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Tips for Buying an Air Cooler for South African Summer

Last updated Jan. 25, 2019

Staying through the hottest part of the year without finding some sort of solution to the temperature situation can be very discomforting.

For the sake of comfort and health for yourself and your household/workers, it is important that you consider some air cooling solutions for your home and your workplace.

There are a number of possible solutions by the evaporative cooler is definitely the best for the climate.

There are so many reasons to consider air coolers ahead of other cooling solutions in South Africa. The fact that the climate support the use of the machine is enough reason to trust it.

It will not only cool the hot air in different settings but will also improve humidity, a desirable characteristics for the prevalent dry hot air.

Considering that they are a lot cheaper than the air conditioners and consume very little electricity, using them at home or in commercial space can save you so much on the long run.

Buying an air cooler in South Africa is not really a big deal, but when you want to get the right machine that will serve you efficiently, you will have to approach things carefully.

To help you make the right decision at every step of the way, here are some important tips that can be helpful:


Decide On the Type of Air Cooler to Buy

The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of air cooler to buy. This will basically depend on your need. For commercial spaces, industrial air coolers are definitely the best even though you can use widow coolers and portable coolers for small personal offices.

For home use, you can use portable air cooler, window air cooler or even industrial air cooler depending on such things as the size of your home and how you want to cool the space.

Determine the Size of Air Cooler to Buy

When you have an idea of the type of air cooler to buy, the next thing is to determine the size that will be ideal for the place to cool.

Getting this right is the only way you can be sure that you won’t be wasting energy or overworking your air cooler.

Air coolers are rated in cubic meters per hour and you have to find the CMH requirement of your room and then buy an air cooler that has the capacity to deliver similar figure.

Consider the Cooling Pads of the Machine

The cooling pads are where the actual actions happen in evaporative coolers – they are the medium where hot air pass through and become cooler with added moisture.

These pads are of two major types: aspen wood wool pads and honeycomb pads. While aspen pads are more economical, they are less durable and require so much maintenance.

Honeycomb pads, on the other hand, are expensive but efficient, durable and require less maintenance. Also consider the number of included cooling pads before buying.


Consider the Water Tank Capacity

Air coolers require water to work. The water is needed to keep the cooling pads damp at all times and air coolers generally have tanks from where the water is pumped.

It is always better to buy air coolers with water tanks that have significant capacity. This way, you won’t have to refill the tank every now and then.

Consider the Fan Types and the Implications

The fan system of an air cooler is another important aspect you have to pay attention to. While some machines are equipped with centrifugal fans, others come with axial fan.

A machine with centrifugal fan will cost more and consume more energy, but will be generally quieter.

The ones with axial fans will be a little cheaper and consume lesser amount of energy but they can be very noisy. You have to choose according to your budget.

The situation of the environment you want to cool can also influence your decision. You don’t want a noisy machine in an office environment, for instance.

Consider Some Other Important Features of the Machine

Aside from the water tank capacity and fan type, there are other features of an air cooler you will need to consider when you want to buy an air cooler in South African summer.

Such features as variable fan speed, water level indicator and remote control are some additional features you may consider.

If you are interested in a portable air cooler, you may have to consider the quality of the castors if you intend to move it around.


Look For Reputable Brands

While there are some brands that are relatively unknown but have amazing products, it is always good to buy from brands that have built reputation in the business.

Air coolers from a reputable companies are always ahead of that of those from companies with little reputation.

Consider the Warranty Period

It is important to check if an air cooler comes with a warranty. If there is warranty, how long is it? It is normal to see some brands or suppliers offer 12 months warranty.

This is not bad at all but if there are other reputable companies offering better warranty, you can consider them.

Ensure You Understand the Total Cost

When you have decided on the particular air cooler to buy, it is important that you know the total cost of taking ownership of the machine and getting it to your house before making any payment.

Find out if the price quoted also covers delivery to where you want it. Consider the entire cost and compare with the price offered by others before making financial commitments.


Buy From a Reputable Supplier

This last point is one of the most important ones. You have to buy things from reputable suppliers and there are air cooler dealers that have been in the business for years and have built real reputation.

It is better that you transact with such suppliers to make ensure that you buy genuine products and make the entire experience awesome.

Buying an air cooler in South Africa summer is not a big deal but you need to be careful so that you buy the right one for your specific need.

The tips above can help you tremendously throughout the process.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.