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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Air Cooler

Last updated April. 23, 2021

Buying an air cooler can be one of the most important decisions you will make for your household or office. An air cooler will keep you cool and comfortable during hot days and nights.

It will also help you prevent heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, which is a potentially fatal illness that can happen suddenly when your body overheats. Literally, an air cooler can be a lifesaver.

While air coolers are great for many reasons, they have a few limitations you should know about.

The major limitation is that they don't work efficiently in humid climates. Also, when they are not used properly, they may not be efficient.

So you have to ascertain whether an air cooler is the right machine for you before buying one. You also need to buy an air cooler that is perfect for you.

Most Important Questions to ask yourself before buying an air cooler 

Firstly, you have to be sure that an air cooler is the right machine for you before you buy one. You also need to make sure that the air cooler unit you are paying for will be the right fit for the space you want to cool.

Here are some of the most important questions you have to ask yourself in order to make the right choice:


Does My Climate Support Evaporative Cooling? 

The most important thing to consider before buying an air cooler is its suitability to where you live or work. You have to ask yourself whether the climate in your home, office or commercial space will support the use of air coolers.

These machines work in hot and dry climates. They are not so great in a humid environment.

To answer this question in a manner that will help you make the right decision, you need to access some important information about your climate. You need to be sure that humidity in your area is under 60% during the hot season.

Anything above 60% can severely affect the efficiency of an air cooler, meaning you will be better off with another type of air cooling solution.

How Exactly Do The Air Cooler Work?

Do you know how air coolers work? You can enjoy the benefits of the machine even if you don’t know how it works.

But to appreciate it more and make the right decision initially, you need to understand how the machines work.

Basically, an air cooler cools your air through the evaporation of water from the cooling pads (which are the evaporative cooling surfaces). You should also know that air coolers add moisture to the atmosphere.

This makes the air more breathable and comfortable in dry climates. On the other hand, improved humidity will be a problem in a humid environment.

You also need to use an air cooler the right way to prevent excessive moisture buildup that can affect the cooling process.


What Type Of Air Cooler Do I Need?

You also need to ascertain the specific type of air cooler you need in any space. Just as home, offices, and commercial settings differ, air coolers differ in many ways. An industrial swamp cooler, for instance, is not the right thing to buy if you want to cool a single-room apartment.

A portable air cooler will also not be ideal for cooling a warehouse.

Depending on the nature of the space you want to cool, choose the right type of air cooler. Desert coolers are better for open spaces, while portable air coolers are great for small personal spaces.

If you are confused, ask an expert to help you determine the right type of air cooler for your space.

What Size Of Air Cooler Do I Need?

Size is one critical factor that will determine the efficiency of an air cooler. When answering this important question, you should not just trust your instinct. Instead, make sure you obtain the CFM requirement of the space you want to cool and buy an air cooler unit that matches that.

You will find the capacity of an air cooler on the specifications. Buy a machine that is very close to what you want – it doesn’t have to be the exact thing. Sometimes, you will need more than one unit of air cooler to cool some space.

An expert can help you determine the right size of air coolers to buy and how many units will be enough to efficiently cool your space.


What Are The Important Features To Look Out For?

When buying an air cooler, you should look at the specifications carefully to be sure that it is exactly what you need. Some of the most important information to be sure of include the thickness of the pad, the power requirement, and water tank capacity.

There are some important features that also determine how convenient it will be to use an air cooler. You have to look out for variable speed options, remote control functionality, and other modern features that make using an air cooler more enjoyable.

Can I Maintain My Air Cooler By Myself?

Air coolers are generally easy to install and maintain. There are some, however, that is a bit too technical for most people to handle. Depending on your specific need and lifestyle, you need to be sure of how your machine can be serviced and maintained.

If you are installing an industrial air cooler in a commercial setting, you don't have to worry about your ability to maintain the units, as they will definitely need professional attention from time to time.

If, on the other hand, you are just looking for a personal air cooler, it is better to buy one that you can maintain easily.

Do Air Coolers Have Health Benefits?

People are often curious about the claims that air coolers have health benefits. The truth is that they do. Asking this question will help you understand your air cooler better and use it the right way.

Air coolers help to improve indoor air quality, and this has lots of health benefits.

The cooling pads of air coolers can remove many indoor air pollutants like dust, dander, and pollens.

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are clean machines that do not introduce any harmful chemicals to the space they are cooling. To enjoy the health benefits of air coolers, you will need to maintain them properly.


You need to be curious about any important home appliance that you want to buy. Before investing in air cooling, asking important questions will help you choose the right one.

You can also find answers that will help you use your machine the right way.

Here, we’ve tried to answer some of the most important questions potential air cooler buyers ask. Do you have more questions? We will be willing to provide the right answers if you ask.

Contact us today to learn more about air coolers.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.