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How to Keep Your Air Cooler
Clean and Summer Ready

Last updated Aug. 15, 2016

As the air warms up for spring and summer we begin to think about our air coolers and getting them ready to tackle the hot months of the year. When the temperatures soar, our air coolers are our life savers. It is important to keep them in top running condition for our homes and for the health of our loved ones. Air coolers need maintenance that most of us can do ourselves. They need regular cleaning whether they are used a little or a lot.

If you constantly use your air cooler, it can form a build-up of minerals and sediments that must be cleaned out to keep your system working properly. As a reminder, pads should be changed at least once during your peak operating running season. By keeping your unit clean, you can help keep it in top performance. Clean and disinfect your cooler every six months. A clean system can also cut down on breakage and repairs. With these few tips, you can help to keep your air cooler clean and running in top condition.

Air coolers are different than air conditioners. Air coolers, or swamp coolers, can only cool the air through water evaporation. Because of this, their inside parts can get very dirty. It is a fairly easy process to clean your unit. First, since air cooler units are different, it is important to find the care and maintenance instructions for your particular unit and go by those guidelines for the best maintenance advice.

Here, we have listed the two most common parts of any air cooler unit that need maintenance the most. Clean these two parts above all to keep your air cooler in the best condition that it can possibly be. Also, remember to first unplug your unit from the electrical socket before you clean!

Filter Pads:


Your air cooler has a filter, or filter pads, that must be cleaned in order to work properly. To clean this, open your system and completely remove them from the cooler. Clean this part first as it will need time to air dry. To clean the filter, simply run it under a slow running water from your tap or hose in the yard. This will clean out all the dust and other debris from the filter’s fibres. After cleaning your pads, let them air dry completely before you put them back in your air cooler.

Water Basins:


Your air cooler has a water basin or tank, that needs to be kept clean as well. Windblown air particles accumulate in your basin and can cause sludge that can block the pumps and the distribution system as well as the filter pads. That is why cleaning the basin is a must and should be done regularly. It is easy to clean and can be done in a matter of minutes. First, remove the basin from your unit. Next, clean the basin with water and dish soap. Make sure to scrub your basin until it is clean then rinse and towel dry.

Before using your air cooler again, make sure that all the internal parts to your cooler are dry. Fill your basin with water. It is also important to remember to keep water in your cooler as they need the added water to cool the air in your home. Your air cooler blows the air over the water, evaporating the water, and cooling your air. This cannot be done if you do not refill the water.

Your air cooler is your saving grace during the hot months and so must be regularly maintained to avoid costly repairs. Keep your air cooler clean and it will keep you cool during those hot and unbearable months of summer.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.