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Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool in Summer

Last updated Feb. 9, 2018

The summer heat can be intense and cause lots of discomforts. We all know this because we experience it year after year. Just like human beings, our pets are also adversely affected by the high-temperature condition that characterizes the summer.

In fact, it can be a little tougher for them as most are covered by fur. As we desire to be cool, they also desire that but can’t do as much for themselves as we can do for ourselves.

Being a pet owner, it is therefore imperative that as you cater for your cooling needs in the summer, you also look for ways to keep your pets cool.

The comfort offered by your air cooler is only one way you can help your pets, there are several other things you can do to keep your pets cool in the summer. We will consider some of the most important ones below.

Keep Your Pets Hydrated


Being hydrated at all time is one of the pieces of advice a doctor will give you as a way of staying healthy during the summer. This is also applicable to your pets.

Naturally, they will want to drink more water as the weather gets hotter. Your role is to make sure that they have enough water to drink.

From time to time, you can also add some ice cubes to their drinking water, depending on the prevailing temperature condition.

Avoid the sun

The heat of the summer comes from the sun, majorly. It is essential that you reduce how your pets are exposed to direct sunlight.

They may not want to stay indoors all through the day, so you can provide some shade in their favourite outdoor playing area.

You can also schedule your walk with them in the early hours of the morning or in the evening when the sun is less intense.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car


This is a deadly error that can result in the death of your pet. If you leave the house with your pet in the car, let them alight as you alight too.

Leaving them in a closed car is one way to expose them to the type of temperature condition that can cause heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

If you must travel or move about with them, never leave them alone in a closed car.

Give Your Pets Frozen Treats

There are several frozen dog treat recipes; you can find some online. If you do not have time to make them, there are ice creams for dogs and other pets that can be found in many groceries.

As you consume some cold treats, get some for your pets too. They love eating it and it will help them greatly. So spend the little extra cash on cold treats for your beloved pets.

Get Them a Pool


There are pets that love to splash every now and then. If you have such, it will be an advantage as the weather gets hotter.

You can get them a plastic child-sized pool where they can splash once in a while to get their furs wet and achieve cooling through evaporation.

They may decide to turn the pool to their new play area; that is cool, as far as they don’t damage it.

Let Them Lie on the Cold Floor

If your apartment is tiled, it will likely be the coldest surface in your home. Most pets will notice this fact and start making their beds on cold tiles.

If your flooring is not that cool, you can improvise by soaking a towel and spreading on the floor for the pet to lie on. Do not force the animal if he/she doesn’t like the idea.

Groom Your Pet Properly


Your furry pet will need extra grooming in the summer as the fur may contribute to discomfort during hot weather. Get rid of any mats and tangles.

Once you groom properly, the fur that helps them during the winter can also benefit them during the heat of the summer.

Change Exercise and Playtime Routine

It is fine that your pet likes to play. It is also essential that you exercise with them regularly. During the summer, however, the too much physical activity can be detrimental to the health of the animal.

Limit the number of hours you exercise with your pet and schedule the sessions when the temperature is cooler such as early morning or evening time.

Check the pavement


Imagine walking on a hot pavement barefooted. It is always easy for humans to forget that pets walk barefoot and are probably hurt by hot surfaces.

Before you walk with your pet outside, check the pavements to see if they are hot; if they are, walk on grass instead. There are also boots for animals, you can get some for your pet.

Watch for Signs of Overheating

Pets won’t be able to communicate clearly with you when they feel unwell, but there are signs that can tell you that something is seriously wrong with the animal.

Some symptoms of overheating that you can notice in dogs and other pets include agitation, dark or red gums and tongue, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, heavy drooling, heavy panting, rapid heartbeat, and weakness. If you notice one or more of these signs, get your pet to a vet immediately.

Keep Your Home Cool


Air coolers are one of the best solution for keeping you and your pets cooler. While you are indoors during the summer, make sure that your air cooling unit is working to keep the house cool.

Air coolers are often preferred for the various advantages they have over fans and air conditioners.

You really have to get smart with keeping your pets cool when the heat is on. There are several adverse conditions that can result from overheating, and, in extreme cases, the conditions can be fatal.

Preventing a crisis situation is always better than handling it. Take care, therefore, to ensure that your pet is cool during the summer period.

If at any point you notice any of the signs listed as signs of overheating, do not hesitate to get the animal to a vet as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.