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Reasons Why Evaporative Coolers are Great for Large Open Spaces

Last updated June. 22, 2021

Evaporative coolers, or otherwise known as swamp coolers are devices that used the evaporation of water to cool the air.

Think about how putting on a wet shirt in hot weather cools your body through the vaporization of the water in your shirt. That is just how evaporative coolers.

Swamp coolers transform natural air into cool air through the use of a cooling pad within the machine. This cooling pad simply absorbs the air, which allows the water to evaporate in it.

The cool air is now dispersed in the room or environment while the hot air is pushed out.

These machines are very efficient and ideal for areas with dry climates because they also fill the air with moisture to provide better airflow for the users.

Evaporative coolers are less energy consuming, natural, easy to install, eco-friendly, and healthier substitutes for air conditioners and other cooling machines.

It is very important that due to the nature of the machine, it is best used for large and open spaces if you desire optimum performance. In this article, you will find out why this is so. Read on.


Why Large and Open Spaces?

Evaporative coolers are specifically designed for large spaces like the garage, patios, warehouses, etc. If you reside in a hot and dry climate, evaporative coolers are ideal for you.

They guarantee adequate cooling and effectiveness. They can also be used indoors and outdoors so long as it’s not a closed or stuffy place.

Here’s why;

They Add Moisture to the Air

These coolers simply transform water into cool air with the cooling pads. So unlike air conditioners, it does not only circulate the same air, it moisturizes the air and reduces dry air in the house or outside.

For this to be done effectively, the windows and doors must be open so that dry air can be pushed out and moisturized air circulated.

The machine will not work efficiently without proper airflow. This is because the machine is designed to pull the hot air and then transform it to cool air through the cooling pads.

Without the natural flow of work, this will be impossible and the whole idea of the machine is defeated.

High Power generation

Unlike air conditioners and other cooling machines, this machine does not require much to generate enough cooling power in an outdoor location.

Evaporative coolers only require water and cooling pads to circulate air in your backyard, garage, patio, etc.

It is a better alternative when compared to other machines because of their heavy-duty design, cooling power, and high-power generation. The next time you want to spend some time in your garage, this machine is your best bet for great airflow.

However, ensure that you buy the machine that is suitable for your space. Contact a professional to help you in determining the right size and specifications you will require for your space.

Dry and Hot Climates

Because of the climatic conditions in most areas where the use of evaporative coolers is more dominant, it is only logical that the machine should be used in a place with open spaces.

Open spaces guarantee the inflow of natural air which is needed for the cooler to work effectively.

The drier the climate, the more efficiently the machine becomes. This is because it requires the flow of natural air to be converted to cool air and this is the reason it is more ideal for people living in hot climates.



Size really does matter when it comes to evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers are usually built to be large and noisy. This is basically because they are designed for large spaces.

For this reason, while the size determines the airflow levels and capacity, it will not be ideal to place one of these machines in a little room just like a normal standing fan or AC.

Depending on your climatic conditions and the size of the space where you need the machine, you can select a size that will be good enough to provide just enough air for you.

They Sanitize the Air

Another reason why evaporative coolers are best for large and open spaces is that the machine not only helps in cooling and moisturizing the air for use, it also helps in sanitizing the air and pushing away bacteria and virus that may be in the atmosphere.

This way, instead of circulating these viruses that are possibly in the dry air, the large spaces and open doors or windows as the case may be allows the machine to push them away.



Evaporative coolers need proper airflow and air balance in order to function properly.

The machine's job is to transform the air in your environment into cool air and this can only be done in large and open spaces where airflow is guaranteed.

Some of these reasons are why it is highly important for your evaporative coolers to be put to good use in these kinds of spaces as opposed to closed and tight areas.

Having the right airflow and balance also increases the efficiency of the machine. The more the airflow, the cooler the machine blows.

Buying the right evaporative cooler for your space is very important because this will decide if the machine works for you or not. If you have a very large garage that requires cooling, for instance, buying a smaller machine will amount to waste of resources.

The machine will not provide enough airflow for the garage and will only end up being overworked. Often, this leads to breakdown of the machine and you will find yourself back in the market for a new unit in no time.

If you live in a hot environment and you want to find out more information about evaporative coolers, Air Coolers is here for you. Let the professionals guide and inform you of everything about evaporative coolers.

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