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Top Benefits of Using Air Coolers

Last updated Jan. 17, 2020

Air coolers have been around for centuries but they have made a recent resurgence in a manner that have many people erroneously assuming that they have been developed recently.

Also called evaporative air coolers or swamp coolers, these machines operate with the natural principle of evaporation and can meaningfully reduce ambient air temperature and improve comfort at home and offices/commercial buildings.

One of the major reasons people are becoming interested in air coolers is the fact that air conditioning has been found to be harmful in many ways.

Besides consuming excessive electricity, air conditioners release some harmful substances to the air that may cause problems to humans and have negative impacts on the environment.

Air coolers are being championed as the perfect alternatives to air conditioners since they are not harmful in any known way.

The major truth about air coolers is that they offer so many benefits to users. If you are already using an air cooler, you must have been enjoying these benefits.

If, on the other hand, you are yet to switch to air coolers and wondering how beneficial they will be to you, we will discuss some of the most important benefits of using the machines here to give you something to think about.

Here are the top benefits of using air coolers:


1. Air Coolers are Generally Affordable

Affordability is among the prime benefits of using air coolers. They are simple machines that cost very little when compared to the price of air conditioners.

Aside from their unit price, the cost of installing air coolers are way too negligible when compared to the cost of installing air conditioners.

Some models need no technical installation process and you can unpack them and start using them without any help at all. Portable air coolers, for instance, are way too affordable and easy to run.

2. They Are Easy To Install and Maintain

We mentioned easy installation in the point about but it is important we reiterate it here. Air coolers are generally easy to install, which is good for individuals who love to get things done on their own.

They are also very easy to maintain, which is important if you want to save cost and keep your machines running reliably.

Maintaining an air conditioner is something else but the air cooler saves you the stress.

3. They Consume Very Little Electricity

The need to use energy-efficient appliances cannot be overemphasized. Air conditioners are terrible when it comes to electricity usage.

That is basically why the utility bills of most households and businesses skyrocket in the summer months. Air coolers offer a way out. They are remarkably energy-efficient.

There are some models of air coolers that will use as little as 15 - 20 percent of the total energy used by an air conditioner to achieve the same level of cooling.

This will not only reduce the pressure on power grids but will save you lots of money.


4. Air Coolers are Eco Friendly

If you care about your indoor air quality and want to keep it healthy, air coolers are the right air cooling solutions to install.

One of the major issues with air coolers is that they release carbon dioxide and a host of other harmful gases while cooling the air.

This constitutes air pollution in the indoor environment and will also affect the outdoor environment with time.

This is not the case with air coolers. They release little or no harmful gases but even filter the air to remove some impurities.

5. They Operate Quietly

If you also desire to obtain cooling quietly, the air coolers are the right air cooling solutions. Imagine trying to sleep at night and having your air conditioner making too much noise.

Imagine trying to concentrate in the office but your air conditioning making annoying noise that keeps you distracted all day. This is an issue you will not encounter while using air coolers.

They generally operate quietly once they are properly maintained. You will be able to concentrate in the office or sleep peacefully at night.

6. They Deliver Fresher Air

Another major benefit of using air coolers is the fact that you will get fresher air at all times.

Unlike air conditioners or fans that circulate the same air over and over again in a closed space, the air cooler ensures that there is constant air exchange, meaning that it will continue to supply clean fresh air to you and everyone in your home or office.

The evaporative cooling process also ensures that the stale air in the room is removed as fresh ones enter. This eliminates the chances of moisture build-up and keeps the process going.


7. Air Coolers Work Indoors and Outdoors

It may also interest you to know that air coolers are not only made for the indoor space but work efficiently too in outdoor settings.

If you have a portable air cooler, you can use it indoors and take it out to your outdoor living area when you want to relax there.

This is also the major reason why air coolers work perfectly even when doors and windows are opened to some extent, which is necessary for fresh air that will sustain the process.

8. They Improve Humidity

If you live in a hot dry climate, the air cooler will be super beneficial to you. In addition to reducing ambient temperature, they add some moisture to the air improving humidity and preventing the negative effects of air dryness.

This property is not good for humid climates, however, which is why air coolers don’t work efficiently there unless when used with dehumidifiers.

9. They Are Eco-Friendly

You must have known by now that air coolers are eco-friendly. If you care about the environment and want to help save it, making the switch to air coolers will be a huge step in the right direction.

Aside from the fact that they do not use too much electricity, air coolers do not harm the environment in any known way.

They cool the air naturally and will even improve the quality by trapping impurities like dust and pollen in the cooling pads.

Air coolers offer so many benefits. Once they are properly installed and maintained, they will save you lots of troubles and help you live, work, relax, and sleep more comfortably during the hot periods of the year.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.