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How You Can Cool Down a Room with No Windows

Last updated Sept. 13, 2019

The summer months are usually problematic for most people.

Keeping the home comfortable is always an issue and may cost so much, especially when air conditioners are used.

There are different tricks used by several people to supplement air conditioning/cooling.

Opening the windows is one of the commonest and most effective tricks.

What if your room does not have a window?

Several people live in rooms that get hot but does not have many windows and proper ventilation.

Staying cool and comfortable in such a room is always a huge issue.

There are simple ways, however, to cool your room down if you find yourself in such a situation.

We will discuss different ways to do this so that you choose the ones that can work in your unique situation.


Use a Portable Air Cooler

This is our number one recommendation for good reasons.

It is one of the most effective solutions to air cooling in a room without a window.

Air coolers are generally regarded as the best air-cooling solutions because of many reasons including the quality of the air they deliver.

A portable air cooling in your windowless room will not only bring down the temperature of the room but will also improve the quality of the air since it brings in fresh air and force stale air out.

You will have to keep your door slightly opened so that air can easily enter.

You can use portable air coolers inside your room and elsewhere. They are also very affordable.

ductless -air-conditioner

Install Ductless Air Conditioner

Installing a ductless air conditioner is another option you can consider.

This, however, can only work in instances where it is possible to drill a little hole to connect an internal unit to an external unit.

This means there must be a space to install the external unit: if this is the case, you will only need to drill a 3-inch hole in the wall to run the connecting pipe to the internal unit that you will mount on the wall inside. Ductless air conditioners are highly efficient.

They are a little more expensive than air coolers and installation is often technical. The need to drill a hole is another problem you need to consider carefully.


Install an Exhaust Fan or a Ceiling Fan

There are exhaust fans that will help to take hot air away from your room and keep it cooler.

Installing them is a good way to bring down the temperature of a room that doesn't have windows.

You can also opt for ceiling fans.

They work efficiently in making a room feel cooler and more comfortable.


Try the Two Fan Trick

There is an old trick that involves using two fans to keep a windowless room cool.

All you need is to get two fans in good shape: position one towards the ceiling and the other one towards the doorway.

This arrangement helps to push out the hot air that must have risen to the ceiling and keep your room cooler.


Use a Fan with Ice

Another simple trick you can try with the fan is to use it with ice.

This is an imitation of the portable evaporative cooler.

To do this, fill up a large bowl with ice and place it in front of a normal standing fan.

As the fan blow the air over the ice, the air becomes cooler as some level of evaporative cooling is recorded.

The coldness of the ice directly helps to make the room more comfortable.

Though this works to some extent, it is not quite efficient.

Since portable air coolers are affordable, you can just grab them instead.


Decongest Your Room

This is an obvious thing to do.

Congestions directly contribute to temperature issues in the house.

If you live in a room that doesn't have a window, you don't have to be told to keep the room simple.

If you have other rooms where you do not sleep or spend so much time, move most of your things.

In any case, make sure that you have just the things you need in any room that doesn't have a window.


Use Energy-Efficient Lights

Incandescent bulbs can significantly contribute to temperature issues.

The amount of heat that comes from incandescent bulbs can be the biggest factor in your indoor space: 90% of their energy is emitted as heat.

It is not enough to turn them off when you want to sleep.

It is important that you change them entirely.

There are energy-efficient light bulbs that produce bright white lights and will not emit any meaningful heat.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LEDs will be perfect for your room if you don't windows.

Another good thing about fluorescent bulbs is that they do not consume as much energy as incandescent bulbs.

You will not keep your room cooler but save more money too.


Avoid Using Certain Appliances in the Room

The appliances you use daily also contribute meaningfully to the temperature of your room.

If you are having issues in a room that doesn't have windows, you will need to review the appliances you use in the room if you want to cool down the room and stay comfortable.

Cooking appliances like stoves, ovens and electric cookers are among the biggest contributors to indoor heat but they are not the only ones you need to look out for.

The use of televisions, computers, refrigerators, and electric irons will have a significant impact on the temperature situation in your windowless room.

Use all your home appliances sparingly during the hot times of the year.


Add Indoor Plants to Your Room

While decongesting your room is highly recommended, it will hurt in any way to add some indoor plants.

Several plants can help to make your room cooler by absorbing some of the heat energy.

Indoor plants can also help to take care of your indoor air quality.

They can purify your air b removing common contaminants like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and more.

Common indoor plants to consider are areca palm, lady palm, bamboo palm, philodendron, dwarf state palm, ficus alii, Boston fern, peace lily, etc.

Living in a room that has no window can be very difficult as temperature issues can be difficult to manage.

Using a portable evaporative is one of the most effective ways to arrest the situation.

The other methods discussed here can be effective too.

Just make sure your room is cooled in a healthy manner to ensure that you stay not just comfortable but healthy too.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.