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Can You Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning?

Last updated Nov. 25, 2020

In most places around the world, temperature can get unbearably high during summer.

It will be impossible to stay in most residential or commercial buildings without any form of air-cooling solution.

Actually, it will be risky to stay without making efforts to cool the air.

For most people, air conditioning is the only solution to high temperature. This is understandable since the HVAC industry has always been about air conditioning systems and furnaces.

While ACs are efficient, the cost of running them throughout the summer is always too much for many households. There are other issues associated with the use of air conditioners.

Due to the high cost of running ACs and several other issues that have been brought to light by health officials and scientists, people are slowly turning away from traditional air conditioners.

But is it possible to keep the home cool without air conditioning?

We all know how effective air conditioners are. We all know that using them will always guarantee comfort. However, there are several viable ways you can cool your home without air conditioning.

Air coolers are overtaking air conditioners in many places around the world in terms of popularity.

Here, we will discuss the air cooler, and then several other ways you can keep your home cool without air conditioning.

Air Coolers: the most viable alternatives to air conditioners

One quick fact before we proceed: air coolers have been around for centuries before the first air conditioner was made. You read that right.

Air coolers are not the new kids on the block. While the modern versions are pretty new, air coolers or similar devices that utilize the evaporative cooling principle have been used centuries.

Back to the issue at hand; air coolers are clearly the best alternatives to air conditioners.

Actually, they are considered better than air conditioners on many grounds. They are affordable, easy to maintain, and relatively cost-effective.

They also improve the quality of the air they release and make it more breathable. Overall, they offer many advantages when used in the right way.

The major issue with air coolers is the fact that they don't work efficiently in highly humid environments. In fact, there are environments they are not recommended at all for use.

If humidity is tolerable where you live or work, air coolers can easily be your best bet for staying cool, comfortable, and healthy.

Other Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

As mentioned earlier, there are several other ways to stay cool without air conditioning. Here are other viable options besides air coolers:


Keep the Sun Out

This is a no-brainer. The sun is the biggest source of heat energy on earth and is always at the peak of its power during summer.

The more solar radiation that enters your home, the hotter the home will become. Find effective ways to keep the sun out. You can add outdoor shade and keep your blinds closed.

Cut Off Other Heat Sources

Besides the sun, there are several other things that significantly contribute to heat in your home. If you use incandescent bulbs, get rid of them as soon as possible.

You should also mind how you use such appliances as microwaves and dryers. Use less heat-generating appliances.

Opt For a White Roof

White roofs reflect heat instead of absorbing it. This is one of the long term changes you can make to keep your home cooler for years to come.

If you currently have a black roof, it is time for a change. You can change the entire roof or apply the roof you have right now with a white coating.

Invest In the Right Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help you stay cool even during the height of the summer.

Though they do not reduce the temperature of the air like air coolers and air conditioners, they can circulate the air faster and help you stay cool. Big ceiling fans are more effective than smaller models.


Hack a Fan or Two

There are a few ways you can hack the fans you currently have to make them work better for you in keeping your home cool. You can start by making sure that your fans are clean at all times. You should also polish the blades, oil them, fix wobbling, and run your fans counterclockwise to get the best out of them.

Hack Your Windows

Depending on the type of window you use, there are a few ways you can hack them to make your home cooler, even when the ac or air cooler is not switched on.

By opening the top section of windows on the downwind side of your house and opening the bottom section on the upwind side, you will create cooling pressure current.

Let the Cool Air In At Night

While closing your windows in the daytime is helpful in keeping the sun out, consider opening them up to let in the night air, which is cool in most places.

You can even open your door strategically if it can help to maintain steady ventilation in your home at night. If the night air is not cool, forget about this idea.


Use Breathable Sheets

Your beddings also determine how cool or hot you will feel at night during summer nights.

Even without air conditioning, you can feel cool at night when you use breathable sheets.

Natural bedding materials like cotton are better for lightweight, breezy coverage.

Make Long Term Improvements

If you are serious about not using air conditioners, even in the long run, making some long-term improvements is important.

Planting trees is one of the natural ways to make your home more protected from extreme temperature.

You can also add awnings, change your roof, and invest in some walls and windows treatments that can help keep your home cooler.

Keep Your Body Cool

This is a little different from the other points, but it is important that we discuss it a little.

Sometimes, it is not only about how hot your home is, but how hot your body feels. Sip iced drinks, take cold showers and wear the right kind of clothes during summer.

You can survive summer without air conditioning, but you need to know the right things to do. As discussed here, air coolers are the best alternatives to air conditioners and offer so many benefits.

In addition to investing in air coolers, consider the other important points raised here as they can help you live a more comfortable and happier life without air conditioners and their negative effects.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.