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Cooling Concepts Using an Air Cooler

Last updated Feb. 11, 2020

Cooling Concepts Using an Air Cooler 

Air coolers work through the natural principle of evaporation. Unlike air conditioners that use refrigerants, air coolers use air and water, two natural elements, to cool your space.

They are also known to function efficiently in indoor environments as well as in outdoor settings.

You can use an air cooler to cool your home as well as all kinds of commercial settings. They offer lots of advantages over air conditioners and electric fans.

They are regarded by some as the best air cooling solutions, but you will have to use them the right way to derive all the benefits.

Air Cooler – Different From Air Conditioner 

A few people still erroneously assume that air coolers and air conditioners are practically the same thing.

This is totally wrong as the two machines are different in many ways. The only similarity between the two is that they both air cooling solutions for residential and commercial purposes.

Air coolers and air conditioners are different in the way they are designed and the way they work. Their principles of operation are also very different.

They also differ significantly in price and the respective costs of running them. Air coolers are generally more affordable and cost-effective than air conditioners.

How an Air Cooler Works

Air coolers work by taking in hot air from the surroundings and turning them to cool and moist air.

 The principle of operation is the natural evaporative cooling principle that has been explored over the years. In fact, they are just modern versions of the old air coolers invented centuries ago.

To cool a room or another kind of space, air coolers drawn in hot air from the surrounding, pass it through its moist cooling pads, and release cool air afterward.

As the air pass through the cooling pads, some of its heat energy is used up to cause the evaporation of water from the pads.

The resultant cool air receives layers of moisture before being pumped out by the fan system.


Why Air Coolers Are Considered Better

Air coolers are considered better than air conditioners for many reasons. Some of the reasons they are considered better include:

  • They are affordable
  • They are easy and cheaper to install and maintain
  • They consume little electricity, hence are more cost-effective
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They offer health benefits.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Air Coolers

Knowing that an air cooler offers several benefits, it is understandable that informed people will pick them over other air cooling solutions.

As stated earlier, you will know how to use them right if you want to enjoy all the benefits. Here, we will discuss cooling concepts you should be conversant with while using an air cooler:


1. Choose the Right Size of Air Cooler for the Right Space

Size is among the most important factors to consider even before buying an air cooler.

After determining the type of air cooler that is suitable for your space, the most important thing is to ascertain the right size that will serve you efficiently.

Failure to get it right with size will create problems for your indoor space and the air cooler.

2. Position Your Air Cooler Properly for Optimal Impact

To get the best out of your air cooler, you have to position it appropriately.

The way the machines are designed, you need to position them in a manner that will allow them to get fresh hot air from the environment and pump cool, moist air towards the area that needs to be cooled.

You can position your machine near a window and towards the area of the house you need to keep very cool.


3. Open Doors and Windows to Encourage Air Exchange

Air coolers need steady supply of air in order to keep the evaporative cooling process going. In an open space, you may not have to bother about this as there is always a steady supply of fresh air.

If you are using the machine indoors, however, there is a need to keep at least a window and a door open to encourage airflow.

Ventilation is important for the evaporative cooling process, and optimizing it makes air cooling more efficient.


4. Ensure Adequate Supply of Water at All Times

As mentioned earlier, air coolers need air and water to function. The machine can draw in air from the surroundings, but you will need to provide the water.

You have to ensure that there is always adequate water in the tank.

This is the only way to keep the process going and enjoy efficient cooling. Lack of water in the tank can lead to the breakdown of your air cooler.

Maintain Your Air Cooler and Keep It Clean At All Times

The need to keep your air cooler clean cannot be overemphasized. Remember that the machine is steadily interacting with your indoor air and can affect the quality.

Keeping the machine clean will help to keep your indoor air quality healthy. Proper care and maintenance of the air cooler will also prolong its lifespan.

5. Add Ice if Necessary

Sometimes, there will be a need to add ice to the air cooler to improve cooling. Some air coolers have ice compartments, and those are the places you are expected to add ice.

If your machine doesn't have an ice compartment, then adding ice to the water doesn't really help to a reasonable extent.

However, you can do that when you want to experience an explosive surge of cool air. You should know that the effect will only last a short while.

6. Use Your Air Cooler with a Dehumidifier When Necessary

Air coolers and high humidity do not work quite well. This is because air coolers add water to the air, and the evaporative cooling process relies on the relative humidity of a place.

Moisture buildup will make the machine inefficient, and this is something you must avoid by all means through opening doors and windows to encourage air exchange.

If this is not working too well, consider using a dehumidifier to take care of the humidity.


You can cool many places with an air cooler. The tips here will help you do it the most efficient way.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.