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Which Air Cooler Is Best For Home Use?

Last updated June. 15, 2019

If you know about air coolers and the way they work, you will know they are the best cooling solutions for most people.

As long as the climatic condition in any place is ideal for the use of the machine (not too humid), it offers so many benefits that you cannot just ignore.

For a start, they are affordable machines that are easy to install and maintain.

They also consume very little electricity, which means you use them to keep any place cool and comfortable throughout the summer without subjecting your pocket to any serious strain.

While air coolers generally work the same way, they are not all the same. There are ways they differ from each other and finding the perfect one for the kind of space you want to cool is very important.

The perfect air cooler for a commercial place, for instance, will definitely not be ideal as a camping air cooling solution.

The types that are used to cool conference halls and outdoor environments may also not be the best choice for cooling your bedroom.

If you find yourself trying to figure out which air cooler is best for your home, you are not alone.

There are several others asking the same question and we will try to answer it in a manner that will help you get the best air cooler unit(s) for your home.


Types of Air Coolers for Home

It is important to start by stating that there are different types of air coolers that can be used at home. The machines can be classified based on different criteria.

Broadly, they can be classified into personal coolers and desert coolers but there will be different types within each class.

To help you get the best coolers for home use, we will consider them under three different classifications - windows air coolers, portable air coolers, and industrial air coolers.

Based on their names, you should have an idea of the types that can be used at home. It is easy to figure out, for instance, that a windows air cooler will be very good for bedrooms.

A portable air cooler is also a very smart choice for most homeowners. The third type (industrial air coolers) rightly sound like what belongs in manufacturing plants and other kinds of commercial settings.

While this is true, there are some models of industrial air coolers that can be helpful in very large homes.

If we are to state strictly the types of air coolers that are an idea for use in the home, we will have to say they are window air coolers and portable air coolers. Industrial air coolers can be used at homes depending on the size of the home.

We will briefly discuss these different types before talking about other things you will have to consider in order to get the right kind of machine for your home space.

1. Window Air Coolers

As the name implies, window air coolers are evaporative coolers that are installed in windows.

They are very helpful when your cooling need at home is localized (i.e.) when you need to cool a particular area of your homes like an entire room or really small apartment.

It is also ideal when you want to cool a garage way around 50-80m2.

Window air coolers are affordable. They also come ready to install, in most cases, with the necessary installation hardware included.

Some also come with installation guideline to help a homeowner with little technical knowledge to install them. It is always better, however, to have them professionally installed.

Like other air cooler types, window air coolers are energy efficient machines that will help you cool specific areas of your home at minimum cost.

Taking care of the machine is usually not a big deal too. Homeowners can perform most maintenance routine by themselves but professional service will be required once or twice in a year.


2. Portable Air Cooler

This is the favorite of most homeowners. As the name implies, portable air coolers are evaporative coolers that are portable.

They are mostly used for cooling small rooms and specific areas of home measuring about 30 m2.

They can also be used in all parts of the home depending on where the homeowner wants to cool at a particular time.

Portability may be the biggest advantage of having this type of air coolers but it has several other benefits.

They normally do not need any form of installation so you will save installation cost. They are also easy to care for and maintain.

There won’t be any need to call experts since the maintenance routine is often easy.

There are times you will have to take them to a technician for service, however.

Though they are mostly small, portable air coolers are as efficient as other types of air coolers.

They are energy efficient machines that will ultimately help you to stay cool and comfortable during the hottest times of the year without stressing your pocket.

3. Industrial Air Coolers

These are evaporative coolers that actually belong to commercial spaces like warehouses, workshops and other large areas.

They are also the type of air coolers you will find in restaurants and other such places of business. Industrial air coolers can also be used in homes to cool a large open space and the entire house.

If you have a very large living room, you may need an industrial air cooler to keep it sufficiently cool during the hottest times of the year.

Industrial air coolers take economical cooling to a whole new level. They are energy efficient machines that will cool a very large area at a minimal cost.

They generally require professional installation. For maintenance, there are few things the homeowner can do to keep the machine going.

For serious services, however, there is a need to get experts to take good care of an industrial air cooler.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Cooler for Your Home

Asides from deciding the type of air cooler to buy for home use, there are some other key factors you have to consider.

The most important of these factors is the size of the space you need to cool. Make sure you understand your cooling needs perfectly before looking for an air cooling solution.

You also need to consider such things as the design of the machine and the cooling pad technology.

Other little features like water level indicator, remote control, inverter compatibility, and strong wheels (for portable models) should be considered too.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.