can last longer, giving everyone extra hours of fun.

Even for individuals who work for several hours in the day, there will always be a second chance for them to enjoy daylight and all the fun the summer season brings.

It Is Time to Spend Time with Family and Friends

Most schools around the world are on holiday during summer. This is usually the longest break in the academic year and offers students the time to relax and recoup from all the stress they must have been through.

This is also a great time for families around the world to spend time together and bond better. Family vacations are mostly observed in the summer as almost everyone is less busy and more available for each other and for fun.

Even if you are not traveling during the summer, there are different ways to spend quality times with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Chances of Making New Friends Are Higher

With so many activities lined up for the summer, chances of making new friends are always higher.

Since people are generally more disposed to enjoy their leisure time in the summer, they are also more open to the idea of connecting with others.

By doing such simple things as going to the beach and participating in festivities, you are opening up yourself to interact with others and connect with new people.

This can lead to so many things from mere fun to serious relationships. If you love making new friends, you will certainly love the summer season.

The Time Is Right to Go To the Beach

Who doesn’t enjoy going to the beach? On a hot summer afternoon, there are few things you can compare to the feeling of getting into water to cool off and have some fun.

Even if you are not a fan of swimming, there are other water sports to try.

Even if you are not interested in any water adventure, there are so many other things going on in the beach that you will appreciate.

You can meet so many people around popular beaches as the summer sun descend on most cities.

Summer Foods Are the Best

No one will appreciate summer food more than an individual coming home from college or a boarding school. Homemade foods are generally great but they are even better in the summer.

Due to the environmental condition of the season, more people take to barbecues, especially when friends and families are gathered.

During family picnics, the summer foods served by most families are always great. The season is the best time to indulge in hot dogs, hamburgers and other yummy picnic staples without apology.


It Is Time for the Best Ice Creams

Everyone who loves ice creams understands that the best time to have them is hot sunny days.

Summer has that in abundance and gives us all the perfect condition to indulge in our favorite ice creams.

From street vendors to those who set up shops along popular beaches and parks, you can get ice creams that are really good without any stress.

Since every producer understands that demand is higher and the competitor is trying to do better, they normally up their games to deliver the best ice creams during summer.

It May Be Easier To Find Work and Side Gigs

For students trying to make some money to support their lifestyles in school, picking up summer jobs is a great idea.

Since some people are less inclined to work and there are lots of fun activities going on during the summer, finding a little job is often easier.

Even for individuals who hold regular jobs, the chances of finding decent side gigs are higher.

Lifeguarding gigs, for instances, are more abundant during summer. There are so many things going on that any serious individual can take advantage of.

The Fruits Are Even Sweeter

Summer fruits are the best. The season presets the best time of the year to enjoy fresh cool fruits.

From strawberries to cherries, grapes, watermelon and more, many fruits are available during the summer and they even taste better this season.

The summer also presents opportunities to experiment with these fruits - to find the best ways to consume them.

In addition to being delicious, summer fruits will help you stay healthier and look better.

Lots of Festivals

Depending on where you live, there may be lots of festivities during summer. If you love to party in the day as well as in the evening, the summer will be your favorite season.

Many towns and cities host festivals and events that are free for the general public.

Even in some of the places you will go vacationing, there may be similar events that will guarantee lots of fun for you and your loved ones.

The summer is a lovable season. It is the brightest time of the year and offers so many other important benefits.

We have discussed ten reasons to love summer and hope that this piece can help you grow better as human and enjoy summer and every other season.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.