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Advantages of Portable Air Coolers

Last updated Feb. 23, 2018

Dealing with the heat of the summer period can be utterly uncomfortable. While there are different air cooling solutions, finding the one that will suit your need at all times can be a huge challenge.

Ideally, the fans, air conditioners and air coolers are the major solutions at the moment, but they all come in different forms.

Overtime, air coolers have become the preferred option for many due to the numerous advantages they have over the other types of cooling solutions.

Air conditioners, on their own, come at different form. Asides from size, they differ in terms of portability.

In this post, we are going to talk about portable air cooling solutions. We will consider the benefits of air coolers in comparison to non-portable solutions.

Affordable Cooling


Before the advances in technology that saw the invention of different types of air coolers, the cooling needs of most households were only possible through the installation of giant HVAC machines that are very costly and consumes lots of energy.

Their prices were always exorbitant. Cost of installation of such devices were also high and maintenance was another factor that made them quite expensive to run.

The biggest problem with these devices was actually their level of energy consumption. They always run up energy bills, draining the pockets of users just to provide cooling.

This is not the case with portable air coolers. They are relatively cheap and consume very little amount of energy making them cost-effective appliances.

Air Coolers Provide Portability

If you live in an apartment or a neighborhood that has restrictions about window air coolers or conditioners, a portable air cooler will be the ideal solution.

The units do not protrude. In fact, they do not even need any form of installation; you only have to plug them to a power source in the area you want to cool and enjoy the experience.

Perfect Cooling


There are individuals that are more susceptible to heat problems that others. If you are such a person that feel warmer than others and require extra amount of cooling, it may become a challenge to stay with others in an office setting, for instance.

Using a portable cooler will be the best solution in such instances. There are some small units of portable air coolers that you can use to provide extra amount of cooling for yourself alone.

Portable air cooler will give you the opportunity to cool your specific corner without disturbing the comfort of those around you.

It will also help you to avoid staying in an uncomfortable condition in order to please others. It is a win-win solution to cooling that will work efficiently both in enclosed office or open office spaces.


A portable air cooler is a great investment that can be used at any part of your house on any hot day. They are generally easy to move and you can have them plugged in and used at different parts of your house that have power sockets and outlets.

This also makes them more efficient. You can always take your portable air cooler into the kitchen while you are cooking there; take it with you to your deck when you need some outdoor time; and take it into your bedroom when you want to sleep.

This way, you can use a single unit to satisfy your cooling needs in different places even at the height of the summer heat.

Powerful Cooling for Small Space


If it happens that you live in a small space, a portable air cooler will be the best cooling solution you can have. In such small spaces, there might be just one window that is responsible for ventilation, views, and natural light.

An air cooling solution that are supposed to be installed in a window will definitely not work in such a space. Sacrificing such elements for an appliance is not ideal and portable air coolers does not create a condition of that nature.

What makes them specifically amazing is the fact that they don’t need any form of installation. You can easily set them up in your small space quickly and enjoy the comfort they offer.

You can easily take them along with you once you want to move.

Convinient Cooling

There are many pop-up campers, recreational vehicles, and travel trailers that do not have adequate cooling systems – some do not have at all.

For individuals who enjoy the on-the-go lifestyle, an air cooler is the very best option for them. Having a portable air cooler in such vehicles will be greatly useful in taking care of temperature concerns.

 Portable air coolers are also the only viable option of cooling in camp tents during vacations or adventures.

Air Coolers Add Moisture to the Air


Portable air coolers are not just about cooling the air: they also perform the function of increasing the humidity of the air.

Just like other forms of air coolers, they use water and air to achieve the cooling effect, and in the process, add layers of moisture to the fresh air they release.

This improves the humidity of an area and is an important feature in dry climates.

Portable air coolers are very cool devices in so many ways. Firstly, they share the normal benefits of other forms of air coolers. They are pocket-friendly appliances that are also cheap and easy to set up and maintain.

The quality of air they produce is just too great and they use very little amount of electricity to achieve the adequate amount of cooling you need. They also do not share the health hazards associated with the use of some other kinds of cooling solutions.

In addition to these benefits, they also have the added advantage of portability. Being simple devices that can be moved from room to room, they have no restrictions, they can be used in a small space.

They also offer the perfect cooling for the need of an individual giving you many reasons to buy an air cooler. Overall, portable air coolers have a lot of benefits when compared to other non-portable solutions.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.