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Benefits of Evaporative Air Cooling

Last updated Nov. 1, 2017

We are always looking for new ways to save energy for our home. It is a worry that all homeowners think about. If we can cut costs and improve our health in our home wouldn’t we do it? We all strive to cut costs and help maintain the monthly budget.

Did you know that a great way to save energy is to install an evaporative air cooler in your home? It is a fantastic air cooling solution which doesn’t increase your electricity bill so drastically! An air cooler has revolutionized home energy as it saves money, the environment and the health and well-being of those who experience the soft cool indoor air.

There are many benefits to choosing an evaporative air cooler for your home. Here are some of the important benefits associated with the evaporative air cooler that makes life more efficient and enjoyable in the family home.



Air coolers are the most cost-effective form of cooling for the home. They have been proven time and again for their efficiency. Purchasing an evaporative air cooler costs half of what a standard air conditioner costs. The owner can install it themselves without costly installation fees.



The evaporative air cooler runs on natural energy provided by water and air. The systems simple mechanics allow for more natural energy to be used. How does this innovative system work? The answer is very straightforward.

The air cooler pulls in warm outside air then runs that air through water-soaked pads to cool it then sends that cooled air out into the house. No chemical coolants are used or needed. It runs efficiently on water and air. For this reason, the electricity does not run continuously at a great rate as with an air conditioner.



The evaporative air cooler provides continuous fresh air. The air inside can grow to stagnate and stale with other air cooling systems. However, the air that is provided by an evaporative air cooler remains refreshed throughout the day. The system is continually pulling in outside air to cool, also an open window is encouraged when running the air cooler so the hot stale air in the house has an exit point.

It would seem as if an open window on a hot day would make the inside of the home hotter and you would be right with other air cooling systems but with the evaporative air cooler the reverse is true. An open window gives the air cooler an exit point to push the hot air out of the house while it floods the inside with fresh cool air.



A swamp cooler adds a little layer of moisture to the air. Not enough to cause a problem with wetness but enough to make the air mild and comfortable to breathe especially in areas of the world that experience extreme heat and dry air.



Our health is improved by the air cooler due to the added moisture. In dry areas, this moisture creates a necessary relief from dry nasal passages and irritation in the lungs. This relief helps to prevent sinus and lung infections as well as nosebleeds. It also helps to decrease allergies related to airborne allergens.



We want the best for our pets and the evaporative air cooler provides the best type of air possible for our fur babies. The moisture in the air helps keep their coats and skin moisturized and at its healthiest. Also, the softer air helps their breathing.



Evaporative air coolers are wonderful for the environment as they do not require the harsh chemicals that air conditioners do. Air conditioners require chemical coolants that harm our ozone layer and are at risk of leaking into our soil.

 In some areas of the world, air conditioners are not allowed to be used unless they can be run on a safer chemical coolant. This is never a worry with evaporative air coolers as they run on natural energy and are more efficient for the environment.



The air cooler is more efficient in all things related to cooling the home. They are even low maintenance saving their owners a mountain of money in repair bills and servicing each year. Evaporative air coolers can be easily repaired by the owner without the cost of an expensive repairman.

Maintaining the air cooler is easy to do and can be done by the owner as well. Evaporative air coolers should be cleaned at least twice a year to keep them operating efficiently and at top performance.



The evaporative air cooler comes in many different sizes and models of efficiency to fit what you need. The larger systems come in units large enough to cool a home or business. Window units are made to cool a room or area of the home.

Smaller portable units are on the market to purchase easily and use it to cool a room that gets too hot or an area such as a workroom. Do you have an area that is too hot? This model is the perfect remedy. All sizes are economical and made with energy efficiency in mind.

The evaporative air cooler has changed in the last few years. With new technologies implemented, the new air cooler is a must for all who want to cool their home more efficiently than standard methods.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.