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Green Home Cooling: How can it Help You Save Money?

Last updated June. 1, 2018

During the summer, it is always impossible to stay in certain places without any form of air cooling solution.

With global warming and its effect on the climate, temperature extremes are becoming more severe in certain areas and this means cooling during the hot months demand more energy than how it used to be.

The impact of air cooling is not limited to economic factors. There have been serious concerns about the use of air conditioners for cooling for so many years.

While the machines are very efficient and can provide chilled air even in the hottest climates, they have been associated with several ills including environmental pollution and some health challenges.

Heat can be really uncomfortable and cause a serious problem, but that doesn’t mean that we should obtain cooling to the detriment of our health and the environment. So, here comes the concept of green home cooling.

What Exactly Is Green Home Cooling?

The word ‘green’ has been associated with nature and everything that contribute meaningfully to the environment. The concept of green home cooling revolves around obtaining cooling in the cleanest manner, in a bid to help protect the environment even as individual households try to control the temperature of their homes and air quality.

The aim of green cooling is to obtain the best possible cooling solutions at the best possible cost without posing any form of danger to the environment. With the right approach to green cooling, it is possible to stay really cool, save on cooling, and leave little or no carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the process.

It is a natural concept that involves taking few steps and being disciplined and committed to it. The steps you will take can vary from major projects like updating your insulation system to minor ones like changing some few daily habits. In any case, the key to succeeding in green cooling is being committed to the idea.

Green Approach to Home Cooling from Outside

Green cooling starts from the outside of your home. There are things you can do just outside your home that will improve cooling in a natural manner. Since most of the heat energy that increases the temperature of your home comes from the sun, you can shade your home to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the interior.

One of the inexpensive ways to do this is the installation of awnings. There are confirmed reports that awnings can help to reduce solar heat gain in homes by up to 77%. You can also consider the option of the patio cover.

If you are ready to explore some more costly options, you can consider woven mesh solar screens on solar control windows as well as a reflective film on windows. The window films are reportedly able to repel solar radiation and reduce heat gain at home by as much as 50 to 70%.

By planting trees in your compound, you have also taken a huge step towards temperature control in your home, though it may take some time to become effective.

Green Approach to Indoor Home Cooling

In your indoor space, there are lots of things you can do to obtain green home cooling. We will discuss some of the steps individually.


Use Windows To Your Advantage

You can do a lot to control the temperature by the way you use your windows. During the summer, whenever you are not at home, it is advisable to close all your windows, curtains, and blinds. This will keep the direct solar radiation away from hitting the inside of your room.

Even when you are at home, opening the windows strategically will go a long way in helping with temperature control. Also, make sure that you have some shades, blinds or curtains that can deal with the sun rays. Dark coloured curtains are known to be very effective.

In the evening, there is usually some cool breeze coming in. Opening the windows at this time will encourage ventilation and cooling.


Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs

If you haven’t already done it, the summer month is the time to switch to energy saving bulbs. The incandescent bulbs that are used in several homes consume more energy than compact fluorescent light bulbs. They also generate heat when they are switched on.

To improve energy efficiency and also reduce the heat in your room, switch the incandescent bulbs for the energy-efficient alternatives for improved efficiency and temperature control.


Use Heavy Appliances Strategically

Most household appliances contribute significantly to the temperature situation in your home.

Such appliances as washers, dryers, electric irons, and microwave ovens all increase the temperature of your home and you need to use them strategically during the summer months.

While it is not practical to stop using these appliances completely during the hot times of the year, you can use them strategically to reduce their impact on the temperature situation.

You can adjust your schedule and use your appliances when they will have less impact on the temperature condition. You can do your laundry and ironing at night when the temperature is cooler. You can use a traditional clothesline instead of the drier during this time of the year.

In terms of cooking, you can adjust the time you cook your meals and the method of cooking. Microwaves use less energy than stoves, so use the stove less. If it is possible to cook outside, you can try that too.

You can also adjust your diet and eat less of foods that require too much cooking. Salads will help in this regard.


Use Air Coolers

Evaporative air coolers are the best air cooling solution in hot and dry climates. Aside from the fact that they offer efficient cooling at the lowest possible running cost, they are also eco-friendly.

They are generally regarded as green products, so their use is in line with your green home cooling effort.

The idea of green home cooling is to maintain a reasonably low-temperature condition at home at the lowest possible cost without compromising the environment.

The tips discussed above will all help towards achieving that. They will ensure cooling and energy efficiency, thereby saving homeowners cost even as they cool their homes efficiently.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.