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What You Need to Know About Window Air Coolers

Last updated Feb. 15, 2019

There are different ways you can obtain cooling during the summer. The use of air coolers is believed to be the most effective means by many.

There are different types of air coolers, also, and window air coolers are very popular at homes and offices.

There are several reasons people buy window air coolers asides from the fact that they are generally effective.

The machine is very affordable and will occupy very little space in your home. It is also an eco-friendly solution that supply fresh breathable air to individuals using it.

If you are air coolers for your cooling needs, there are some important things you need to know and we will briefly discuss all of them here.


Window Air Coolers are Different from Window Air Conditioner

While they are both fixed on windows, there is a difference between window air coolers and window air conditioners. The most significant difference is in the way they work.

air coolers work by passing air through a damp pad, reducing the temperature of the air and adding moisture to it at the same time.

Window air conditioners, on the other hand, condenses that water that is in the surrounding air using chemical coolants.

Window air coolers are ideal for dry climate and will not work efficiently in humid environment.

For window air conditioners, they can work in any sort of environment and are most preferred in humid climate.

Advantages of Window Air Coolers

While there are several benefits of window air coolers, there are specific reasons why it may be the best solution for your cooling needs.

Some of the major reasons you may choose this machine over the alternatives are:

  • If you live in a mostly dry climate where humidity is never an issue
  • If you want an affordable air cooling solution
  • If you want an effective and affordable solution that will not take up space in your room
  • If you need the humidity in your home/office to be improved during cooling
  • If you don’t want to run up your energy bill because of cooling
  • If you want an eco-friendly cooling solution.

Window Air cooler is the right machine if you want all the qualities highlighted above.

They are the unique benefits it offers to users. You should also check to ensure that the humidity level in your area is ideal for the use of evaporative coolers before buying window air coolers.


Finding the Right Size of Window Air Cooler

Window air coolers come in different sizes and you need to buy the right size for your space.

If you buy a cooler that is not the size you need, it will not cool the place effectively (if it is small) or it will not be used to its optimal capacity (if it is too big).

In any case, you will spend more for the amount of cooling you will be getting.

Finding the right size of windows Air cooler is actually easy. The machines are normally rated in terms of cubic feet per minute (CFM).

By calculating the CFM requirement of the space you want to cool, you can easily choose an air cooler that will serve you efficiently.

To do this follow the steps below:

  • Measure the width and length of the room and the height of the ceiling
  • Multiply the value of the three measurements to get the cubic volume of the room
  • Multiply the cubic volume by the number of times you expect the air to turn over or exchange in an hour (this can be between 20 – 40 times per hour in a normal environment)
  • Divide your answer by 60 to get the CFM requirement of the room.

When you establish the CFM requirement of your room, you can buy the right size of windows air cooler easily.

Important Features to Consider

Asides from the size of the windows air cooler you want to buy, there are some other factors you need to consider carefully. The type of cooling pads the machine comes with matters a lot.

Aspen pads are more affordable and air coolers that come with them will be more affordable. Aspen pads are not too effective, however, and they may not be durable too.

Cellulose cooling pads (also called honeycomb pads) are more dependable cooling pads and air coolers that come with them are often more expensive. These pads are always effective and are very durable.

You also need to consider the fan system of the windows Air cooler you want to buy.

The machine will come with either a centrifugal fan system of an axial fan system. They are both effective but axial fan systems are preferable.

There are a number of other features you can look out for while shopping for windows air coolers.

Such features as overheat protection, corrosive-resistance, and remote control should be considered.


Installing Your Window Air Cooler

It is actually easy to install window air coolers. Most manufacturers provide information on how to install your cooler by yourself.

Once you follow the steps carefully, you will have your machine working in a little while. If you aren’t confident of your ability, you can hire a technician to install the machine.

Maintaining Your Window Air Cooler

Air coolers are generally easy to maintain and the window Air cooler is not an exception.

With some basic mechanical knowledge, you should be able to maintain your machine year after year. It may be necessary to involve a technician for proper servicing once in a while.

Maintaining the machine is important to ensure that it works efficiently and last as long as possible.

To maintain your Air cooler, you need to clean the exterior regularly; you need to change the cooling pads from time to time; and you need to winterize the machine during off season.

You also need to mind the water you use to run your Air cooler. Avoid hard water and use distilled, filtered water if it is available.

Window air cooler is a great cooling solution for homes and offices. There are so many benefits you will get from using them and they will be efficient when you maintain them properly.

We have summarized all you need to know about the machine here. When you buy your machine from a reliable source and maintain it the right way, you can be sure of efficient cooling for years.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.