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How to Prepare For a Heat Wave

Last updated March. 30, 2021

A heat wave can be devastating. Depending on where you live and your circumstances, the effects can be devastating.

In addition to making you and every member of your household feel uncomfortable, a heat wave predisposes you to a number of health concerns, including heat-stroke, which can be fatal.

Irrespective of where you live and your personal circumstances, preparation is key to surviving a heat wave without a scratch.

In fact, you can live in full comfort in your home if you are well-prepared before a heat wave hits your location.

Do you know how to prepare for a heat wave? We bet you know a thing or two. To help you prepare better the next time you anticipate a heat wave, we will discuss some of the best ways to do it:


Check Your Air Cooler or Cooling System

If high temperature is a real issue where you live, then this is the most important factor and the first thing to do.

While there are many other ways to get ready for a heat wave, having a reliable air cooling solution is critical. Even when other things fail, your air cooling solution will come to the rescue.

If you follow trends, you will know that the air is currently the most popular air cooling solution.

This is basically because it is energy-efficient and will help you to save lots of money in the long run.

Tuning up your air cooler before a heat wave will ensure that your home or commercial property is cool, comfortable, and healthy.

Shield Windows Exposed To the Sun

Depending on the way your building is constructed, there will be windows that receive more sunshine than others.

It is imperative that you shield these windows before the heat wave hits. This will ensure that minimal direct sunlight hits your interior. Of course, this translates to a cooler home.

You have many options when it comes to shielding your windows from exposed sunlight. The most natural way to do this is to improve your landscaping.

Trees are very reliable when it comes to shielding a house from direct sunlight. You can also install external architectural features to shield your windows and apply internal treatments like blinds and curtains.

Insulate Your House

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to make a home energy-efficient.

Proper insulation will protect you during summertime as well as during the coldest months of the year. You have to insulate every aspect of your home, including doors and windows.

Unless you are a professional, you can't handle all aspects of home insulation by yourself. It is always better to involve experts. The cost can be a little high, but the benefits always outweigh the cost.


Check Your Ceiling Fans and Clean Them

If you know how to use them right, ceiling fans can significantly help to make your house cooler and more comfortable during a heat wave. You need to get them ready for the season, and the best place to start is to give them a thorough cleaning.

It may be necessary to do more than cleaning your ceiling fans in preparation for a heat wave. If they are not working optimally, you may have to fix them. If it is possible, get new ceiling fans.

They are not expensive, so it can really be an affordable way to get ready for the effects of a heat wave.

You also need to set the ceiling fans for summertime. This means getting them to rotate clockwise in order to blow downwards.

Stock Up On Food for Your Household and Pets

You need a good supply of food when the heat wave hits. Often, this implies that you have to run a bigger grocery than normal. Make sure that you get enough food for your household. You shouldn’t forget your pets.

The idea of stocking up on food is to minimize the need to go outside when it is too hot. Buy enough foods for everyone in your household, and you can be sustainably fed when it is too hot to run groceries.

Plan To Eat Cool Foods

While shopping for foods for your household and pets, keep in mind that a heat wave is coming.

In simple terms, go for such food items that are ideal for the season. We are talking about cool foods that will make everyone feel cool and more comfortable after every meal. Consider sandwiches, salads, and cold fruits.

Refrigerate Bottles of Drinking Water

One of the most effective ways of beating the heat is drinking a lot of water.

Water at regular temperature may not do the trick, so consider refrigerating several bottles of waters. Get some reusable water bottles, filled them up, and stock up your refrigerator.

Keep Cool Packs in the Fridge or Freezer

You may need a cool pack during the height of heat waves. Prepare for yourself and other members of your household by keeping cool packs in the freezer. You never know when you will really need them.

Understand How to Stay Safe During A Heat Wave

Staying in an air-cooled or air-conditioned environment is the most obvious way to stay safe during a heat wave, but there are other things you can do. Consider:

  • Wearing loose-fitting, light-coloured cloths
  • Minimize or eliminate outside workouts and exercises
  • Take more cool showers
  • And never leave children, old people, or pets in a parked car.

Know the Signs of Heat Stress

Understanding the signs of heat stress is very important when a heat wave is imminent.

That can help you to stay safe and also save any of your household member or pet during a heat wave. Read up and familiarize yourself with the sign of heat-related illnesses.


Put Together an Emergency Kit

Even after doing everything to protect yourself and loved ones against heat wave, things can still go wrong easily. You need to be ready to deal with any issue before help arrives. This means you have to prepare a small emergency kit with all the essential things you need to offer emergency help.

Have a Heat-Wave Preparation Checklist

Everything mentioned in this piece can help you survive a heat wave. But how can you remember all of them?

Well, most people can’t remember everything, and the best way to be truly prepared is to have a heat-wave preparation checklist.

Ensure that you do everything you have to do to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

We've summarized some of the most important things you can do to prepare for a heat-wave.

While this piece can help you to a large extent, we encourage you to do more research and be truly prepared whenever a heat wave is on the horizon.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.