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Why Choose an Air Cooler Over an Air Conditioner

Last updated Aug. 30, 2018

During the summer, cooling is a necessity. There are majorly two important machines we think about when it comes to the sort of cooling we need when the temperature in homes and commercial places are getting out of hand – air coolers and air conditioners.

In terms of efficiency, both machines are wonderful appliances that will reduce the temperature of homes, offices, and commercial places significantly. Decision makers at households and organizations will have to choose between the two options always.

Though they are similar in terms of the purpose they serve, these machines are quite different in so many ways.

Air coolers have been in existence for centuries but a lot of changes have been done and what we have as the modern air cooler is a highly improved appliance.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, is a more recent concept that has been impressive in some ways too. Choosing between the two can be tough if you do not have a good understanding of how they work but if you do understand, you will always choose an air cooler ahead of an air conditioner.

Aside from the fact that they come at cheaper prices, there are other reasons you should choose air coolers over air conditioner.

We will discuss some of differences between air coolers and air conditioners so that you can make an informed decision when investing in cooling solutions.


They Are Easy To Install and Maintain

The air cooler is loved by many because of the fact that they are far cheaper options. This quality does not end at their purchase price. In terms of installing the machines, there is hardly anything you can’t do on your own.

This means that you will also save what you would have used as installation cost if air conditioners were to be installed. Maintenance of air coolers. is also a very straightforward thing that you can do without any serious technical knowledge.

This also means that you may not need to spend money bringing in technicians from time to time to help keep your air cooling machine in a tiptop condition.

Air coolers are simply designed with few operating parts. Replacing the parts can also be very easy so whether you are just cleaning the machine or trying to change some things, you will not worry so much about any technical issues and you will save money too.

They Have Minimal Operating Cost

Another great feature that attracts people to air coolers is the cost of operating the machines which are significantly lower than the cost of operating air conditioners.

The two machines are powered by electricity but the amount of electricity they consume differs significantly. Air coolers use far less electricity than air conditioners.

In fact, the amount of electricity consumed by most portable air coolers is considered to be just about 20% of what a standard air conditioner will use to generate the same amount of cooling.

This is due to the different methods they employ. While air coolers use the natural process of evaporative cooling, air conditioners use the process of refrigeration. With an air cooler, you will spend less than 50% of what you would have spent in operating cost.


They Emit Low Amount of CO2

Most household appliances release Carbon Dioxide as they work. This gas is very harmful to humans and when inhaled in large quantity can cause serious health conditions.

They can also harmful to the environment, depleting the ozone layer and contributing to global warming. Air conditioners are known for high emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and harm humans and the environment as a result of that.

In the case of air coolers, they are known for their environment-friendliness and their low carbon emission. In fact, the machine hardly releases any CO2 and this is a great news for individuals that want to stay healthy and those that are environmentally conscious.

They Offer Fresher Air

Another great thing about evaporative air coolers is the fact that the air it releases into the immediate atmosphere is far fresher than what you will get with an air conditioner.

As has been mentioned earlier, the air cooler uses the natural process of evaporative cooling to generate cool fresh air while the air conditioner uses artificial chemicals through the refrigeration process to generate cold air.

This means that the quality of the air they produce are quite different. In the air cooler, water is steadily pumped from the water tank or water source to wet the cooling pads.

Fresh hot air is drawn into the machine to pass through the cooling pads. When they get to the pads, the heat in the air is used to displace water molecules from the pad.

This will reduce the temperature of the air and also add moisture to it. This makes the air fresher than the air that enters it and also fresher than the one produced by the refrigeration process of the air conditioner.


They Are Eco-Friendly

In our present world where the earth is suffering seriously from the activities of man, there is a need to look for alternative means of doing most of the things we do without hurting the environment.

While air conditioners may help us to stay cool and avoid the discomfort and possible health challenges that can come with excessive heat, they also destroy the earth. The refrigeration process makes use of chemicals that are also released into the atmosphere and pollutes it.

The amount of CO2 that it releases is also too much that it hurts the earth. The evaporative process of the air coolers is a far more eco-friendly process and helps save the earth as a result.

When you choose an air cooler over an air conditioner, you will be helping to save the earth.

There are several advantages the modern air coolers have over the air conditioners. We have considered some of the important reasons why you should choose them ahead of air conditioners. We hope the article will help you make an informed decision.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.