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How Business Productivity Increases with Air Coolers

Last updated Jan. 19, 2018

In business organizations, productivity is a prime factor. Managers and executives always try to improve productivity as it remains the driving force behind sustainability and expansion.

A streamlined organization and lean processes are some of the highly regarded tools when it comes to increasing productivity, but there are some other fringe factors that contribute in no little amount towards achieving increased productivity. Some notable ones include compensation packages, employee training and motivation.

In addition to the factors above, the condition of the work environment also has a lot of impact on the productivity of the business. In reality, no organization can perform better than the condition the employees in it work under.

A haphazard business environment equals a disoriented business process and poor productivity. A hot and stuffy business environment also equals poor performance by workers and consequently, low productivity. An air cooler will, therefore, improve productivity.

If you are wondering how this works out, read on to know how these amazing cooling units can help to increase productivity in your business.



If business premises is hot and stuffy, employees will not only be disgruntled, their performance will decrease even if they struggle to give their best. This has been scientifically proved. Studies have proved beyond reasonable doubt that indoor environment can increase productivity by a massive 10%.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the temperature of an environment has an effect on the condition of every aspect of our body. While this can be easily noticed in the form of muscle weakness and fatigue, there are also effects on our brain power and ability to concentrate on tasks.

These negative effects, if not checked, will eventually lead to health conditions that may have to force employees to take bed rests. With an efficient air cooler in place, the temperature of business premises will be at the right level that will engender efficiency.

The collective efficiency of individual employees will certainly result in increased productivity.



Air coolers do not modify only the temperature in a workplace, they also improve the quality of indoor air. The importance of fresh oxygen to the brain is a widely known fact, just as it is also known that poor quality of air can have a lot of negative effect on the health and performance of individuals.

Let’s be practical at this point: if workers are working in an environment where the air is hot and filled with a number of contaminants, their brains will be deprived of the amount of oxygen it needs to function optimally.

This automatically translates to decreased efficiency, and with time, will expose the employees to adverse health conditions.

If, on the other hand, there are functional air coolers in the business premises, they will cool the air, add a layer of moisture to make it softer, and also filter it to remove contaminants.

This will ensure that the air people in the environment breathe is soft, fresh, and contaminant-free. Such air is what the brain needs for optimum performance.

When the brain is working at its optimal level, an individual will be able to concentrate and perform his/her duty with efficiency. This will automatically translate to increased productivity.



In a modern business setting, the use of computing devices and other digital machines is simply inevitable. All these machines produce heat and will need to be cooled for proper maintenance.

While many have cooling mechanisms to regulate their internal temperature, others do not, and even some of those that do have still require that the environment be generally cool in order to avoid malfunction and breakdown.

With efficient and functional air coolers in place, such machines in the business premises will be in the right shape to offer the support they were designed to offer, and unnecessary repair expenses will be avoided.



Definitely, you will go for one cooling option or the other. Among the options you have are fans, air conditioners, and air coolers. Fans are out of the equation as they are less effective and can be noisy.

Between air coolers and air conditioners, you will have to decide on the one that is more suitable for you. Asides from the fact that air conditioners can produce abusively low temperature and have been associated with a number of health conditions, they are also far more costly than air coolers.

From the purchase price of air conditioners to the cost of installation and maintenance, they require a really big budget. Air coolers, conversely, are much cheaper.

Their prices are quite reasonable and installation is easy and straightforward. Maintenance cost is also nothing when compared to what is obtainable with air conditioners.



In some business settings, energy is one of the prominent cost factors. There are processes that drive up the energy bill and if you should combine them with running a heavy energy-consuming appliance like air conditioner, there will be a significant increase in the amount payable as electricity bill and this will have a negative effect on your profit margin.

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are not heavy energy-consuming appliances. It has been variously reported that air coolers consume as little as 20% of the energy requirements of air conditioners, while still achieving optimum cooling.

By using air coolers to cool your business premises, you will save a lot in terms of energy cost and this will equally have a positive effect on your profit margin.

The need to have a cool business environment cannot be overemphasized. High-temperature conditions have a lot of negative effect on humans and will eventually lead to employees performing below the level they can perform under an ideal environmental condition.

With air coolers, there are a number of things you can achieve in a business setting. Employees, for instance, will be in the right psychological state and the risk of ill health will be essentially reduced.

Air coolers also improve the quality of the air and help to keep machines in good working condition. To crown their advantages, they are cost- effective and consume less energy.

With all these factors in place, it is clear how the productivity of a business will surely improve with air coolers.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.