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How Do Air Coolers Really Work?

Last updated March. 8, 2016

Air coolers are a preferred choice when it comes to finding relief from hot summer days. These coolers are highly effective and are significantly lower on electricity compared to air conditioners. But have you ever wonder what really makes them a clean and healthy cooling solution? How the air coolers actually work?

What makes air coolers so amazingly is the fact that these air coolers utilise the process of natural evaporation to turn the hot air into fresh, cool air. It is a refined concept of an age-old practice. use electrical power to provide a cooling effect. Since these coolers utilise the method of natural evaporation of water, no harmful refrigerative gases are used.

An air cooler has three main components

The motor pump, the cooling pads and the fan.


It's a fairly simple process to understand. A motor pumps water into water-soaked pads and a fan pushes air through the pad to produce cool air. Water is continually pumped onto the top of the pad to ensure that the pad remains entirely wet to produce cool air and the excess water that drips from the pad, is then collected in the tank and re-circulated to the top with the water pump.

Air cooling works effectively in places where the weather is hot and dry, with lower humidity. In areas with extremely dry temperatures, evaporative coolers add moisture to the air which contributes to the thermal comfort. Also, since it is not a closed process like air conditioner one can actually leave the doors and windows open without hampering the cooling effect.

It is amazing how air coolers have made summer more enjoyable. So now that we have quenched your curiosity you can explain this process to someone else.

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