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Which Air Cooler Must I Buy?

Last updated March. 2, 2018

No one can argue about the usefulness of an air cooler. The cooling units, which have been in existence for centuries, have been modernized and are fast becoming the most reliable cooling solution across the world.

Though they may not perform optimally in a highly humid environment, the advantages they possess far exceed this singular shortcoming.

Unless you reside in a highly humid environment, the air cooler is your best shot at getting the right cooling you need in any part of the world.

There are so many factors that make air coolers the most wonderful air cooling units around. Firstly, their method of operation is natural and very efficient, with no singular side effect.

Air coolers work on the natural principle of evaporative cooling, using the natural elements of air and water to achieve cooling.

Due to this awesomely natural process of cooling, they also possess some other advantages that are beneficial to man and the environment: there is zero emission of CFCs or other greenhouse gases that are associated with other home appliances like air conditioners; the air that is released from the vents of the air coolers are very fresh and moist, making them great for the respiratory system and our wellbeing. Air coolers come with many benefits.

Air coolers are also very versatile – they can work in both small and enclosed rooms, as well as in large and open areas (indoor and outdoor settings).

Air coolers are very economical, the price of units are reasonable, the costs of installation and maintenance are relatively low and they consume very little amounts of energy, making sure that your energy bill drops significantly. There is hardly any knock on the modern day air cooler. There are many reasons why you must buy an air cooler.

Though they are generally great devices, there are some air coolers that are better than others. Deciding on which is best can be very tough, bearing in mind that they share several similarities.

The best air cooler, at any time, will depend on your cooling needs, as well as some other factors. We will consider some of these factors so as to guide you in making a sound decision while shopping for an air cooler.

Air Cooler Brand


You will have to consider the brand of the air cooler units you intend to buy and do some research to determine the reputation of the manufacturer and what buyers have to say about the product.

If you have manufacturers you are particularly impressed with their products that are also into air cooler manufacturing, you may start your shopping from what they have in stock.

If, however, you are not conversant with any of the manufacturers, do some real research and check out the reviews of the brands and their products in reputable websites before making a decision.

Air Cooler Pad Quality


The cooling pad is one of the essential parts of the air cooler and does the actual job of cooling. The quality of the pads will, invariably, determine the quality of cooling you will obtain from any air cooler.

There are basically two types of cooling pads, depending on their appearance and the materials they are made of. Honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose materials and look like honeycomb.

They are more efficient, more durable, and need less maintenance. Wood wool pads are made of wood shavings or synthetic fibre and look like grass.

They are also less efficient, less durable, and need high maintenance. Air coolers with honeycomb cooling pads may be costlier, but they are more reliable.

Air Cooler Water tank Capacity


Ideally, the size of the air cooler will determine the water tank capacity, but this does not mean that all air coolers of the same size have the same water tank capacity.

They will normally vary from one product to another, though slightly. Go for coolers that have the decent capacity as this determines how long the unit will run before needing a refill.

Also, air coolers with removable water tanks are better than those whose tanks are not removable.

Variable speed option


Most air coolers now come with a variable speed option to adjust the amount of cooling needed. Be careful to avoid buying coolers that cannot be adjusted.

Your mood and prevailing temperature conditions will determine the amount of cooling you may need at a time and it is really important that you have absolute control of the unit and can adjust the airflow in your room or anywhere that is being cooled to your taste.

Air Cooler Design


Many may consider this trivial, but there are so many wonderful coolers that are beautifully designed and yet operate very efficiently.

While shopping, look for options that will blend with your home appliances and increase the general aesthetic of your home.

Air Cooler Portibility and Mobility


This is particularly important for portable air coolers. Make sure that your cooler has strong and functional wheels that will support the weight of the unit and make it easy for you to move it from one position to another, or from one room in the building to another one without stress.

Empty Tank Alarm


To avoid the breakdown of air cooler units, the water level is expected to not drop beyond a particular level.

To prevent this from happening, most manufacturers have incorporated an alarm system to indicate when the water level is getting too low.

Look out for this feature when you want to buy an air cooler as it will save you the stress of constantly worrying about the water level, and also help to operate the unit efficiently to prevent breakdown.

An air cooler is certainly a great home investment. It will take care of your cooling needs efficiently, and at a very reasonable cost.

Among the products in the market, some are certainly better than the others. To help you with determining which is best for you, we have examined few points that can guide you accordingly. Do not settle for less, go for the best.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.