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Improving Indoor Air Quality for Babies

Last updated July. 27, 2019

Air pollution is a serious problem in most places. What many people fail to realize is that the problem can sometimes be prevelant indoors than in their outdoor environment.

While air pollution affects everyone, the effect is more pronounced in children.

With most of their vital organs still developing, babies are most susceptible to the harmful effects of air pollution.

In fact, air pollution is considered one of the leading killers of babies worldwide.

From the time they are still in the womb until they are grown, babies need to be protected from air pollution.

Pregnant women are expected to protect themselves from air pollution. It is the responsibility of everyone in your household to protect the little ones from air pollution.

If you have babies in your home, it is important that you take meaningful steps to protect them from air pollution.

There are different ways you can do this and we will summarize the most important ones here:


Keep Your Home Properly Ventilated

Your home needs to be properly ventilated at all times: this is the most viable way to keep down the number of air pollutants in your indoor space.

You should take extra steps to keep your home more aerated when you have babies in the house.

You should have a way of keeping the particular area your babies spend more time properly ventilated.

Cleaning Home with the Right Cleaning Products

Keeping your indoor space clean is important when you want to minimize air pollution. You need to clean from time to time but not too often.

It is also important that you watch the kind of cleaning products you use. Most of the chemical cleaning products in the market are not too friendly.

When they are used to clean the home, they release some harmful chemicals, including volatile organic compounds into the air.

These chemicals can harm everyone but they are most harmful to children. You should produce your own natural cleaning products if you have the knowledge and time, or you switch to natural cleaners.


Using Candles or Air Fresheners

Candles and air fresheners add toxic chemicals to the air. It is important that you avoid using them in your home if you have babies.

There will not be any need for air fresheners when your home is clean. Even if you need to freshen the air, use essential oils and other natural ingredients to keep your home smelling sweet.

Watch the Indoor Wood Burner

Indoor wood burners are becoming very popular again. You don't want to join the bandwagon if you care about your indoor air quality.

When you have babies around, you should never toy with the idea of using wood burners near them.

Wood burners release high levels of indoor particles that can harm your babies in different ways.

Even if you must use them, ensure that they are used very far from where your babies stay and keep your home properly ventilated.


Never Expose Babies to Second Hand Smokes

This is a no-brainer: children should never be exposed to second-hand smokes. You have to start with your home.

There should be a no-smoking indoor rule in your home if you have children. Do not smoke indoor and never allow anyone to do that.

Even when you smoke outside, some of the pollutants stick to your clothes. Make sure you don't go to your babies carrying such pollutants.

You should also take extra care to avoid exposing children to second-hand smoke outside your home.

Mind where you take them to and ensure that they are properly supervised when you are not around.

Better Ways of Cooking

Cooking is another activity that contributes meaningfully to indoor air pollution. Depending on the fuel you are using to cook, several pollutants get into the air in your kitchen.

You need to invest in cleaner fuels and technology for cooking, heating, and lighting your home.

You should choose electricity, natural gas, biogas, or solar stoves or ovens.

It is also important that you keep your kitchen properly ventilated while cooking. Never take your baby into the kitchen while cooking.


Investing in the Right Home Appliances

There are several appliances you use in the home that contribute to air pollution.

Such home appliances as ovens, air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, etc. release some greenhouse gases when they are being used in the home. Never keep children close to such appliances.

It is also important that you buy eco-friendly products. Air coolers, for instance, are considered better alternatives to the traditional air conditioners.

Using them the right way and maintaining them appropriately will ensure that your indoor air quality is always good for your babies and all members of your household.

Keeping your babies safe from air pollution is very important if you want to give them the life they deserve.

The tips above will might help you to protect your little ones from air pollution.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.