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Questions to Ask a Company Before Buying an Air Coolers

Last updated Dec. 8, 2017

Air coolers are now trending as the ultimate solution for temperature control due to a number of factors. They offer better cooling quality; they are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain.

Buying an air cooler is a significant investment and you need to be careful in order not to make the wrong decision. Before settling for a deal, it is important that you ascertain if the purchase will serve its purpose in the long run. To do this, there are some relevant questions you must ask.

Here are seven key questions you should ask a company that sells air coolers before buying from them.

The Installation


It is very important to find out about who will install the units when you buy them. Though air coolers are generally easy to install, it is still very necessary that the installation process is carried out by a qualified technician since proper installation will contribute to the efficiency and durability of the units.

Installation Timeline


Installation of air coolers does not take much time, but it is also important that you ask the company you want to buy from about the installation process.

If you are making your purchase during the on-season when demand is high, the company’s technicians may be too busy and the process can be significantly delayed.

Ascertaining the Cooling Needs


This is one way to know a good company. The size or capacity of air cooler to be installed in a room, office or any space for that matter will depend on a number of factors. You will have to take into consideration such factors as size and layout of the space, the orientation, the amount of shade around the place, the number and location of windows, the number of items in the room, etc.

Based on this you can take suggestions from the air cooler company to recommend you the air cooler size and type that would best suit your needs. Pay attention to the way it is answered and determine if the company or their representative can produce an adequate calculation of your cooling needs: this is the only way to have an efficient cooling system.

Up To-Date Technology


Technology is constantly improving and a good company should be in touch with the advances. Ask the company that sells air coolers if there are some new interesting features about the brand they have, their websites should be equipped to answer most of these questions.

If you can afford it, go for air coolers that boast off advanced features like variable speed motors, empty tank alarm, LED display etc.

Maintenance and Care


Proper maintenance is very important if you want your air coolers to serve you for as long as possible. There are some maintenance routines you can easily observe on your own. Find out from the air cooling company ways to maintain and clean your air cooler to prolong the life of the machine.

Neglecting basic maintenance of air coolers can significantly shorten the lifespan of the machines, while, and hiring just about anyone to do it might increase the chances of mishandling.

Total Cost


When buying products such as air coolers, it is very important to be certain of what you are getting into in terms of cost. The price of the unit will definitely not be the total cost, and you need to openly ask the company to reveal what the total cost is.

Once you have decided on the brand to buy, after a proper research, ask for the estimates and cost breakdown such as the system pricing, labour cost, and any other applicable cost. Know total cost of installation before you buy your unit.

In addition to the total cost of air coolers, you should also consider the cost of running the units and preventive maintenance cost. Air coolers are generally energy efficient, but it will also be beneficial to consider the energy usage. It will contribute to the total operating cost.

Finding the right company, however, is not easy and you need to be careful when selecting. To determine if a company that sells air coolers is the right one to deal with, ask some of the questions highlighted above and make your decision based on how they are answered.

If you are considering buying an air cooler, it is important that you buy from a reputable company and Air Coolers is one such reliable places you can trust.

We are a company that will estimate your cooling needs, give you a fair estimate, keep you informed at every stage of the project, install the units, and carry out preventive maintenance when necessary. Look at our air cooler range and enjoy our outstanding services.  

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