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The Best Time to Use an Air Cooler

For those of us who love our air coolers, we want to make the most of our systems. We know the marvellous health benefits that they offer. We enjoy the cheaper electric bills and the cool air, fresh air flowing through our homes on a regular basis. The air cooler is a wonderful device that saves money and the environment around us.

It’s one of the healthiest systems that we can install and use in our homes. Are there tricks to employ to make your air coolers work more efficiently? Of course, there are! As with any machine, there are small tricks of the trade that make for a more efficiently run system. Many people use ice in the water tank to make for cooler temperature output.

And of course, having the correct sized air cooler for your space is a must. But are there other, need to know tips to run an air cooler at top performance?

Yes. One of the evaporative air cooler’s tricks is knowing when to run the cooler and when not to. There are optimal times that will provide a cooler air from your system. By knowing these small facts about the evaporative air cooler, you can enjoy bigger benefits and cooler temperatures within your home or working environment.

Did you know that air coolers perform best when the outside humidity is low?


This is true. An air cooler works by adding moisture to the air it takes in from the outside. If the outside air is dry then your air cooler will add moisture to the air. Air coolers work best when the outside air is dry and hot.

It can then pull in that hot air, cool it over water soaked pads which will add some moisture, and disburse that air into your home. For this reason, air coolers work best in the summer in hot and dry areas or in the winter in areas that experience mild, warm and dry temperatures.

The air cooler will cool the inside air in areas that experience humidity, however, its output will be depended on that percentage of natural humidity already in the air.

Is there a better time of day to run the air cooler?


This depends on your individual part of the world and how the weather is like during the day. An evaporative air cooler works best when a window is opened. This allows the cooler to bring in outside air, cool it and allows for the hot air to escape out the opened window. By allowing an opened window you effectively allow the air cooler to run at its full potential.

Though the air cooler can be run all day long if you like, an opened window is needed. In most cases windows opened to about 300 mm in each accessible room will suffice. That being said, some areas during the summer season have very hot afternoons.

Owners may want to run the air cooler in the mornings and the evenings or they can run our air cooling units all day long without worrying about high electricity bills.

What about in times of drought?


The evaporative air cooler works on water. This is a beautiful thing when trying to cut down on energy use but what if you live in an area that experiences drought during certain times of the year? Is the evaporative air cooler still a good idea there? There are tips to employ to still enjoy the cool air of your air cooler during a drought. The trick is to decrease the water usage in the air cooler itself.

The best way to save water with an air cooler is to install one that does not need a bleed line. These innovative systems do not bleed off the water but re-circulate it. This is a great option for areas that have soft water. However, harsh water areas will need to have that bleed line included.

For the standard air cooler that includes the bleed line, there are tactics that can be employed to decrease water usage. Here are a few suggestions:

  • By turning on the water pump a few minutes before the fan is turned on insures that the cooling pads can become saturated before the air is blown. This helps to control the water being used and makes its use more efficient.
  • Using a two-speed blow motor also works very well. Having a two-speed motor allows the owner to operate the air cooler on the lowest speed. By doing so, this uses less water and is also more energy efficient.
  • Installing a bleed-off clamp on the bleed line will also work well. This will limit the amount of water that is drained off. This method could save up to 14 gallons of water per hour in certain systems.
  • Installing a thermostat and a timer on the air cooler works well by only allowing the cooler to work when it is needed. This puts the homeowner in control of the whole situation to save water in the long run. A delay can be placed on the air cooler until the outside temperatures reach 30 degrees C rather than the system turning onto a lower preset temperature. By doing this it will lower the air cooler’s water consumption by up to 50%. Timers can be set to turn on right before the family gets home for the day.
  • In the cool of the evening, an air cooler can also be operated without using the water pump. This will circulate cool air throughout your space without using water.
  • As always, make sure that the air cooler is properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to make sure all parts are working at peak performance.

It helps to be more informed about the air cooler to reap more of the benefits that it can so abundantly offer. Air coolers can provide a refreshing low of cool air all year long by operating them with know-how and panache. Information is a powerful tool and in this case, can keep you as cool as a cucumber when you need it the most.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.