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The difference Between a Window Air cooler and Air Conditioner

Last updated May. 10, 2019

In many places around the world, it is impossible to stay through the summer heat without using air cooling machines. Cooling the home and commercial space is important for comfort and health.

With different type of air cooling solutions available in the market, choosing the specific one to buy can be a little difficult. Many homeowners opt for window units for some reasons.

One of the obvious reasons is the fact that the units are kept outside the living area: this is advantageous for individuals that appreciate reduced clutter in their homes or office space.

When it comes to window air cooling units, there are actually two distinct types of machines you can choose from – window air cooler and window air conditioner.

Though they both perform the same function of reducing the indoor air temperature, these machines are quite different.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important that you understand them better before choosing the best option for your home or office.

We will consider how these two window cooling solutions work so that you have a better idea of their differences.


How Does Window Air Cooler Work?

Here is how a how window air coolers really work. Window air cooler is a specific type of air cooler or swamp cooler that can be fitted in a window.

As an evaporative air cooler, the machine performs the primary function of cooling the air temperature efficiently and also improves humidity and air quality.

It is dependent on the natural principle of evaporative cooling that uses air and water as the cooling elements. With the machine, cooling is achieved by passing dry air through moist pads that are referred to as cooling pads.

Its major parts include the cooling pads, the pump system, and the fan system.

The pump system controls water supply to the cooling pads to ensure they are damp at all times; the pads serve as the evaporative surface, and the fan system blows cool air from the machine into the room or cooling area, and also helps to draw hot air into the machine.

The window air cooler is ideal for the low-humidity area and will not work efficiently in an area with high humidity.

How Air Cooling vs Conditioning Works?

The window air conditioner is a specific type of air conditioner that is fitted to the window. It is a common type of air conditioner in many residential places as well as in many offices.

Like all air conditioning units, the machine works by condensing the water that is existing in the air. It works with a chemical coolant that converts from a gaseous state to liquid then to gas again with ease.

During the cooling process, the coolant absorbs the moisture in the air and this leads to the cooling of the surrounding air.

The cool air is released into the room or office that needs cooling from the compressor while the warm air is let back outside.

Window air conditioners are very efficient when it comes to lowering the temperature of any space.

The machines are also considered ideal for humid environment as they can help to lower the humidity of an area at the same time.


1. How the Two Machines Differ

Here, we will look at some important considerations people make when it comes to buying air cooling units and see how window air coolers and window air conditioners compare:

2. Costs

Cost is the foremost factor some people consider when it comes to buying home appliances.

The two machines differ considerably in the prices they are sold in the market. A window air cooler will normally cost less than a window air conditioner.

Air coolers are generally more affordable than air conditioners and also more cost-effective in the long run.

3. Installation and Maintenance

In terms of installation and maintenance, the two machines differ significantly. It is a lot easier to install all forms of air coolers including window air coolers.

Most individuals will be able to install their window air coolers without any professional help. Air conditioners, on the other hand, are not easy to install.

In fact, most people will need the help of professionals to successfully install the unit.

Only individuals with real technical knowledge can work with a detailed DIY manual and install window air conditioner units on their own.

When professional installation services are used, you will spend less to install a window air cooler than a window air conditioner.

In terms of maintenance, air coolers generally require maintenance on a regular basis. For them to function efficiently, you will have to maintain them daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

The good news is that the maintenance tasks are things you can do on your own. Air conditioners do not require maintenance on a daily or weekly basis.

They can be serviced once or twice yearly but due to the fact that some things will have to be changed and some parts are prone to failure, the overall cost of maintaining air conditioners can still be higher than what you will spend to maintain air coolers in a year.


4. Energy Efficiency

This is another important factor that differentiates these two machines. Window air coolers are energy-efficient machines, unlike window air conditioners.

The average air cooler unit will consume just about 15 – 35% of the electricity an average air conditioner will consume.

This makes a lot of difference in the amount a homeowner or business owner will spend on air cooling in the home or commercial space. This is a huge factor in decision making.

5. Climate Consideration

As mentioned in the earlier part of this article, window air coolers are not very efficient in a humid environment.

They will fail to meaningfully lower the temperature condition in a highly humid environment.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, can function efficiently in most climatic conditions but will lower humidity in any place – this can make the air uncomfortably dry.

6. Noise

Window air coolers are generally less noisy when compared to window air conditioners.

The noisy nature of the air conditioner is attributed to the condenser when it is working to convert chemical coolant into gas or liquid. For less noisy operation, a window air cooler is the better option.


7. Environmental Friendliness

Environmental friendliness is a desirable characteristic in today’s world. With climate change becoming a real issue, there is a need for products and processes that are friendlier to the environment and that is what evaporative air coolers represent when it comes to air cooling solutions.

Asides from consuming less electricity, window air coolers will emit less CO2, while cooling the air. Since they do not depend on chemicals to cool the air, there is no fear of some chemicals like CFC being released.

Window air coolers and window air conditioners are very different machines that perform the same function in different ways.

We have broken down their differences according to the factors you must consider when buying air cooling appliances.

With proper consideration of the factors, you should be able to make the right decision for your cooling needs.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.