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Simple Maintenance Tips For Your Evaporative Cooler

Last updated May. 18, 2018

Among modern air cooling solutions, an evaporative cooler is top of the list in terms of benefits.

It offers efficient cooling at the lowest possible cost and it is environmentally friendly. There are several other benefits you can get when you use your evaporative cooler well.

Like every other electrical appliance, evaporative coolers need to be maintained to keep them running the way you need them to run. It will really be frustrating if your units break down in the middle of a heat wave.

There are several benefits of proper maintenance of evaporative coolers; it will improve the performance, increase the lifespan, and prevent some serious damages that can cost a lot of money to repair.

The good news is the maintenance of evaporative coolers can be very simple.

By following simple guidelines, you should be able to keep your evaporative cooler in good shape and running smoothly summer after summer. Here are some few tips that can guide you:


1. Unplug Before Cleaning

This is the number one rule with electrical appliances. Before attempting any form of maintenance, it is important that you shut the unit off and disconnect it from the power source.

In fact, whenever the machine is not in use, it is important to shut it off. This will save you some energy and will equally remove the chances of damage as a result of power surges.

When you are not going to use the unit for a reasonable time, remove it completely from the socket. The major reason why you need to disconnect your evaporative cooler from power sources before attempting any repair is to protect yourself while working on it.

Even if you are only cleaning the machine, you need to disconnect it from power as electricity is not to be toyed with.


2. Clean the Outside of the Unit Properly

You may feel that the outside of your air cooler doesn’t have a lot to do with the performance, but this is not really the case.

Every aspect of your air cooler is essential in bringing about evaporative cooling and an unkempt exterior will undermine the quality of cooling you can obtain from your air cooler.

While cleaning the exterior, you need to be mindful of the cleaner you use. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners or benzene as they have the potential to damage the paint of the air cooler.

You can use a soft cloth with warm water mixed with a mild soap.  It will do the job without exposing your cooler to the risk of corrosion.


3. Check the Pads

The important air-cooling action happens at the cooling pads. This means the effectivity of your unit is dependent on the condition of the cooling pads. The pads have the tendency to trap dust and other particles in the air, so it is really important to have them cleaned from time to time.

Irrespective of the type of pad your unit uses, cleaning them at least once in a month can go a long way in keeping them in a good working condition and enhance durability. It is also important to change the pads after some period.

Ideally, some manufacturers will have information about how long you should use a cooling pad before replacing it.

While the information can be very reliable, it may be better to change the pads more often than stated. A new and clean pad does not only ensure that air cooler works effectively, it also ensures that the quality of air it produces is healthy.

4. Check the Pump

The pump plays an essential role in the process of evaporative cooling. It is very important to have it working at the optimum level to ensure that the entire unit works effectively.

Clean the pump screen from debris and make sure that the impeller turns freely. If the pump shaft is stuck, you will have to replace it. Without a good pump in place, water will not be properly distributed to the cooling pads and it will affect cooling immensely.


5. Check the Water Tank Regularly

The role of the water tank is as important as that of every other part of the evaporative cooler, so you have to be careful with it and maintain it appropriately. The first rule is that you should never put contaminated or dirty water in the tank.

If you want to freshen the air, you can add some chemical tablets to the water in the tank but ensure that the additive is of the mild nature and will not cause any problem to the water tank.

6. Empty Water Tank When Not in Use

While the evaporative cooler is in use, it is important to never to let it run out of water. An empty tank has several possible negative effects and you can simply avoid them by making sure that there is enough water at all times. When the machine is not in use, it is really important to make sure that the tank is empty. Never leave water sitting in the unit when it is not being used.


7. Get It Ready for Winter

During winter, it is very unlikely that you will use your evaporative cooler. This means you have to have it properly cleaned and stored safely. In some places like factories, there may still be a need to use the evaporative cooler. If that is the case, you still need to take care of the units as much as possible.

Take care of the accumulated dirt and minerals. Check for rust or crack and fix them as early as possible. If there is rust in the tank, it is important to have it cleaned and repainted before refilling it.

An evaporative cooler is arguably the very best air cooling appliance in the market. It has lots of benefits and ease of maintenance is one of them. Maintenance is really important for lots of reasons including the longevity of the units.

By following the simple tips discussed above, you should be able to maintain your evaporative cooler and have it working optimally for a long time.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.