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Keeping Your Pets Cool with Evaporative Air Coolers

Last updated Feb. 08, 2019

If you have pets, it is expected that you love and cherish them. They are part of your family, after all.

Just like every other members of your family, the pets are not spared of the discomfort that comes with the summer month.

Though you will never hear them complain about the weather, animals feel the same way humans feel when the temperature conditional is not favorable.

The heat of the summer affects them the same way it affects you and other members of your household.

Like human, they can also surfer heat-related illnesses. Heatstroke which is a very terrible condition affects pets too and can be fatal when not addressed the right way.

It is important that you take care of your pets and keep them cool during the summer to prevent the chances of such ugly incidents.

Depending on where you live and how you keep your pets, there are different types of cooling solutions you can consider for them.

Whether the animals stay indoors or outdoors, you need to ensure that the temperature of the air around them is conducive for their health.

Your immediate environment will also determine the type of cooling solution you will use for your household and your pets too.


For dry and hot climate, the air cooler is the machine of choice but when you live in a highly humid environment, you may have to look for other options like air conditioners.

Whatever you do, it is extremely important that you monitor your pets closely when the temperature condition is too severe so that they do not develop signs of heatstroke.

Whatever option you opt for (considering your climate and how you house your pet), ensure that the animal is comfortable.

It is important to state here, however, that the use of regular fans is not really a good option.

While the fan can actually circulate the air faster and help you feel more comfortable, it doesn’t really improve the condition of the ambient air. It does not reduce the temperature of the air at all.

For your pets, the regular fan does not offer the right cooling solution. It is highly discouraged among animal health experts.

The Humane Society of the United States, for instances, warns against the use of fans as cooling solutions for pets.


Evaporative Air Cooling

While you still have the option of air conditioners, the best way to keep your pets cool is to use evaporative air coolers.

For humans and for animals, these machines are the best solution for high temperature conditions. They are more efficient in dry climate where there is little moisture in the atmosphere.

In such situations, they will not only reduce the temperature of the air but will improve its quality by adding moisture to the air they release.

This makes the air cooler, more breathable, and friendlier to the skin of your pets.

Evaporative air coolers are versatile machines that you can use to keep your pets cool irrespective of how you house them.

If your pet lives indoor with you the machine can work efficiently to keep every member of the household cool, including the pet.

If you house you pets outside, there is no serious issue as evaporative air coolers work efficiently too in outdoor environment. They are not like air conditioners that work efficiently only in closed and confined conditions.

There are air coolers that are suitable for indoor use and for outdoor use too. This means you can use them when you are indoors with your pets as well as when they have their space outside the house.

Another reason you should choose evaporative coolers as the cooling solution for your pet is the fact that they encourage constant flow of fresh air.


Whether they are used indoors or outdoors, evaporative coolers need fresh supply of air and this ensures that the quality of air your pet is breathing is as fresh as it needs to be.

Pets generally love fresh air and being able to give them exactly what they want while keeping them cool at the same time is a win-win on different levels.

While evaporative air coolers are the best cooling solutions for your pets in the practical sense, they are also the best option in the financial sense. Evaporative air coolers are a lot cheaper than air conditioners.

Since you are not going to be using fans to keep your pets cool, the evaporative air coolers are the cheapest air cooling solutions you will get.

The unit price of the machines are significantly lower than the unit price of air conditioners.

Considering that you will need just a small unit to keep your pets cool, you can save so much by buying small portable air coolers.

Air coolers are also very easy to install. The small units that you can use specifically for your pets do not need any form of major installation.

You can unbox the machine, fill the water tank and connect them to electricity for immediate use.

Even if you need a technician to help you set up the machine, the cost is often minimal when compared to what you will have to pay to have an air conditioner installed for your pets.

Using an evaporative cooler to keep your pets cool will also have minimal impact on your electricity bill.


The machines are generally energy-efficient. Most models use as little as 20% of the amount of electricity air conditioners use to produce the same amount of cooling.

This means you will be able to save some money even as you keep your pets in the best condition for optimum health during the height of the summer. Evaporative air coolers are also very easy to maintain.

Since they have simple design and few moving parts, maintaining them in top condition is a lot easier and this will also save you cost on the long run.

Your pet are bona fide members of your family and deserve to be treated as such. When the temperature situation becomes an issue in your home, it is important that you make provisions for them.

The evaporative cooler is the best machine to use once you live in a climate where it is efficient. Ensure that you buy the right size and maintain it appropriately to enjoy all the benefits.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be happy to help you.