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Why Choose Air Coolers for Your Commercial Space

Last updated Jan. 11, 2019

It is a known fact that high temperature in the workplace affects productivity significantly.

This is understandable, considering that heat make people uncomfortable and an uncomfortable person cannot perform his/her duties to the optimum level.

Aside from the fact that people in a commercial space will be uncomfortable when the temperature is too high, they are also at risk of suffering some heat-related health conditions.

When workers call in uncomfortable, productivity can suffer and this is not good for any organization.

High temperature condition also affect machines in a commercial space: computers and other electronic devices are affected by high temperature conditions.

They may malfunction or breakdown when the temperature situation become too much.


Need for Air Cooling in Workplace

To address the problem of heat in the workplace, cooling systems are often installed by employers.

Talking about cooling systems, there are different options and an employer needs to consider efficiency, cost and several other factors while choosing from the available options.

Basically, the various ways commercial spaces can be cooled include improving ventilation, installing electric fans, using air conditioners, and investing in air coolers.

While ventilation and fans can be helpful to an extent, they are never enough. Most commercial spaces depend on either air conditioners or air coolers for cooling.

These machines are capable and can deliver the level of cooling that will keep workers in a commercial space comfortable, and also keep the machines in good working conditions.

For owners of commercial spaces, it is always about finding the best option.

Best Cooling Solution for Commercial Spaces

While air conditioners and air coolers are the most effective cooling solutions, there is significant difference between the two.

They both have some amazing features as well as some limitations that you should consider before making a final decision on the one to install. Air conditioners are generally not considered too friendly for commercial spaces.

For a start, they are not ideal for large open spaces. They work better in closed spaces and will not deliver the sort of cooling they are capable of when they are installed in large open spaces.

Compared to the other options you have (including air coolers), air conditioners are relatively expensive.

Their expensive nature is not just tied to their high purchase price but also to their installation, operation and maintenance.

Air coolers, on the other hand, are considered the best option for owners of commercial spaces. This is not to say that they have no limitation at all.

Their major limitation, however, is that they do not work very well in humid environments. If your commercial space is not located in a very humid climate, air coolers are definitely the best option for cooling the space.


Choosing Air Cooler for Commercial Space

As we have established already, using air cooler is the smartest way to cool your commercial space. There are several reasons for this and we will explain the significant ones briefly.

1. Air Coolers Offer Better Cooling

Both air coolers and air conditioners are truly effective even in high temperature conditions.

With an air cooler, you can be certain that the temperature of your commercial space will be significantly reduced. They are not like fans that merely circulate the air.

Air coolers actually take hot air, pass it through cooling pads soaked with water and deliver air that is cooler and more breathable. It offers a natural way to cool the air, yet in an efficient manner.

2. Air Coolers are Suited For Open Spaces

Due to the way they operate, air coolers work very fine in open spaces. They actually work better when there is adequate supply of fresh dry air.

Air coolers for factories, warehouses and even large open offices are ideal and there are no other cooling solutions that can deliver the sort of cooling they deliver in such open environments.

3. They Are Economical Alternatives

Another big bonus; you don’t have to break the bank to acquire and install air coolers in your commercial spaces.

They are less expensive than air conditioners in terms of the price of the units in the market. Aside from purchase price, the cost of setting up air coolers in a commercial space is not expensive at all.

They demand so little in terms of installation and will be up and running in a little while. This also means that the cost of installation will be negligible.

There are some units that you or your employees can easily install in your commercial space. Maintenance is also not a big deal with air coolers and will not cost you much.


4. Air Coolers are Energy Saving Solutions

If you use too much energy in your commercial space, there is no need compounding your problems by using a cooling solution that will run up the energy bill further.

Energy efficiency is one of the most desirable qualities of air coolers and they will certainly have huge influence in your commercial space.

Air coolers reduce power consumption. There are several reports that indicate that air coolers use as little as 20% of the electricity air conditioners will use to produce the same amount of cooling.

The implication of this is that you can save up to 80% of energy for cooling when you opt for air coolers in your commercial space. This will save you lots of money.

5. They Are Eco-Friendly

Aside from saving more energy for you in your commercial space, air coolers will also help to save the planet.

If you care for the environment and want to be part of the change, you can start by having air coolers installed in your commercial space.

Since they do not use any chemical refrigerant in the cooling process, these machines do not contribute to air pollution as air conditioners do.

They also do not generate greenhouse gases like air conditioners. They are certified eco-friendly air cooling solutions.

Heat in your commercial space affects productivity in so many ways. Providing adequate cooling will keep your workers healthier, happier and more productive.

It is also important that you choose the air cooling solutions that will deliver the right level of cooling without costing you so much. This and more is what air coolers offer.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.