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Get Powerful Cooling from Portable Air Coolers

Last updated Jan. 18, 2019

During the summer months, the need for air cooling is high among different households. In most places, the heat is always too much that people work or even sleep.

Too high temperature creates so much discomfort and can even cause illnesses in some instances. When the weather condition is too severe, there is even the possibility of heatstroke, a heat-related illness that can be fatal if not handled properly.

To avoid such undesirable situations described above, households invest in air cooling solutions.

There are a number of options you will have when it comes to cooling solutions but the evaporative cooler is regarded as the best in most places.

There are several reasons for this but cost-efficiency is one of the most significant ones.

The fact that the coolers have the reputation of being eco-friendly products have also boosted their popularity.


What Makes Portable Air Coolers Unique?

We have briefly introduced air coolers and mentioned a couple of advantages they offer but we did not specifically talk about portable air coolers.

These are the machines we are recommending if you want to get an uninterrupted breeze that will keep you fresh and happy no matter the level of the ambient temperature in your locality.

Portable air coolers are air cooling devices that use the evaporative cooling technique to reduce the temperature of any given space and improve humidity at the same time.

They are just like other evaporative coolers in the way they operate but have some other advantages. As the name implies, portable air coolers are portable.

This means you can move them from one place to another without much stress. The portability is the root of all the extra advantages that come with owning a portable air cooler.

Benefits of Using Portable Air Cooler

The first major benefit you will enjoy from using portable air cooler is the topic of our discussion in this post: uninterrupted breeze.

As long as you keep the conditions necessary for the uninterrupted operation of the machine (more on this later), you will enjoy this and other benefits of the air cooler.

Another important benefit of a portable air cooler is that it will help you to save so much in terms of cooling cost. The machines cost a lot cheaper than air conditioners.

They also consume only a fraction of the electricity traditional AC units consume to deliver the same amount of cooling. Installing and maintaining them is also not a difficult process.

The fact that you can move the portable air cooler with ease is another significant benefit.

This means you can use the same unit at different parts of the house at different times depending on where you want to be at any particular time.

You can use the same machine in the cooking while you are cooking and take it into your bedroom when you want to sleep.

Since they also work in open spaces, you can even take the same machine along with you want you to want to relax in your outdoor space.


Powerful Cooling with Portable Air Coolers

As we briefly mentioned earlier, air coolers generally operate through a principle known as evaporative cooling.

This is how portable air cooler ensures that you enjoy the uninterrupted breeze that will keep you cool and comfortable no matter the temperature condition outside your home.

The evaporative cooling process is actually a very simple process. It is the same natural process of evaporation that helps us to stay cool when we sweat during sunny days.

The only difference, in this case, is that the process is facilitated by a machine and made more efficient. The machine in question is made up of different major parts that keep the process going.

The most important parts that make the portable air cooler deliver uninterrupted cool breeze are the water tank, the pump system, and the cooling pads. The fan system is also very significant.

The function of the water tank is to hold the water that is needed for the process.

Once the unit is plugged to electricity and switched on, the water pump takes water from the take to the cooling pads to wet them (the cooling pads need to be sufficiently damp for the evaporative cooling process to proceed as expected).

The fan system helps the damp cooling pads to draw dry air into the portable air cooler. The air, which is mostly hot and dry at this point, is made to pass through the wet cooling pad.

When it hits the cooling pad, the heat energy it contains is used to cause evaporation of water molecules from the surface of the cooling pads.

When the air passes the pads, it becomes cooler after losing some of its heat energy and a layer of moisture is added to it.

The air, now cool and moistened, is blown out of the portable air cooler into the space that needs to be cooled.

Through this process, there will be an uninterrupted supply of fresh, cool and breathable air in the immediate environment.

How to Make it Work?

There are certain things you need to do to ensure that your portable air cooling continues to supply you with the uninterrupted breeze as long as you want it:

  • Ensure There is Enough Water in The Water Tank

The portable air cooler doesn’t work without water. There are chances of your machine even getting damaged when it is being operated with inadequate water.

You need to make sure that the water is at the right level at all times. Check it and refill it when there is a need for that.

  • Ensure There is Adequate Ventilation

The portable air cooler also requires fresh air at all times to keep working efficiently; you also need to make sure there is adequate fresh air.

While indoors, you need to ensure that there is ventilation so that fresh air can come in the damp air from the machine also need to be removed to avoid moisture build-up and keep the process going.

  • Maintain Your Portable Air Cooler Regularly

Regular maintenance of your portable air cooler is also needed to ensure that the machine is working as efficiently as possible.

Do the much you can and let experts take a look at your machine when there is a need for that.

A portable air cooler is an amazing machine that can benefit you in numerous ways. You can be sure of enjoying uninterrupted breeze by using the device.

We have considered the way the machine achieves this and what you can do to keep it going. Follow the few tips to enjoy your investment and stay happy and refreshed at all times.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.