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Evaporative Air Cooler: Your Relief through Hot And Dry Weather

Last updated April. 19, 2019

The summer heat can be very troubling. At home and in the workplace, it becomes difficult to be at ease when the temperature situation gets to a certain point.

In some places where the air is not only hot but dry too, the level of discomfort people experience is often worse.

Irrespective of the temperature of the air, without adequate moisture, it will be uncomfortable for humans. Extremely dry air will irritate the skin, the eyes, and cause other problems like sinus and lung problems.

In hot and dry weather, reducing the temperature of the air is not often enough. That is why several people find it hard to stay under air-conditioned environment for long. It may even cause more problems for asthmatic patients.

The only ideal solution for such condition is an evaporative cooler. The machine does not only cool the air but improves humidity at the same time.

It is the perfect solution for those that live in a desert environment, as well as for those who live in an environment where the The Effectiveness of air coolers can operate effective (i.e. an environment that is not too humid).

To understand why air coolers are highly regarded, we will discuss evaporative cooling in detail.


What Is Evaporative Air Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is the process of lowering the temperature of the air throw water evaporation. It is the same natural process at play when the body obtains cooling through sweating.

As sweat evaporates from the body, it takes away some of your body heat. In the case of the evaporative cooler, there is an evaporative surface (in the form of cooling pads), and the heat energy in the hot dry air that enters the air cooler is used in causing the water in the pads to evaporate.

This results to lower air temperature and improved humidity. This is a summary of what evaporative cooling entails. We will delve further into what it means for the hot and dry weather.

How Air Coolers Improves the Temperature Condition?

From the explanation above, you should have an idea of how air coolers improve the temperature of any given space.

This is the primary function of the machine and it performs it in the most remarkable manner. All that is needed is an adequate supply of dry hot air and water.

The cooling pads, which are always damp, suck in hot dry air with the help of the fan. As the hot dry air passes through the pads, the temperature is meaningfully reduced.

The cool air is then pumped out of the machine by the fan system. The entire process is repeated continuously until the needed temperature condition is achieved.


How Air Coolers Improve the Humidity of Your Space?

As the evaporative cooler lowers the temperature of the air, it also improves the humidity (water content of the air). The two are achieved at the same time.

As the hot air causes the water in the cooling pads to evaporate, the water (in its gaseous form) is added to the cool air as it is pumped out of the machine.

As more hot dry air enters the machine and comes out as cool moist air, the humidity of the immediate environment is meaningfully improved, making the air a lot more comfortable for the individuals under the air cooled environment.

How Climate Affects Cooling?

Depending on the prevailing weather condition of where you live, it is important that you choose your air cooling solution carefully.

As has been suggested throughout this post, the evaporative cooler is the best cooling solution for hot and dry weather condition.

In such conditions, reducing the ambient temperature is not the only thing that is needed as humidity has to be improved too.

Using an air conditioner in such an environment will not yield the desired result. While an air conditioner can significantly reduce the temperature, it cannot improve the humidity. In fact, it will only make it worse.

Evaporative coolers are also not very efficient in a humid environment. As has been explained earlier, the evaporative cooling process adds water to the air and this cannot happen easily when the air is already saturated with water.

The relative humidity of a place will determine how efficient an evaporative cooler can be in that place.

In such a highly humid environment, using an air conditioner may be the best option for you to obtain cooling. You can lock up your home and run your AC to significantly reduce the ambient temperature.


Will an Evaporative Cooler Work Where You Live?

If you live in hot and dry weather, an evaporative cooler is definitely your best friend. If your climate is relatively humid, don’t be too quick to conclude that an evaporative cooler will not work.

The efficiency of the machine is not influenced by the relative humidity alone: it is actually influenced by the interaction between relative humidity and air temperature.

Depending on the temperature of the air and the relative humidity, there is a limit to the minimum temperature you can achieve with the machine.

It may be necessary to look at the ultimate evaporative cooler temperature decrease chart attached below to determine if you can obtain comfortable cooling from the machine.

From the chart above you can determine the temperature you can obtain using an evaporative air cooler in your environment.

You will have to obtain the average air temperature in your town during the height of the summer as well as the relative humidity.

Check the numbers in the chart above and find where they intersect. At the point of intersection, the value there is the lowest temperature you can obtain using an evaporative cooler in that environment.

The optimum condition for evaporative coolers is marked across the chart with green.

From the chart, you can see that if the value you get from the intersection is more than 75, an evaporative cooler is not recommended for your weather.

If it is 75 and below, then an evaporative cooler can be helpful. The people that enjoy the benefits the machine offers most are those that live in hot and dry weather condition.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.