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Air Coolers- An Eco-Friendly Cooling Solution

Last updated April. 5, 2016

Air Coolers have a reputation of being environmentally friendly and rightly so. Compared to all other air cooling technologies, evaporative air cooling is the only method of natural air cooling. It is not only eco-friendly but also a cost effective alternative to conventional air conditioning systems.

It is natural since it does not use chemical coolants to cool interiors. Evaporative Air coolers utilise the process of cooling by evaporating water. A motor pumps water into a pad and a fan pushes air through the dampened pad to produce cool air.

The same principle has been utilised by the people living in deserts as well as in ancient times. Medieval Persia made use of the similar technique by creating a wind shafts on the roof which trapped the wind. This wind moved over the water at the base which was finally released into the building creating cooler enviroment.


The Ancient Egyptians also developed a system to leverage the natural power of evaporative cooling. The paintings show slaves fanning urns filled with water to cool Egyptian royalty.
A lot of people have also combated heat by hanging wet sheets and water-soaked mats on windows and doorways letting the natural wind or fans to blow through the moist cloth creating a cooler spot to sleep. Evaporative coolers are built on the evolved principle of the same age old technique.

The reason why air coolers are preferred by most is because they use natural evaporation process and do not rely on chemical coolants so there is no release of gases or substances that have a negative impact on the environment. This makes it environmentally friendly and green. Unlike air conditioning system that relies heavily upon chemical coolants and releases refrigerative gases.


The simple yet power mechanism of air coolers provides convenience and portability. These air coolers can be moved from one room to the other and can also be used in outdoor seating. This not only saves an expenditure on another unit but helps save power.

Furthermore, The units help in removing dust, firedamp, nicotine and other harmful materials from the air. It also eliminates odour which creates cleaner, fresher and cooler air, especially good for people who have respiratory problems. These coolers are best suited for areas with hot and dry climates since they provide a humidifying effect by supplying moisture to the indoor air and creating a cool refreshing environment.


Another factor that makes air coolers environmentally friendly is the fact that they use significantly low energy. The units deliver high performance and consume less power, using only about 25% of the energy used by a conventional air conditioner. So you do not have to fret about your ever increasing electricity bills. These units have a powerful cooling system that can be used for extensive hours every day and the good news is that you do not need to sit directly in front of the cooler to feel it work, you can feel the powerful cooling even meters away!

So air coolers not only turn out to be a wise choice for the environment but your wallet too.

Get your air cooler home today and feel the power of our cooling system.

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