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Effective Green Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Last updated Sept. 27, 2019

Summertime offers several opportunities for fun. While the season can be enjoyed in different ways the scorching temperature threaten the fun in many places.

In some climates, summer temperature gets too high that people suffer different kinds of heat injuries.

Staying without an air cooling solution is a risk no one is advised to take in such instances.

It is easy to see people crank up their air conditioners without minding the consequences it will have on their electricity bill or the environment.

While using the air conditioner is an efficient way to stay cool, there are alternatives that are friendlier to the environment and utility bills.

Whether you are concerned about your energy bill or committed to saving the planet, there are ways to stay cool that doesn’t involve blasting air conditioners at full speed.

Here are some green tips you can follow today to stay cool this summer without harming the environment:


1. Protect Your Home from Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight contributes the most to indoor temperature during the summer months. Unless you can control the amount of solar radiation that enters your home, you will continue to have temperature issues indoors.

The best way to keep the sun away is to use your window, blinds and curtains the right way.

During the summer, there is a need to keep the windows shut whenever you are not home.

Even when you are home, keep your blinds and curtains closed during the hottest hours of the day.

2. Know When to Open Your Windows

Windows play important roles when it comes to keeping the home cool. Knowing when and how to open them will help you to comfortably keep your home cool during the summer months.

It is best to open the windows in the early hours of the day and during cool evenings. Opening windows on opposite sides of the house can be very helpful too as it will let fresh air in and stale hot air out of the house.

When you have upper and lower windows, opening them during the cool times of the day will also let fresh cool air in through the lower windows and expel hot stale air from the upper windows.

3. Use Your Home Appliances Sparingly

There are several appliances in the home to generate so much heat that compound our woes in the summer.

To keep the heat down in your home, you have to reconsider how often you use these appliances. Such appliances as irons, washers, dryers, and ovens contribute meaningfully to indoor air temperature.

Use them sparingly this summer and your home will feel cooler. Even appliances like televisions and computers can also contribute meaningfully to heat in the home.

Don’t use any electronic appliance too much during the summer. You should also unplug these devices whenever they are not being used.


4. Use the Right Kind of Bulbs

It is a widely known fact that incandescent lights bulbs are big heat generators. If you haven’t switched to energy bulbs this is the time to do so.

Several energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs are affordable.

Switching to these bulbs will reduce the amount of heat you experience in your indoor environment and this will help you stay cool this summer with little effort.

5. Use Dehumidifiers If Necessary

Humidity makes hot air feel hotter and can also affect the effectiveness of air coolers (the most efficient air cooling solution for most people).

If you live in an area where humidity is an issue you can control the comfort level of your home by using a dehumidifier.

Since they are affordable and don't use so much electricity, using dehumidifiers with swamp coolers will yield reasonable positive results.

Even if you don't have an evaporative cooler, reducing humidity can be very careful, especially if it exceeds 50%.

6. Eat and Drink Cold Things

You can also keep cool by eating and drinking cool things this summer. For food, you should ditch large protein meals and embrace cool stuff like salads and sandwiches.

Ice creams, smoothies and other things that can be served chilled will also be great for the season.

It is also important that you stay hydrated at all times as most heat injuries result from a combination of overexposure to heat and dehydration.

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks as they can encourage dehydration. Drinking a lot of water is one simple way to stay cool and healthy all summer.

7. Wear Cool and Comfortable Clothes

Dressing the right way can also help you to stay cool this summer without depending so much on your air conditioner.

Comfortable light-coloured cotton clothes are great for the summer as they are lightweight and more breathable.

White clothes are particularly good for the season as they can reflect the sun and help keep the person wearing them cooler.

Whatever you do, avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon and spandex this summer.


8. Use the Right Bed Sheets

Since you will spend several hours on your bed during summer nights, it is important that you make it as cool as possible.

The condition of your bed and how comfortable it feels will greatly influence the quality of sleep you will get. Cotton sheets are the best for your beddings.

If you can afford them buy 100% cotton sheets and keep them clean always.

You can take things to the next level by spritzing your sheet or putting it in the freezer for some moment before going to bed.

The extra coolness will improve night rest.

9. Bring Home an Evaporative Air Coolers

Installing an evaporative air cooler is unarguably the best way to obtain efficient air cooling without breaking the bank or hurting the environment in any way.

The machines, which are also called swamp coolers, are eco-friendly air cooling devices that can help you cool all manner of indoor and outdoor areas.

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers use water and air to achieve cooling.

They are also energy-efficient and offer lots of other advantages over traditional air conditioners.

Finding the perfect air cooling solution for the summer is important. It is also important to consider the environmental impact of any solution you choose to use.

Here, we have discussed environmentally-friendly tips you can follow to stay cool this summer. It is up to you to make the right decision.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.