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How to Use an Air Cooler

Last updated Sept. 21, 2018

An evaporative air cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is a very important home appliance. For individuals that live in dry and hot environment, it is the ideal air cooling solution.

It will offer more effective cooling than electric fan while maintaining low electricity consumption to avoid running up the energy bill.

There are several other advantages of using an evaporative cooler like the fact that it is environmentally friendly.

Unlike an air conditioner that uses chemical coolants to condense air to achieve cooling, evaporative cooler uses natural elements (water and air) to achieve cooling through the process of evaporative cooling.

Though it is a very efficient machine, the air cooler needs to be used the right way in order for it to offer efficient cooling.

In this article, we will consider the various ways to use an air cooler to get the best out of it.


Factors to Consider When Using Your Air Coolers

There are some variables that play significant roles in the efficiency of the evaporative cooler and you must consider them if you want to get the machine to work efficiently.

1. Ambient Air Humidity

The evaporative cooling process depends so much on the humidity of any given place. If you have a good understanding of how the machine works, you will understand this better.

The machine depends on the evaporation of liquid water from the cooling surface to make the temperature of any given space cool.

As the water helps to cool the air by using the heat energy it contains to cause evaporation, the moisture that escapes is attached to the air and this increases the humidity (water content of the air).

The evaporation of water also depends on the amount of water already contained in the air. There is a limit to the amount of water the air can take and once the humidity gets to that point, evaporative cooling is hampered.

This means that the drier the air, the better the evaporative cooler works. This is why the machine works best in arid and semi-arid regions that have low humidity.

Once relative humidity is over 60% in any given place, an evaporative cooler will no longer be effective.

2. Unit Water Temperature

The temperature of the water can also have a significant impact on the efficiency of your air cooler. Considering the fact that water evaporates faster when it is a little hot, you may think it will be best to use water that is already close to their boiling points.

This doesn’t work, however. Contrary to that, colder water can actually encourage evaporative cooling.

There are some evaporative coolers that have ice compartments where you can load up ice to help reduce the base temperature of the water and encourage evaporative cooling.

3. Ventilation

Ventilation is another important variable that can meaningfully influence the efficiency of your air cooler.

As has been mentioned above, the evaporative cooler needs dry hair in order to function efficiently and that is exactly what ventilation can help achieve when the machine is being used indoors.

For individuals that have been using air conditioners, this can be very surprising, considering the fact that AC units work better in an airtight space. For air coolers, the reverse is the case.

There is need to ensure an adequate supply of dry air in order for the evaporative cooling process to continue. The best place to get this air is from the outside, hence the need for ventilation.

It is also important to get some of the air coming out of the air cooler out of the room to avoid moisture build-up.

When there is adequate ventilation, some amount of the moist air from the air cooler will make way for drier air from outside the home and this will keep the evaporative cooling process going.


Other Important Things You Can Do

1. Open your windows

Opening your windows slightly while using your evaporative cooler may be the best way to get the best out of it. If you understood the paragraphs on humidity and ventilation, you will know why this is important.

Having your windows opened will let dry air into your room and this is needed to keep the evaporative cooling process going.

It may also be necessary to open the door to any particular room slightly to encourage cross ventilation. You can also install air ducts in your rooms, especially if you have mounted evaporative coolers.

2. Run a Dehumidifier

There are some weather conditions that may cause your evaporative cooler to perform below par.

When relative humidity outside your home is high and the air coming in is not dry enough to sustain the sort of cooling you require, running a dehumidifier can actually help you to improve the efficiency of your evaporative cooler.

The humidifier doesn’t interfere with the room temperature but reduces the relative humidity in your room. This will let your evaporative cooler perform more efficiently.

3. Experiment with Positioning

Finding the best way to use your air cooler may be as simple as finding the perfect position to place it if you have a portable air cooler.

With small portable evaporative cooler, you can always change the position of the machine from time to time to find the exact spot that delivers optimal cooling to the place you love to stay in the room.

If it is in your bedroom, you may want the fan to be facing your bed to keep you cool as you sleep.

4. Maintain Your Air Cooler

Just like every other home appliance, the evaporative air cooler requires maintenance.

There is a need to keep an eye on the water level indicator to see that it doesn’t drop beyond the safe zone.

It is also expected that you carry out routine maintenance to make sure that the machine is in top condition.

An evaporative cooler is an efficient cooling machine. Under the right condition, it will perform efficiently to keep your household comfortable during the hot times of the year.

You have to use it the right way, however, in order to get the best out of it. We have highlighted some important variables as well as the best ways to use the machine for the optimum experience.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.