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Are Air Coolers Good for Your Pets?

Last updated Dec. 1, 2017

Evaporative air coolers provide a wonderful solution for cooling the home. They are not only cheaper to purchase, install and run than the standard air conditioner, but they are also a healthy and natural alternative to the chemical coolants that conditioners use.

Air coolers supply natural and fresh air that has been cooled using water. This is the perfect cooling system for areas that experience hot and dry climates.

We know that air coolers provide a slightly moist and soothing air flow for our home that is a breath of refreshing air when the air gets so dry, is that air also soothing for our pets to breathe on a constant basis? Does an evaporative air cooler help the health of our indoor animals? The answers may surprise you!



Dogs overheat quickly. The evaporative air cooler actually mimics the dog’s own natural way to cool down. The air cooler pulls in warm air from the outside and cools it by running it through water soaked pads then releases the cooled air out into your home.

The dog’s own system works in this same fashion to keep the dog cool in the heat. The dog’s mouth, tongue and sinus cavities work as one to create its own natural cooling system.

The dog overheats then begin to pant. This panting pulls warm air into the mouth and sinuses. The dog salivates when he pants which add the needed moisture to cool his system through means of evaporative cooling.

Dogs do not handle the heat as well as people do. A dog’s only means of cooling itself is through the above-mentioned phenomenon as well as releasing heat through a few sweat glands between its toes. Dogs experience heat stroke very easily.

It is estimated that 50% of dogs that experience heatstroke dies from its effects. It is important to keep your dog cool through the hot months of the year. Air conditioners are good, but they can be drying to a dog’s skin and sinuses.  

The evaporative air cooler is gentle on a dog’s breathing and helps to add moisture to his coat and skin. This moisture also helps to lubricate his sinuses and helps to keep him not only cool but healthy as well.



Cats do not do well in the heat either. When cats get overheated they can experience heatstroke, dehydration, and shock. Cats cannot sweat. This makes them very different from how humans and dogs deal with the heat.

Instead, cats deal with heat by finding a shaded cool spot out of the sun, drinking a lot of water, panting, and becoming very inactive in the heat of the day.

These are their natural indications to know when they get overheated. It does not work very well, however, and cats can die in the heat if left outside in extreme heat temperatures for long periods.

Instead, provide your kitty with a cool inside space to help keep her comfortable in hot weather. Since cats cannot sweat, evaporative air coolers are ideal to help keep her cool and hydrated as this cooling system adds that much-needed moisture level to the dry air. This will also help to keep her skin and coat moist and healthy.



To understand if a bird benefits from the use of evaporative cooling, one must first understand how a bird cools itself off. They are much different than humans, dogs, and cats. A bird cools itself off by using two different methods.

 First, it will release heat to the air around it. When the bird’s body is warmer than the air in the home, it will lose heat into the surrounding air. The cooler the air in the home, the more heat a bird will lose. The warmer the air, the smaller amount of heat will be released.

The second way a bird cools itself down is a process known as latent heat loss. The bird loses heat through a process that evaporates water from off its respiratory system.

As the bird breathes, moisture will evaporate from its respiratory system. As the moisture evaporates, the heat is released.  A bird needs to be able to release heat using both methods.

So how does this translate to my bird in my home? Studies have shown that birds can suffer overheating quite easily. Evaporative air coolers are very good for birds if the air also keeps moving and circulating within the home.

An air cooler that is left to just distribute moist air and does not circulate that air is not healthy for the bird. When running the air cooler, put your bird in his cage and allow a window or door to be left open as well, or run a fan at the same time to circulate that airflow and keep your feathered baby healthy and cool.



For some of us, a reptile or an amphibian makes the perfect pet. How does the evaporative air cooler effect these little pets?

Temperature is one of the most important elements to consider when keeping a reptile or amphibian as an indoor pet. Their digestions, respiration, reproduction, and immune system can be directly affected by the temperature or their surroundings just like other pets.

The evaporative air cooler in the home should not affect these pets as they should have their own warming options in their enclosed habitat. Their terrariums or other habitats you choose to keep them in should be temperature controlled from the rest of your house.

 The moisture level added to your air by the air cooler should not greatly affect these animals as their skin is impervious to water and moisture.

Evaporative air coolers are perfect for pets of all kinds. They are inexpensive to install. They can be purchased in a larger unit for your whole house, or in a window or portable units to cool only a small portion or room of the home where your pets stay. Keep your pets cool and safe all year long.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.