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Deciding Which Air Cooler To Buy?

Last updated June. 10, 2016

With a plenty of air cooling options available in the market it surely gets a bit daunting when it comes to deciding which air cooling solution is right for you. It is very important to know your needs before you could decide where to spend your money.

We understand it's not always the easiest. It is important to consider various factors before buying an air cooler to get the best out it and to get an air cooler that fits your needs.

Here are some things to consider before your purchase:


It is important to consider the climate one lives in before buying an air cooler. Air coolers are highly effective in areas with low humidity and a hot and dry climate. In extremely dry areas these add moisture to the air. Air coolers are not best suited in places with high humidity as it makes the surrounding even more humid.


Air coolers prove to very cost effective if you're looking for a cost effective yet powerful cooling solution. Air coolers can save up to 80% of energy costs when compared to air conditioners. They are affordable and require low maintenance cost and thus turn out to be much cheaper in the short and long run.


Air coolers are very energy efficient and they consume significantly less energy when compared to an air conditioner. They also run on solar power which makes them further more energy efficient. Sinc e air coolers are very light on electricity they can be used for extensive hours.


It is necessary to choose the correct size of air cooler to provide effective cooling. Air coolers are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air that the cooler can blow into a room. This measurement measures the power and cooling capacity. You can determine the correct size by using this formula: (SQUARE FEET AREA X CEILING HEIGHT) / 2 = CFM OF AIRFLOW NEEDED. So if you have a room of 500 sq feet with ceilings of 9 feet high then ( 300 X 9 / 2 ) = 2250 cmf

You will require an air cooler with a minimum air flow of 2250 cfm for effective cooling.


It is important to choose an air cooler that is big enough to cool the area you desire. most air coolers show the rating for how large an area it can cool. One needs to consider how big the water tank is, larger water tanks cool larger areas. So if you looking for a cooling solution for a large space you need to get an air cooler that has a large tank and a large cooling capacity.


Air coolers come in portable sizes providing a lot of conveniences. Portable units can be moved from room to room and they do not require any installation all you need to do is to plug it in and you are ready to enjoy the powerful cooling right where you are. So It allows us to save money on another unit. since you can practically take it with you from one room to another. They are not bulky and are designed keeping the looks in mind. They take very less floor space but still work very efficiently.

Another feature that adds to the convenience is that air coolers can be used both indoors and outdoors and even when being used inside it enables you to keep the doors and windows open for perfect ventilation so you can enjoy the fresh cool air.


For people who are environmentally conscious, air coolers are a suitable option since air coolers work on a purely natural process. Air coolers are environmentally friendly since they cool the air by using evaporation. They consume significantly less energy These require no chemical coolants and release no harmful gases. Unlike conventional air coolers that use chemical coolant to cool air and release harmful CFCs air coolers are a smarter option.


Air coolers are not only environmentally friendly but are also good for health. Air coolers allow us to keep the doors and windows open while using it which enables fresh air to come in, unlike air conditioning that requires enclosed space to work effectively and circulates stale air that is not good for health in the long run.

Air coolers help in cleaning the air by removing harmful materials from the air like pollen, firedamp, dust and nicotine. So air coolers are good for people with allergies and respiratory diseases, especially in hot and dry areas.


Air coolers are easy to clean and maintain. the portable units require minimum technical assistance and can be cleaned at home. So if you are looking for an air cooling solution which is not high maintenance then air coolers can be a right choice fo you.

If you have any further questions, Contact Us and we will be pleased to assist you.