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Below you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions.
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No. The units, depending on the model, can blow the wind meters away from the machine.

While filling it up manually, please switch off the machine, internal parts can get damaged, Because it’s moving at high speeds.

No, no pipes. Just add water.

Water can be added manually, with a bucket or automatically the unit has an inlet Valve, with a hose coupling.

At the moment only cools.

No, the units temperature will depend on the draft you have, the temp outside and the humidity.

No. Again very important to make sure to have windows/doors open, with a draft. The air you put in, must be able to go out.

The units do put humidity into the air, but just make sure to open the windows and doors to keep the humidity under control.

Having a look at the sizes of the machines, their capabilities Look at the area’s size that you want to use it in Look at the type of area you want to use it in Take all the factors into consideration when making a decision on which model to buy.

We have units working in lime conditions, the units just needs some extra cleaning, depending on the degree of sediment. Please make use of a lime filter, just to help extend the life on the parts. Please refer to T&C’s

Yes the units are very light on electricity , just make sure the solar setup is adequate for the unit.

Yes you can, but nothing that can foam. You can use small cap of dettol, milton, spirits etc. When not in use, please drain the water and clean the tank.

Units can be used inside & outside, be careful when moving it around.

60-68 db This is fairly quiet and can compare to conversation in a restaurant with background music A person gets use to it after a few days. Other thing is that a cooler can stand meters away from you.

All the details for this are on the Products page

If there is any problem/ difficulties with a unit, please contact us anytime for assistance. Parts are kept in stock.

Timer off, to set when the machine is switched on – to tell it when to switch off. Timer on, to set when the machine is switched off – to tell it when to switch on.

Air ioniser, to charge the air, and give cleaner air to eliminate some air-borne bacterial infections and reduce static electric build up.

When you receive your unit, welcome to the Family. Take it out of the box, fit the wheels and the hose connection (if applicable) Then just add water, plug it in (uses a normal 3point plug). Press the START button, make sure the COOL button is on (snowflake on screen), You will hear water running over the pads, then the unit will start to cool