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Why an Evaporative Cooler Is Perfect For You

Last updated March. 15, 2019

If you know about the numerous advantages of using evaporative coolers, you will definitely consider buying one.

The machines have been around for centuries and remain one of the most efficient cooling solutions known to man.

Across different cities, they are becoming popular as viable alternatives to standard air conditioners.

While the evaporative cooler is known for its efficiency, it has a major drawback in some places. The machine does not work efficiently in a hot humid environment.

The principle employed by the machine (evaporative cooling) does not work well when a high-temperature condition is accompanied by too much moisture in the atmosphere.

In a highly humid environment, therefore, the machine may not be the best option for you.


How Evaporative Coolers Work

As mentioned earlier, the evaporative cooler employs a principle known as evaporative cooling in reducing the temperature of any place it is expected to cool.

This principle is a natural principle based on evaporation. It is the same principle that helps us to stay cool by simply sweating.

It is also the same principle that works when people hang damp cloths over the screen on warm nights for cooling effects. It is simple and straightforward.

It has also been used for centuries and the machine we have now are just modernized form of what people in different civilizations used.

The evaporative cooler works by passing hot air through damp cooling pads. The machine is composed of three major functional parts – the water supply system, the cooling pads, and the fan system.

When it is working, the pump system supplies water to the cooling pads to keep the pads wet at all times. The pads suck up fresh hot air from the surrounding into the machine.

As the hot air passes through the damp cooling pads, some of its heat energy is used to evaporate some water molecules in the cooling pads.

When the air emerges from the cooling pad, its temperature reduces significantly and a layer of moisture is added to it.

The cool moist air that is produced from the evaporative cooling process is released into the space that needs cooling through the fan system of the air cooler.

The process is repeated continuously and will eventually reduce the temperature of the room, whole house, office space, or outdoor area that needs to be cooled.

Steady airflow is also required for the procedure to continue seamlessly.

Fresh hot air needs to be supplied consistently for the procedure to continue and the moist air will have to be eliminated from the cooling space to avoid moisture buildup.


Why Use Air Coolers?

As long as you live in an environment that supports evaporative cooling, the machine should be your number one choice for so many reasons.

Air Coolers have many benefits that you shouldn’t miss and we will summarize them as briefly as possible:

1. It an Affordable Cooling Solution

Even if you are not on a budget, there is no need to spend so much on air conditioners when you can get an affordable cooling solution that has several other benefits.

The evaporative cooler is a very affordable machine that delivers far more value than what you will pay to get it.

2. It is Easy To Install and Maintain

In addition to being an affordable cooling solution, the evaporative cooler is very easy to install.

Unlike an air conditioner, the machine has few functional parts and can be installed by anyone. Unless you are dealing with very large units, you can complete the installation process all alone and save yourself more money.

3. It Comes In Different Sizes to Meet Your Specific Need

There are different sizes of air coolers available in the market. This means you can get exactly the machine that will serve your specific need.

Even if you need an air cooler for your recreational vehicle (RV), there are portable air coolers that will serve you just the way you want.


4. It Uses Only Natural Elements to Achieve Cooling

Unlike air conditioner that uses chemical coolants to condense recycled air, an evaporative cooler uses just water and air (two natural elements) to cool ambient temperature.

This is a clean method of obtaining cooling and does not expose you and your household to health issues like many users of air conditioners experience.

5. It is an Energy-Efficient Machine

Another economic reason to buy an evaporative cooler is its energy efficient nature.

As mentioned earlier, the machine has a very simple design and this means there are few moving parts.

It is a known fact that most evaporative cooler units use nearly 75% less electricity than a standard air conditioner to produce the same amount of cooling.

6. It Produces Fresh Cool Air

The quality of air produced by the evaporative cooler cannot be questioned. As has been stressed throughout the article, the machine uses natural elements only.

The fact that it encourages steady airflow instead of recycling stale air is another important thing.

By using the evaporative cooler, you are sure that the air you are breathing at any point is fresh, cool and healthy.


7. It Adds Moisture to the Air to Improve Humidity

In certain climates, the air is too dry that it can cause eye and skin irritation. Generally, dry air in a desert climate is not desirable and the evaporative cooler improves it.

In addition to making the air cool, the machine adds some layer of moisture to the cool air it produces, making it less irritating.

This benefit is very important for individuals in dry climates.

8. It Is an Eco-Friendly Cooling Solution

With so many human activities contributing to environmental degradation, it is important for us to embrace techniques and machines that are considered eco-friendly.

By all standards, the evaporative cooler is an eco-friendly cooling solution. It does not release so many harmful substances to the atmosphere like air conditioners.

Also, it doesn’t put pressure on power-grid, being an energy-efficient solution.

The evaporative cooler is the perfect machine for you if you are looking for an economic cooling solution.

It is also an eco-friendly machine that improves the quality of the air you breathe.

If the benefits discussed above interest you, then look no further for air cooling solution and grab an evaporative cooler as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.